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BAföG: Repayment of the loan

With BAföG reimbursement, you only have to start five years after the end of the training period and in the case of an academy training five years after the end of the training period provided for in the training and examination regulations. Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

When does the refund?

With a little bit of luck, you are already firmly in the saddle at this time, although you can not necessarily assume the current labor market situation, all the more as if you have possibly still studied beyond the BAföG grant.

After about four and a half years, they receive a notice of recovery and repayment, in which the amount of the loan as a whole and the amount of the repayment installment are determined to be binding. At the same time you will be informed about the due date of the first repayment installment.

Where's the money?

The Bundesverwaltungsamt, 50728 Cologne, is responsible for the collection of state loans as the central office for sending you the declaration of repayment and repayment. It is therefore important to inform the Bundesverwaltungsamt of any changes to the address at any time, but at the latest before the start of repayment, in order to avoid difficulties in the service of the decision.

For if the office has to determine your address or you can not find it at all, it can be costly for you - in the latter case the BAföG debt is increased by default of payment.

How and for how long is paid?

Your loan must repay you in minimum rates of 105 Euro per month in long 20 years (exception: you have applied for a loan request, which extends the repayment period). You must always pay these installments at the end of a quarter for three months by direct debit.

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If you are defaulted and it lasts longer than 45 days, it can be expensive: you will then have to pay an additional six% interest on the TOTAL residual debt of your loan.

If you get back into arrears, the interest increases accordingly. Therefore, always check that there is enough money in your account for the payment of the payment.

What to do if something is wrong with the refund request?

It may happen that the Federal Office of Administration is mistaken, for example by issuing the repayment notice too early, for example because it was not informed about changes in the maximum funding period.

In such cases, you may lodge a written objection with the Federal Administrative Office within one month.

repayment limit

If your BAföG funding has started after the 28.2.2001, you are lucky: you only have to pay your BAföG up to a total amount of 10.000 Euro.

Partial loan remission

You have the option under certain conditions to get part of your BAföG debt.

However, you must apply separately to the Federal Office of Administration and justify this - within one month of receiving the refund notice. By the way: Basically, you can assert multiple remittances side by side.

1. Above-average performance

You may apply for a partial exemption if you are proof of the best 30% of the graduates in your exam year.

However, there are also some restrictions:

  • There is no partial exemption for a final examinations abroad
  • If you received your BAföG between the 01.01.1984 and the 30.09.1993, you can get between 25% of your BAföG debt depending on the student's time
  • If your promotion period has not ended until after the 30.09.1993, you must also have finished your studies in good time. You are then issued:
When? Amount of the decree
Within the maximum funding period 25% of the BAföG debt
Within one semester after the end of the maximum period 15% of the BAföG debt
Within two semesters after the end of the maximum period 10% of the BAföG debt

2. premature end of studies

If you successfully complete your studies, regardless of your performance, at least four months before the end of the promotion period, you will receive 2.560 Euro if you have made it at least two months before the end of the promotion period.

3. early repayment

Saved money? Then you also have the option to cancel your loan in whole or in part before you start the installment payment.

There are some regulations to consider:

  • The discount will only be granted to you for the replacement of 500 €, but at least for 2000 €
  • Depending on how much you have to pay, the discount is between eight and 50%: the higher your debt sum, the higher the remission
  • In order to receive the highest possible remission, you should repay the entire debt before the redemption begins
  • However, you can also record the installment payment first and then cancel the remaining debt at any time. However, this reduces the discount accordingly.
  • A complete repayment before receipt of the refund notice is not possible.

4. Political persecution

If you can prove that you were the victim of political persecution in the GDR, and according to the 31. December 1990 BAföG, you can also apply for a partial exemption.

loans adoption

The loan is strictly speaking no decree, at least not final. Much more your BAföG repayment is only postponed, in each case for one year, then you have to prove once again that you meet the requirements. If your circumstances this year suddenly change, you must notify the the Federal Office of Administration immediately.

Every year loan redemption is appended to the 20 years repayment period, but for a maximum of 10 years.

So if you get a stay of five years, you don't have to pay back the BAföG until after 25 years. If, however, you have been deferred for 12 years, you will receive two years "free"!

Reasons for a loan cancellation are:

1. low income

If you do not earn more than € 960 net per month on an annual average, you can apply for a “waiver”. Incidentally, it is only about your income, that of your spouse or even your parents is not decisive.

This income limit is still increased if the spouse or children are to be supplied with:

  • 480 € for the partner
  • 435 € for each child

The low income must, of course, be proven by means of income or tax certificates!

2. raising children

Even if you care for a child up to ten years, or care for a handicapped child and earn nothing or little, your installment payment can be suspended. However, you can not earn more than 960 per month and work no more than 10 hours a week.

