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{Replica} The Future of Mobile Recruiting: The Sleepy Trend?

Some time ago, Gero Hesse interviewed blogging staff 10 blogging recruitment consultants about current trends in the future. The changing requirements: Mobile. But how far is mobile recruiting in Germany really developed?

sleeping trend

A sleepy trend?

The fact is, it would be much more technically possible today than already implemented by companies today. That many companies have slept here a trend is not only clear since yesterday.

For example, Atenta's personal consultants, 2013's X-ray research firm, surveyed 160 companies from DAX, MDAX, TecDAX and SDAX in their first mobile recruiting study:

Only four percent of the companies offer a mobile career app as an alternative for at least one of the popular mobile operating systems. However, 70 percent of these apps are running on the Apple iOS operating system, although Android smartphones have been market-leading for a long time.

2014 does not look much better

And even a year later this did not look much better: According to the new edition of the study 2014 are still 80% of all companies without a mobile-optimized offer for potential candidates.And even more:

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The possibility of a mobile (pre-) Casting remains to this day an absolute exception. We have investigated measures to simplify the mobile application, such as the Xing or LinkedIn button, but omit the relevance in the results because of the lack of relevance.

Reasons for the misery

The reasons for the misery are manifold: The innovations of the web with its various possibilities of presentation, interactive communication or the integration of images seem to fail due to technical obstacles to evolution.

It seems all too convenient to repeat the recurring phrases, representations, and communication crises with the candidate group to be discussed - changes are only slowly visible.

The Internet offers more possibilities

For a long time the recruiting scene was concerned with the contrast: HTML or stylized layout, that was the question. It was only slowly becoming apparent that the possibilities offered by the web offered excellent opportunities for the creation of job advertisements with a corporate logo in the appropriate CI layout.

The fast technical innovation cycle with the trend towards increased SmartPhone usage is irreversible. Thus the circle of technical progress followed: Suddenly, the creative achievements in job advertisements had to be put back to the test of the feasible.

User experience and job ads

The user experience dictated that job advertisements on SmartPhones must be clear and with fast loading times the patience of the applicant can not be exaggerated.

In the discussions about the mobile recruiting, the layout and contention dogma of the job advertisements was only seldom questioned: rectangular, employers' self-presentation without end, text deserts speckled with ellenlangen bulletpoints - all this is now by the technology innovation on the test bed.

Uncool for Generation Y

In addition, there was an argumentation chain, which was repeatedly stimulated in numerous surveys:

Companies that shut themselves off from the possibilities of mobile recruiting are considered to be un-cool, backward - which representative of Generation Y wanted to hire from such an employer?

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