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Workplace design of the future: Mixed office & offices without daylight?

How will and do we want to work tomorrow? What does the ideal workplace look likeDesign the future? This question is currently worrying numerous media, blogs and conferences. That inspired us to conduct a reader campaign. Because the discussion about it is only just beginning.

mixed office

How do jobs look like tomorrow?

On best of HR -® we have devoted a lot of space to the topic of workplace design and regularly present unusual design ideas - recently, for example, the wacky idea of ​​simulating rooms with windows in subterranean offices but with imitation daylight lamps, a horror idea for me personally.

I like the mobile office landscape of the Dutch design studio RAAF and the artist Barbara Visser. In this model of the future the office workers can stand, lean somewhere or even lie - but seldom sit. The design guarantees that you always keep moving.

Create flexible workplaces

Great idea, unfortunately it will take a while until this has fully established itself. Who can be, for example because Company flexible workplaces and Home Office offers, should be active in designing a flexible workplace.

2006 already had its first beginnings as Sascha Lobo and Holm Friebe suddenly made Digital Boheme famous as a way of life and work - and St. Oberholz in Berlin was one of them.

Work where you want?

Now I have to say that in my almost 5 years in Berlin I could never really do anything with Oberholz. Too crowded, too loud, too much distraction. And coworking spaces have never personally convinced me - at least not permanently.

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Nevertheless, I am convinced by the idea of ​​mobile workplace design. I actually work best in the home office, especially when I have to concentrate a lot. But it happens again and again that I want to go out: work in a cafe or outside right away.

Cafe, coworking space, home office or train?

Also, some coworking spaces now offer models in which you can rent a work space for a few euros per hour. This is very much for me, because I really do not like to work all day in one place.

At present, it is natural that I work at home in the morning and then in another place at noon - for inspiration and creativity or simply to see something different. But I have also read from people who have been driving the whole day with a Bahncard 100 - and apart from the wireless problem, I also like to work there.

Mixed office as a model of the future

Lars Hahn coined the term Mixed Office for this in his blog Systematically called Coffee Drinking. With his photo, in which he quickly converted a backstage area into a mobile workplace, he shows very nicely how mobile work can be today - even if perhaps not always ideally back-friendly.

By the way, there are more on The Worker Items on the subject. I find the mixed office model extremely useful, especially for knowledge workers. However, the companies, some of which have just proudly announced that they will be working from home, still have to go along with this.

The future of work: Underground and with daylight?

But maybe the future of work looks very different too - and takes place in the basement without any natural light. Somehow depressing as a concept.

"We have just moved to a new building and are bursting at the seams again" - such and similar complaints could soon be a thing of the past. Because in overcrowded offices, companies can now switch to the basement.

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Cellar children at the desk

Downstairs sitting in the basement without daylight, while the bosses are usually reserved the upper floors, sounds terrible. But now, as Wired reports, there is an alternative:

The Italian company CoeLux has developed a lamp which not only imitates the blue of the sky in the window, but also the brightness and warmth of the real sun.

The 3 component solution

This is what Wired says:

The illusion of natural light arises from three components: LEDs imitate the spectrum of sunlight, an optical system deceives the distance from the sky and the sun, and materials with nanostructures, which are only a few millimeters thick, reduce the Rayleight scatter.

Exciting and terrifying at the same time

This sounds exciting on the one hand and in the video it looks really good and deceptively real. On the other hand, I am frightened by this possibility.

Wired compares the lamp with the invention of the elevator, which made skyscrapers possible. Well, author Juliane Liebert concludes, CoeLux creates the possibility of “growing” houses and therefore office space underground as well.

Offices of the future: skyscrapers under the earth?

I am now trying to imagine what consequences this might have on our work. Will we be sitting in the underground all the time because it is cheaper?

Personally, I find my top floor office facing the real sky is still more inspiring.

Regardless of time and space

And even more: such a lamp could make us not only spatially independent of daylight, but also temporally:

Industrialization was only made possible by the invention of electrical light and thus the relative independence from the brightness.

Shift work as a future vision?

The CoeLux could also make shift work more attractive for office workers around the clock. It will be interesting to see how things develop.

It's definitely a cool design idea, but if you think about all the possibilities, it'll be quick clearthat not all developments have to be positive. I am curious what the future will really look like.

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