You must submit your birth certificate and a certificate of merit with your application. There are also child allowances for the child and the cost of childcare.

3. Repayment of the interest-bearing BAföG

You must also repay the KfW bank loan, including interest at minimum rates of 105 Euro, in long-term 20 years.

The repayment obligation begins six months after the end of the funding period. You do not have any remedies. However, premature repayment is also possible, but no rebate is granted.

You pay the money here not to the Federal Office of Administration, but directly to KfW Bankengruppe, which has informed you before the repayment of the amount of the loan debt and interest, the current interest rate, the amount of monthly payments and the repayment period.

Further information on the repayment of the bank loan is contained in the loan agreement.

Repayment of BAföG and interest-bearing BAföG

If you have first received normal BAföG, but then additionally a full-time BAföG, you must first repay the bank loan and then the state loan. But then you also have an extended period of 22 years.

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114 responses to "BAföG: repayment of the loan"

  1. Sahra says:

    Great, important article in your blog, I will remember if I am ready with the loan repayment.

  2. Henry says:

    great contribution, thank you for it!

  3. Christina says:

    I have received bafög for my Bachelorstudium and in 1,5 years I would have to start with the repayment. I'm thinking about whether I'm still a Master. For the Master, you can basically go to the 35. Year Bafög.
    How about the repayment? Does the maximum amount for the repayment still remain with 10.000 €? Even if you have already partially repaid? Or does it start again with 0? So you have to pay more than 10.000 € for the entire course?
    Thanks in advance for an answer!

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello christina
      to be quite sure, I would ask here at the BAföG office or the Federal Administrative Office. Then you have a binding statement.

  4. Greg Morris says:

    Editor's note: Content of the comment has been deleted due to crawling.

  5. mark anderson says:

    Editor's note: Content of the comment has been deleted due to crawling.

  6. Robert says:

    Hello. I have moved to Bafög and Auslandsbafög (For my internship during my studies). I have now received from the Auslandsbafög my repayment certificate. I would be interested in whether the maximum sum of 10.000 € for both Bafögleistungen counts together or per itself alone and I have to tell the administrative office this explicitly? Does anyone have experience?

    Already times thank you for your help.

    • Simone Janson says:

      In case of doubt, just inquire directly with the Federal Office of Administration.

  7. Charli says:

    Thank you,

    I didn't want to go there extra now, always associated with long waiting times ... but as I can see from this article, only up to 10.000 € will be paid back.


  8. Charli says:


    as I understood, when I got from the 28.2.2001 Bafög, my loan sum for the repayment is at most 10.000 €?
    is it right? For example, if I got 30.000 from Bafög, would I just have to pay back 10.000?

    Ask for a short answer;)

    Thank you

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Charlie,
      you can ask the Bundesverwaltungsamt again to be sure.

  9. Silke says:

    Hi, hello Simone,

    A few days ago my notice of assessment and repayment came to my house. I have saved diligently in the past and now actually have the money to pay off my BAföG debts in one fell swoop. Do I understand correctly that I can now simply transfer the money (i.e. the reduced loan amount) to the Federal Administration Office without having submitted an application? Unfortunately, the notification does not say what happens after I have made the transfer. Do I get a confirmation of receipt of payment or a “debt-free confirmation”? Or do I just have to rely on everything going well? To be honest, with such high four-figure sums I don't really feel good about it.
    Can someone, who has already the whole thing behind it, explain, how the procedure now expires?
    Many thanks in advance!


    • Simone Janson says:

      Thanks for the question. Unfortunately I do not know anymore. Maybe just call and ask how to get the money confirmed?

      • Elisabeth says:

        Hello Silke and other readers,

        I have asked myself the same question, if I get a confirmation, if I just so without a request o.ä. the whole amount (ie the reduced loan sum).

        On the website I found the following sentence:
        “You will not receive an automatic confirmation that you have paid the early repayment amount. We will be happy to send you a confirmation on request. "

        Now, two weeks ago, I paid the money and did not actually hear anything.

        Best regards,

        • Simone Janson says:

          Hello Elisabeth,
          I mean from my own experience synonymous, that one automatically gets no confirmation.
          But if it says “Upon request ...” - what is preventing you from expressing this wish?

  10. To says:

    I have received both Bafög and KFW Kredit.
    I pay the KFW credit already since 2 years back and still runs until 2017.
    Now I got notice about the repayment of the Bafög, which is to be paid back from August.
    The plan was originally repayment of KFW Kredit and then Bafög with a one-time decree with complete repayment. As far as I know the zinlose Dahrlehn is subordinated, right? Should I now pay both at the same time, which is financially not possible?

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Till,
      maybe the office does not have on the screen that you are still repaying a KFW credit. I'd just talk to them.

