Working productively in the heat: 2 x 6 tips for the summer resort

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Every summer the same song: It's finally warm, but then temperatures of over 30 degrees are quickly reached, which are then too hot for many to work. What to do?

Working productively in the heat: 2 x 6 Tips for the summer holiday Working productively in the heat: 2 x 6 tips for the summer resort

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Working despite a hot summer: how does that work best?

Summer heat waves are unpleasant, promote circulatory problems and prevent productive work. Even government agencies publish information on how to handle work at over 30 degrees.

What Helps: Quickly relocate the office to a cooler location. While in my personal environment the heat status messages like "50 degrees in the office" increase, I was very grateful for the invitation to Relais Chalet Wilhelmy in Bad Wiessee on the Tegernsee to work there for a few days more or less in the summer resort.

6 tips for choosing the right location for working in summer heat

But what should be taken into account when, like me, you move your office to the summertime resort - for example, when choosing a location? And what do those who can not easily change places?

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1. Selection of the suitable location

If you are looking for the ideal place to work in the heat, you should pay particular attention to the location and the comfort of the location: For several reasons, the Relais-Chalet Wilhelmy was the perfect summer resort for me:

It is a bit cooler than some other regions of Germany, thanks to a few meters of altitude difference, but you can also jump into the cool, clear Tegernsee every now and then. In addition, my room was pleasantly cool and had a shady terrace, which is the ideal workplace with its comfortable lounge chair and beautiful views.

2. Work without heat or less

This is where our second tip works so well: If it gets too hot to work, just chill out, just in the shade on the terrace in a deck chair, by the pool or directly on the lake - and enjoy a cool drink, the view, or the summer , This is always the less stressful alternative, instead of trying to work off his to-do list at any cost.

Because you have to keep in mind: All the other working people are equally affected by the heat, which is the perfect excuse to just slow down a bit. Deadlines sometimes turn a blind eye to heat. So give yourself heat-free or at least reduce the workload significantly.

3. WLAN connection

Those who work online should not only look for a nice environment, but also for the perfect WLAN connection.

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My boutique hotel is not only beautiful, but also has a very nice seminar room, which was used during my stay by the international staff of a Munich-based company. Accordingly, the Wi-Fi connection and, by the way, the food is good.

4. Provide for cooling

Even in summer it can get too hot. It is useful when a lake (or even the sea) is right around the corner. My hotel for example is located within walking distance from the lake. Helpful to cool down are beyond a mobile mini fan or just a cold rag, which you put on the neck.

Even having your feet in the cold water is a common tip people give, especially in the home office. In the Relais-Chalet Wilhelmy, this is directly in the idyllic garden with running water, because across the garden flows a small stream

5. Take the right work

If you want to work productively in the summer despite the heat, you should do the right job: Simple, repetitive work is much easier to do in the heat, because it requires less power from the brain.

On the other hand, creative work with a high level of thinking should be postponed to cooler times. B. in the morning or in the evening - or perform in a room in which the temperatures are below 25 degrees.

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6. OnlineCourses or podcasts

For me, the right jobs include onlineCourses and podcasts. Anyone who lies in the sun while working or sitting in the shady street café is better served by consuming audio content.

As a rule, it is either not possible in bright sunlight or at least unpleasant to stare at the screen, in addition you can download podcasts and courses offline and then use the mobile simply on the go. At least something useful has been done despite the chilly atmosphere.

6 tips for cooler working in the office or home office

But what do people who simply can not drive into the summer resort, or who have to cope with their daily work routine despite the heat? We show alternatives, if a change of location is not possible and have put together some tips.

1. Fan, air conditioner and proper ventilation

The modern technology keeps various tools against heat ready. A table or floor fan, for example, or mobile air conditioning units. The latter are more effective because they actually produce colder air. However, they also produce warm air, which is discharged through a hose through the window, which is lost through the open window part of the effect again. Also the energy consumption is higher.

Energy-saving and also healthier is proper ventilation. In the morning, when the air is a little cooler, you should open all the windows and ventilate until the air from the sun is heated up outside. Then close the windows with curtains or blinds until you can air again with the cooler evening air.

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2. The right drinks

In the heat we tend to prefer cool drinks because they refresh so beautifully. But that's wrong, because the cold liquid in the stomach must be brought to body temperature.

To do this, the circulation goes up and produces heat. Better is therefore a warm tea, which puts less strain on the circulation.

3. Sport despite heat

It's hot and you still want to play sports? Swimming is probably ideal. For all other sports, it is advisable to schedule cooling and showering after the sport.

You should also take clothes for changing, cooling gel or cooling spray and possibly even a pocket fan.

4. Refreshment in between

There are also various non-technical methods to refresh yourself in between. For example, a rag that is first dipped in cold water, wrung out and put on the neck, because here the cooling effect is strongest.

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Another solution is a pump spray bottle that gently sprays water to refresh quickly and effectively.

5. Adjust working rhythm

What has hitherto been known only from hot regions, becomes more common with increasing heat in our latitudes: the siesta at lunchtime! Because even in this country, it is recommended to use the cool morning and evening hours to work at temperatures around the 40 degrees.

Although many companies have now introduced flextime, it will probably take a while until this way of working prevails in our latitudes - and in the service sector, this regulation is rather not implement. Only employees with trusted working hours can divide up accordingly.

6. The right clothes

The theme of "appropriate clothing depending on the weather" is actually a truism, but the subject moves the mind, like the Discussions on my post heat dress code in the office on Best of HR –® demonstrate. Bringing together heat-suitable clothing and dress code is often not easy and raises many questions.

Of course, those who work in the home office will find it easier to implement here than in professions with strict dress code. But sometimes heat-related casual dress is also possible here, which allows even short pants and skirts depending on the branch and area of ​​responsibility - but you should not overdo it.

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