The 1 x 1 of Wuselmanagement: actively perceive obstacles

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Reprint: This text is from the book "Wuselmanagement: Wie Sie Selbstsabotage vermeiden und den inneren Kritiker für sich gewinnen (2013)" by Claudia Hupprich, published at BusinessVillage Verlag, and was left to us for reprint.
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If you want to find out what kind of a whisper it is, which always interferes with you, then you should learn to actively exercise your wusel. That's how it works:

The 1 x 1 of Wuselmanagement: Obstacles actively perceive obstacles

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Here writes for you: Claudia Hupprich is a management consultant for DAX companies and medium-sized companies. Profile

From the author:

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What prevents you from achieving your goals?


If you have the impression that there are certain situations in your life where you are always being hampered by a certain tangle to reach your goals, then it will be time to figure out what kind of a wusel it is.

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After you have chosen a suitable place and a suitable time to enter Wuselmanagement, you can now go on discovery trip and close your eyes for a moment. If you could see the wusel, if he were right in front of you, what would it look like?

Follow your intuition


For a moment, leave aside all logic and any perfectionism, follow your intuition and treat yourself to the little fun. No matter what image appears in your mind's eye, it's okay, as it is - everything is possible. Let yourself be surprised.

Visual perception


The following questionnaire is designed to help you visually perceive the wisel in order to gain a first visual impression of it:

  • Is the wisp a figure, a symbol, a particular person, an animal, a form?
  • See the wusel in colors, and if so, in which, or do you perceive it rather black and white?
  • Can you recognize it clearly or rather blurry and schematically?
  • Is it big or small, is it close to you or further away?

Auditive perception


Take the time to look at the wusel and take all the details. When you finally get a concrete idea of ​​what the WUSL looks like, you go over to the auditory perception:

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  • Does the wusel have a voice, and if so, how do you perceive it?
  • Is the voice loud or soft, high or deep?
  • Does the voice remind you of someone, and if so, who?
  • Does he speak clearly or does he mumble?
  • If he does not speak, does he not do this because he can not or does not want to?
  • If he does not want to, how would his voice sound when he speaks?

your feelings


Now you know what the wusel looks like and how it sounds. What feelings triggers this first conscious perception of the scary for you as well as in the Wusel?

  • Do you find his current appearance to be funny and amusing, disquieting or even threatening?
  • What exactly do you like about him, what surprising, what do you like less?
  • How is the Wusel doing right now? Is he happy that you are consciously aware of him for the first time? Is he relieved, happy, optimistic, hopeful, horrified, cynical, angry, angry about this meeting?
  • Does it seem at first glance to be a defensive or an aggressive whine?

The result


Congratulations, you have now discovered your first WUSEL! Perhaps you are asking a lot of questions right now, maybe you do not like much in the wusel yet.

For the current time, however, it is sufficient for you to get a clear idea of ​​what the wusel looks like, how it sounds, and how it is for you to be conscious of the first time.

Love your Wusel - even if it is difficult


Whatever the Wusel you are discovering looks, feels and feels, a point is important: Take this first discovery of the Wusel appreciative.

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In the face of all his past sabotage acts, you may not be easy, but he is a part of you who has a positive intention.

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