      • Pia Siebert says:

        Hi all,

        a small question: if I have a KFW credit repayment, can I then automatically cause that I first the return and then the BAFÖG?

        I have still to July 2015 my KFW credit pay back and now also to start with the Bafögrückzahlung. Both together I can not really pay back, but my content is too low, my living expenses (alone the rent) but very high.

  11. Christian says:


    I would have there also times a question to repay the loan.
    Following situation:
    - total loan debt approx. € 14.500
    - - Partial discount (25%) for good performance - € 3.625
    - - 30% discount for early repayment - € 3262
    therefore makes a total repayment of 7.613 €

    However, if I choose installment payments, the loan is capped at 10.000 €.
    After the first installment, I now decide to repay the loan in full in one fell swoop. This should give me a discount of 27,5% (approx. € 2.721). This would result in a total repayment of € 10.000 - € 2.721 + € 105 (first installment) = € 7384

    So would not I be better advised to take this path exactly?
    Or do I understand something wrong here?

    Thank you.

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Christian,
      we can not offer advice here. As far as I know, there is always only one advantage. In case of doubt ask again at the office.

  12. Peter says:

    Dangerous punditry.

    The loan is not issued just because you deserve little.

    You only get a delay of one year.

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Peter,
      Thanks for pointing this out: This is exactly what the text says if you read it carefully - just as it explains the fact that the term loan waiver is actually wrong. The term comes from the BAföG itself - § 18b partial waiver of the loan. The inaccuracy was thus practically prescribed by the legislature.

      • Peter says:


        You're right. Question: Do you know what proofs must be submitted if I have no income and are applying a postponement? I was never reported as unemployed.

        Best regards

        • Simone Janson says:

          The lack of job notification could be a problem. You have to live on something, the office will think. Maybe a confirmation from a tax consultant is accepted?

  13. Peter says:

    Good day,

    They write that you get a bill if you deserve too little. As far as I know, you have to pay for everything, you can only get a delay.

    What is right?

  14. Alexander says:

    Hello Simone,
    in November 2013 I got the refund notice. An application for partial exemption was made immediately. Still in November 2013 came the confirmation that the application was received. So far (06.04.2014) I have not yet received a notice from BAFög. Since I would like to cancel the whole sum in one fell swoop, I should have the decision by the end of June. In other forums I have also read that one is often without success awaiting the decision.
    My question: are there any fixed deadlines until the confirmed partial exemption? Or can I wait forever without Erfog?
    Thank you!

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hi Alexander,
      I do not know that, but why do not you just ask at the post office?
      Thank you

      • Alexander says:

        Hello Simone,
        I naturally called and asked. It was said, however, that the Federal Administrative Office has no influence on the audit offices and must wait just as long. However, I should then proceed as it is in the first letter and pay in time and wait for the Examination Office to react. Then the excess paid is refunded. I'm afraid that I will not get a partial reading (positive or negative). I have read such reports on the web a few times.

  15. petra says:

    I would like to repay my Bafög at once, to get the discount for it. I also applied for it in due time due to the short duration of my studies and very good performance. the review of this information supposedly takes a long time and therefore I should first only deduct the early payment rebate and otherwise pay everything. is that common? I'm kind of a little bissl afraid that my money is gone then :-(

  16. Paula says:

    Hello Simone,

    I have been receiving BAföG 2012 euros a month since October 629 and plan to get married at the end of this year. Because of my future husband's high income, I would no longer be entitled to BAföG benefits. Now I am unsure whether I will have to make a repayment immediately after our wedding because we as a married couple could then “afford” it, or does the period of 5 years after the end of the maximum funding period still apply to me? Is this also made dependent on my husband's assets?

    Thank you so much.

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Paula, the repayment starts generally 5 years +/- after the end of the promotion high, as far as I know regardless of the family status.

  17. Ronja says:

    Hello Simone,

    I would be interested in whether the Federal Administrative Office may amend its decisions on the Bafög loan to be repaid after the Studentenwerk has failed to conclude the calculation of an authorization period. Do you happen to know something about it?

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Ronja,
      Unfortunately not. I unfortunately only offer this discussion platform, but I am not a BAföG expert. In addition there is the legal service law, which forbids me to advise on legal matters in individual cases.

  18. Sebastian says:

    Love Simone;

    I live and work in Chile, outside of Europe. Do you happen to know about the repayment procedure in such cases? Because I doubt that the SEPA direct debit procedure works with a Chilean account.

    • Simone Janson says:

      Unfortunately not. But it is to be assumed that a repayment is also possible by transfer, even if the case is somewhat more expensive. Otherwise times with the office contact, which can then tell exactly how they handle the.

  19. Martina says:

    Hello Simone,
    I have today also received the decision to repay the Bafög. Until the beginning 2008 I studied, but only three semesters. I had finished my studies. At the Bafög the maximum rate was granted, which is because my disabled sister lives with my parents. The study grant loan was issued to me. I fell back at the back, when I read the letter. I have thought that the Bafögdarlehen will also be issued. I have income, but I have a big monthly financing and this is still a long time. My parents can not give me the money. What am I doing now? Is there any way to apply for the Bafögdel loan?

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Martina,
      well, why should you adopt that? The answer to your questions can be found in the article above: You can postpone BAföG repayment every year, eg because you have a low income. Speak times with the federal administration office about how your financing is calculated on the income.

    • Ronja says:

      Hello Martina,

      if the repayment is too expensive for you at the moment, you should definitely apply for a temporary exemption. More information:

      I've already done it all. You have to state your income for the last 3 months in this form: (income statement sheet) and prove it with bank statements or proof of income.

      In addition, you must complete a written application. Maybe you can do this online:
      I had to fill out a form and send it by mail.

      I wish you success! For me, it worked without problems. But I would still be active immediately.

      • Simone Janson says:

        Hello Ronja,
        I think it's great that you help each other. If you have your own experiences, you can bring in many of them better.

  20. Karla says:

    Hello Simone,
    I have also received a few days ago the notification for the repayment of my books, which I got between 10 / 2009 and 02 / 2013. Since then, I have been awarded a credit from KfW. I am not yet finished studying. Is not that too early? I thought the repayment is only 5 years after the LAST payment due, so with me only from 2017?
    Best regards!

    • Simone Janson says:

      I remember that it was too early for me back then. I would simply draw the attention of the Federal Office of Administration to this fact. Maybe just a mistake ...

  21. ckb_2004 says:

    Hi all!

    Do you have an idea how long it takes until you get a reply letter when you have made the premature eradication?

    Thanks and LG

    • Simone Janson says:

      I did it myself at the time, but unfortunately I don't remember ... How long have you been waiting? What's stopping you from simply asking again in a friendly manner?

  22. Sebastian says:

    Hello Simone,

    My maximum funding period was 5 years ago and the repayment of the Bafög is due. However, I will be abroad for my employer (that is correctly called “posting”) for the next 5 years, but for operational reasons I still have to be registered in DE. I will probably not come back to DE after 5 years.

    How does it look in such a (special) case with the repayment?
    Does the income regulation also apply?

    • Simone Janson says:

      There are regulations on deferral if the income is too low, I am not aware of any regulations when working abroad. If in doubt, ask the Federal Administration Office directly - especially since we are not allowed to provide legal advice in individual cases.

      • A. Kübler says:


        I have just received a refund notice from the Bureau of Administration, the repayment starts probably already in October, the notice is from the 10.March! I could not be
        Write to. The letter was probably sent to an old address, although I had long since been reported to other addresses. I did not know then
        given, since I already pay directly to the responsible Bafögamt, for years, monthly installments, do not understand why from now this demand comes ??

        Now I was also charged with the address search. Is there still a period of opposition of one month from receipt of this letter? I need synonymous then only 10.000 max. if I canceled my studies early?

        I am currently studying again and am currently dependent on my life partner. Since I do not have my own income, can I apply for a remission (will he be included in the calculation?) Or should I first lodge an objection, because of my already paid monthly rates to the local Bafögamt?
        Best Regards

        • Simone Janson says:

          Hello, unfortunately, we can not give legal advice in individual questions, since this prohibits the law service law.
          Maybe you can be helped here ww.studis-online.de/Fragen-Brett/list.php?1
          Or just consult a lawyer.

          • Carina says:


            I have a question about the exemption from 1070 Euro. I earn more by night. Is the basic net salary or is an average value of several months calculated, since the salary varies widely per month?

            Kind regards

  23. Cornhulio says:

    My friend has no income and until now an exemption. Now we want to get married. Do I have to pay back my Bafög as a wife or can I continue to be released?

  24. Maike says:


    I wanted to know what happens when the 20 year is exceeded?

    Kind regards and thank you in the Vorraus

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Maike, I found something about this under point 7 - at the end of the repayment period there are more stringent conditions: http://www.bafoeg-rechner.de/FAQ/rueckzahl.php?seite=3

  25. Thorben says:

    I used both Bafög and the Kfw study loan. Does the repayment of the Bafögs only begin after the full repayment of the Kfw study credit?

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Thorben, I would ask the BVA directly about this, they can also provide legally binding information that we are not allowed to give under the Legal Services Act. In my understanding, not - the two things have nothing to do with each other, the money comes from different sources.

  26. Frank says:

    Hello Simone,
    as far as I understand, my income must be higher than my free allowance (including 2 children). If this is not the case, I can ask for a postponement. If this postponement 10 years lasts and I then because of my higher salary the freibetrag I can still then the more favorable immediate resolution apply or do I then have to pay in the prescribed rates (so everything)?

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Frank,
      As far as I remember, immediate redemption & partial waiver only for early payment. If you've ever worked, you have to pay everything. To be on the safe side, please ask the Federal Administration Office again, I'm not an expert there.

  27. Evelyn says:

    If you can not do it for any reason, you have to pay 100%. Whether you can pay back in advance, you can ask the Bundesverwaltungsamt in Cologne.

  28. Beyza C. says:

    Hello Mrs. Janson,

    I am currently bafög and am in the 2. But I would like to cancel my studies because it is too difficult for me.
    can I pay the repayment directly (if so, how many%) or do I have to wait 5 years and then pay only?

    • Simone Janson says:

      What is the objection to a 5 year repayment period? Invest money well, get interest - and then pay it back?

  29. Evelyn says:

    Hello Mrs. Jansen,

    I have a question about the student loan repayment. I have already received a notification, but I will still pay off my KFW loan by May, after which it will be the turn of the student loan. I would be told that you CANNOT say when exactly, the Bafög repayment is then due, because only when I have safely paid back the KFW, you could tell me ...

    I know, however, that I did not pay with the installments, or suddenly will not pay anymore, so I'm sure finished in May.

    Do I have to pay back immediately in May, or is there again a time limit. Is there such an experience?

    That would help me a lot, because you want to plan a bit ...

  30. Olli W. says:

    Hello Mrs. Janson,

    I will be able to pay off my remaining debt (reduced approx. 6000 euros) in one go in the coming year. I was given January 31st as the latest payment date. I don't have the money until the middle or end of February "liquid". The period of delay of max. 45 days too? Or do they get nervous at the BVA if there is no receipt of money on February 2nd? I would not like to postpone this any further and not to submit a new application for April. Thank you very much!

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Olli,
      I would simply ask for security directly at the BVA-

    • Evelyn says:

      If you want to repay prematurely this must happen before the actual repayment period. Otherwise, the reduced amount does not apply, even if you want to delete at once! If shortly thereafter the money has it is possibly the money before to borrow, because one saves usually a lot thereby! Are you over there you pay the full restbetrag!

  31. Mandy P. says:

    The question formulated similarly, I have asked a comment above! As it stands, there is no special regulation and the same regulations as described in the law apply. So 5 years after the promotion period (eg for the Bachelor 3 years or Master 2 years, no matter whether previously canceled or not) you get the refund payment certificate via the non-interest-bearing loan (grant is given). The split is on the BaföG notice on the first page.

  32. Tobias says:


    What happens when I refer to Bafög and then do not create my studies.
    Is funding a successful conclusion? Are there regulations in the Training Act? A friend of mine is just before your last try and if she does not fly she flies out of the study. Since she has always been struggling to go to school, she now asks herself this question because she might want to start a training course.



  33. Mandy Poroshin says:

    I have my studies after the 4. Semester canceled and go back to work. The 4 semester I received the parent-independent BaföG maximum rate. Do I have to pay the BaföG then completely back (since study does not finish) or do I also get a decree? Does the limit of 10.000 Euro also apply to me?
    Thank you very much. Bye

    • Simone Janson says:

      Love Mandy,
      Your questions about the reasons for a loan and the limitation on 10.000 Euro are described here. Look for yourself:

      • Mandy Poroshin says:

        Thank you for the hints! I had read a lot before. There is unfortunately nothing to stop the study. Everything applies only to completed studies. Or does it matter whether you close or not?

        • Simone Janson says:

          Well, as far as I know, this also applies to an aborted study.

  34. mr robort says:

    edit: Warning, advertising - but pretty outrageous! Nevertheless, I wanted to make public how people are trying to get people who are looking for decent funding for further training to get a questionable loan. Incredible!

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  35. Marina says:

    Hello Simone,
    I have just received my repayment certificate. The first installment I should pay out in December.Bin just pregnant and work until the end of October, after that I'm unemployed and get no maternity gel. What should I do in the case?
    Thank you

    • Simone Janson says:

      If you can not afford the money, you can leave the payment for hours. Just ask the Bundesverwaltungsamt.

  36. Simone Janson says:

    Hello Andre,
    I can not tell you because I do not know how that is calculated.
    I would simply ask the Bundesverwaltungsamt.
    Simone Janson

  37. Simone Janson says:

    Hello Andre,
    of course, if you pay everything back at once, you will save money - up to a few thousand euros.
    But how much you save exactly, I can not calculate you.
    Here I found a nice article with calculation examples at Stiftung Warentest - it is from 2005, but the paragraph 18, paragraph 5 in question in BAföG does not seem to have changed.

    In case of doubt, you may also be able to help the Federal Administration to calculate how much you would save.

  38. Other says:

    Hello Simone,

    I think I could not make you aware of what I wanted to know at all.

    My real question was: Is it possible, if I immediately repay everything, I only save 425,31 €. If I pay the rest amount next year, I save 2228,70 €.

    That would be great, but I am not logical

    Many greetings André

    • Ulrike says:

      Hello Andre,

      and? Did it work out? Are you going to save on the start with installment payment and subsequent large one-time to a larger savings than with the one-time payment without installments? I would be really interested. Theoretically, then that would be a double discount.
      I have the same durchgerödelt with my loan portion of approx. 10.500 €, but with me the payment remains unbeatable in one fell swoop.

      Hopefully you can read it here at all and look forward to the answer!
      Best Regards

  39. Other says:

    Hello Simone,
    I have just received my refund. The loan amount is 15319,50 €, which means I have to pay off 10000 € with installment payment. In the immediate payment I would pay 9574,69 €, so just a saving of 425,31 €.

    Now, however, I read the sentence: “If you redeem a partial amount after you have already taken the repayment, the payments made up to then on loans for training sections after 28/02/2001 will be added to the total repayment amount of 10000 € for this loan counted. "

    I understand this so: Suppose I start the repayment of the loan quite normal with the usual 315, - € in the quarter. After one year I already deleted 1260, - €. Stay still 8740, - € left. If I now pay the entire residual debt at once, there is a discount (between 8500, - and 9000, - €,) of 25,5%. For 8740, - € would be a proud sum of 2228,70 €.

    So the saving would be significantly higher than if I would pay off the loan immediately.

    Or do I just have a thought-failure?

    Thanks in advance for the reply

    • sven says:

      Have you ever asked BVA? I am similar and I would like to know whether a partial release in the repayment phase brings more.


  40. Simone Janson says:

    Hello Karsten,
    seriously: I do not think there is an order. The debts are also not diminished by postponing repayment.
    It seems to me most sensible to go to the debt counseling:

    Greeting Simone Janson

  41. Karsten says:

    Hello Simone Janson,

    I have canceled my studies after 3 semesters and started a training, because I could not have switched to the actual course after 3 semesters.

    I've been unemployed ever since, or have earned so little in training and internships that I could not have paid back anyway. In addition to the good 4000 EUR Bafög arrears, I also have other debts, such as JobCenter and private individuals. Now I have found a job a month ago, where I will make between 950 and 1050 EUR net and now is the general question: What is the importance of the Bafög? Do you have to repay Bafög now or only the debts to the JobCenter and can one adjust the amount of the repayment rates or remain firm? If they were lower, I would be able to start with the repayment already.

    Thank you for the time you take here!

  42. Simone Janson says:

    Hi Andres,
    yes, this maybe had been usefull ... you see, there are a lot of conditions, regarding to all the personal circumstances, which I even don't know.
    If you are a student, you can be a student, or a student.

    So I really think you should ask for a personal council, which is even free on the universities.

  43. Andrew says:

    Well, I think I must say I have been living in Germany for a long time. my mother is German and my father is German, I am a student. well thanks anyway for your time.

  44. Simone Janson says:

    Hi Andres,
    You can find the conditions of getting BAföG as a person from a foreign country here
    (2 if you are from EU-States, 3 for other countrys).

    If you are looking for a job in Germany, you have to go to a German school in Germany. If you think that you are a fullfill, you should ask for a personal council at the University of your choice (eg Ausländeramt or BAföG-Amt). Than for a Master it's still more complicated, usually you just get a credit which you have to payback fully.

    There is even this forum: http://www.studis-online.de/Fragen-Brett/list.php?1

    Unfortunately I can't give you no more information.
    Good luck!

  45. Andrew says:

    Hello, I am a man with a good sense of humor. I would like to be a part of my life to know how to apply to the bafoeg, which are requirements, interest payable, if you have to pay a look at the career of study, as is the amount of loan, etc bafoeg first to study the language and once again. Thank you.

  46. Andrew says:

    Hello Simone Janson, I would first like to congratulate you for this great contribution to all doubts about the bafoeg.bueno ing Ing. Quisiro chemical and a masters degree in Germany, but first I would like to know how to apply the bafoeg, what are the requirements, interest, if you start to pay attention to the career of study, as well as the amount of the loan, etc , others certainly is not much german, and if i could apply bafoeg first, study the language and once learned the language again could apply for the master BAföG. Thank you.

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Andres, I have not understood your question unfortunately. Perhaps you could formulate them in English? Thank you!

  47. Andrew says:

    hello simone janson, primero quiero felicitarte por este gran aporte a todas las dudas acerca del bafoeg.bueno soy ing. químico y quisira hacer una maestría en Alemania pero primero quiero saber como aplicar al bafoeg, cuales son los requisitos, los intereses a pagar, duda es que no se mucho el alemán y si podría aplicar bafoeg primero para estudiar el idioma and una ves aprendido el idioma podría de nuevo aplicar bafoeg para la maestría. gracias.

  48. Simone Janson says:

    Hello Denise,
    look here, there is even a calculator. http://www.bafoeg-rechner.de/FAQ/rueckzahlung.php?seite=2#p5

    In general, I recommend you for BAföG questions this site because I am simply not a BAföG expert and can not answer any legal questions.


  49. Denise says:

    I have a question about early repayment. At that time I received about 9500 Euro Bafög, if I want to pay it off early I would then have to transfer the entire 9500 to the Bafög office or the discount will be deducted and only the total discount required because that would make things a little easier ... ever greetings Denise

  50. Simone Janson says:

    Hi Rene,
    Thank you for your comment and your research. I can recommend the of the linked site BAföG calculator and the forum there only!

  51. Kidney says:

    Hello everyone, the way I wrote the text above should be correct. I found this important information on other pages (http://www.bafoeg-rechner.de/FAQ/rueckrechnung.php?seite=2#p5 - repayment calculator) that confirm my opinion.
    “If you pay back in installments, you only have to pay back a total of € 10.000. The discount calculation, however, is based on your total debt (= loan share as shown above). "
    The discount for repayment in one go must also be applied for first. Alternatively, part of the amount can also be repaid - please inquire at the Federal Office of Administration about the discount. "

    Many greetings René

  52. Kidney says:

    Hello Simone, I read very tense this blog, but unfortunately I have not found any information on the following topic yet.
    My recovery notice will show a sum of 11900 €. For a single repayment, an amount of 8160 € will be due to me according to the table (for deduction rates if there is an additional amount). But if I would now pay in installments, the limit amount is set to 10000 € according to §17 para. 2 S. 1 BAföG. That's right, right? But how are amounts between the 500 € steps set and what if the decision would have more than 18000 €? In the case of a one-off repayment, the one-time sum is 10530 € and if payment in installments is max. 10000 €. Since everyone would voluntarily not pay off immediately but in installments. Thank you for a short confirmation. René

  53. Simone Janson says:

    Hello Ade,
    I can unfortunately no Spanish, but I've tried it with Google Translator. You're talking about the bank loan, right? As stated in the text above: There are perks when you are done faster. Otherwise, nothing is known to me, but I am also not a BAföG expert. And I can not do legal advice in individual cases.

    Simone Janson

  54. Ade says:

    hola Simone, pedi la beca para poder hacer un master (2 años) en Bochum. Me queda por escribir la tesis final (Master thesis). el problema es que llevo, trabajando desde hace, practicamente un año y no encuentro ni el tiempo ni la ganas para finalizarlo, puesto que ademas tengo un buen puesto de trabajo. ¿El pago de la deuda es dependiente de acabar los estudios ?, me refiero, a que si ¿debo pagar mas por no terminar el master ?.
    Thank you very much

  55. Mandy says:


    but today received the Bafög repayment fee only for the foreign country and not for the domestic fare. Actually, I would have expected next year, since I only end 2007 my last Bafög received. I have also thought that domestic and foreign tickets will be counted together and I will get a single notification of the whole amount. It is also about the maximum repayment amount should not be higher than 10.000 €. But if you separately calculated this 10.000 € significantly exceeded. How is it correct? Can someone help me?
    Thanks, Greetings

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hi Mandy,
      unfortunately that is quite special. Yes, and the Federal Office of Administration is not infallible either ...
      ask nevertheless times here after: http://www.studis-online.de/Fragen-Brett/list.php?1

  56. Simone Janson says:

    Hello Julia,
    In case of doubt at your university or the examination office? Maybe the website of your university gives hints like here?

  57. Christmas says:

    I also got my refund letter and the following questions:
    - How and where do I find out that I meet the following requirements:
    a) According to the results of the final examination passed by 31.12.2012, they are among the best 30% of all examiners who completed this examination in the same calendar year

    Thank you very much


  58. Simone Janson says:

    Normally comes to my knowledge as a letter from the Federal Administration. But if the Office is testing it now, everything is all right.
    www.studis-online.de offers a BAföG computer. There is also a fairly lively community on the topic.
    S. Janson

  59. Gordon says:


    I am now after my education (end 07 / 2007) BAföG pay back.
    I'm assuming a calculation error. I have been in contradiction and the Office is now investigating this.
    I have read that you get a “notice of assessment and repayment” from the Federal Administration Office in Cologne, which also contains the amount of the repayment.
    Up to now, I have received only updated notifications (by formal notification), and the remaining claim under point D (grant / public-sector loan (non-interest-bearing)) no. 60. Both the decisions and the letter come however from my regional BAföG place. Is there a letter from the Federal Administrative Office?
    I moved before two. The BAföG office found out my new address and sent everything there. Then maybe the Federal Administration has not yet my new address?

    Can you recommend an independent BAföG computer or are there legal entities which can also calculate the repayment?

    Best regards,


  60. Simone Janson says:

    Hello Anna, in fact, the Federal Office of Administration is sometimes a little early - at least I've heard from friends. Usually repayment begins after 5 years, as stated above. Personally, I would now think that it works independently of BAföG, but I can't give you any more detailed information, and even under the Legal Services Act, I'm not allowed to give legal advice.
    Either way you have to turn to the Federal Administration, as you can probably help you better.

  61. Anna says:

    Hello Simone!

    During my studies, I received BAföG and then the bank loan. Although my financial situation does not allow it, I currently pay the bank loan in monthly installments of 140 €. Now the Federal Administration informed me that I should start with the repayment of the BAföG. Although I have been infromed by the fact that I am able to make an application for an exemption from the repayment obligation because of my financial situation, I thought that you have to pay off the bank credit before you start repaying the BAföG.
    So I'm a bit confused. Has the Federal Administrative Office been wrong? Can the Federal Administration now demand repayment? And what should I now apply for or communicate to the Federal Administrative Office?

    Kind regards

  62. Simone Janson says:

    Hi Janine,
    Well, there is a discount if you have studied particularly well, i.e. successfully and quickly - on the contrary, probably not ... As for the repayment, the Federal Office of Administration will contact you after a while. You can of course call them and ask for earlier repayment.
    Simone Janson

  63. Janine H. says:


    I finished my studies after 3 semesters and started a training and successfully completed it.

    Until now, I have not received any notice for repayment, but as I would like to study again, I would like to repay the already received BAföG. Can I apply for it and do I get a discount even if I have not finished my studies?

    Best regards,


  64. Simone Janson says:

    Hello Christiane,
    Here you can download the corresponding forms:
    You always need the reference number of the Federal Administration Office to download. If necessary, ask again directly - they can tell you exactly what they need from you.
    Simone Janson

  65. Christiane Saar says:

    Hi Simone,
    I received my refund letter a few days ago. I am slightly busy since the end of my studies abroad and will therefore apply for a loan remission. Are there forms to fill out or what is the procedure?
    Thank you for your help.

  66. Yvonne says:


    I have today got my claim for reimbursement and I have times a few questions:
    First of all, they have settled for the claim sum, how do I proceed there?
    Then issue the reimbursement of the entire amount only slightly over 500 € and no 50%, but only about 15% Is there a room there, since I thought you get 50% discount!
    The last question for now, I had 2 children during my studies and studied for 4 years, 8 months longer than the normal maximum funding period. Can you somehow have this taken into account and thus calculate the study time for a discount?

    First of all thank you for answering my many questions!

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Yvonne, I can unfortunately only general information about the process, which is what is in the text. I am not allowed to answer questions about individual reimbursements because of the illegal legal advice.
      Maybe the Studentenwerk can help?
      Simone Janson

  67. Red says:

    edit: This comment has been deleted. No advertising for credit offers!
    Simone Janson

  68. Simone Janson says:

    Hi Miriam,
    Well, how much is forgiven on early repayment is set by law. So you have to change the law before :-)

  69. miriam says:

    Can you also “negotiate” with the Federal Office of Administration? I would like to repay my loan all at once (before the repayment starts) and would like to offer them less (i.e. less than the amount that they specify for an early repayment), because I will have no income in the next few years (parental leave / pregnancy).
    A bit like “take this now, or wait a few more years ...”.
    Thank you.

  70. Simone Janson says:

    Dear Mrs. Felix,
    sorry for the late reply - I fished your comment out of the spam folder.

    Your questions are answered at the top of the text:

    - in the second section
    and under
    - How and for how long are payments made?

    Please note that I am not allowed to provide legal advice for individual cases. Should you have any further questions, please contact the responsible BAföG office.

    • Mr. Jonathan Tribbett says:

      Edit: Comment deleted due to unfair advertising.

  71. Elke Felix says:

    The BaföG must be repaid within 20 years. I would like to know when the deadline starts and when the 20 years end. I found an indication that the deadline of 20 years begins with the end of the promotion period / end of the study.
    Others say that 5 years are optional, the 20 years must be added. Then it would be a total of 25 years.
    What is right?

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