Working and Financing at Retirement: 10 Senior Jobs and Best Investment Strategy

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According to the Federal Statistical Office, 11% of 65 to 74 year olds are employed. Due to improved health care and increasing life expectancy, it can be assumed that this trend will continue in the future. How is the labor market reacting to this development?

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30% more pensioner jobs than last year

The Jobjift meta-search engine has investigated how the job market responds to the increase in seniors and which jobs are already offered to retirees today.

Thousands of job advertisements are published annually, which are also aimed at pensioners. In the end, there were already 30% more jobs than in the previous year. This development reflects the growing willingness of German seniors to remain professionally active at an advanced age.

Can retirees compensate for professional deficits?

However, the number of ads that explicitly encourage retirees to apply is just 0,1% of the total job market. By comparison, student jobs are advertised seven times as often.

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We can assume that especially sectors in which the shortage of skilled labor is particularly noticeable employ employees beyond the retirement age and thus contribute significantly to the growing percentage of employed pensioners. But where do those retirees find employment who can not or will not stay in their old job? Joblift has illustrated this in the infographic on the top 10 of the most frequently advertised jobs.

Instead of academy jobs and part-time instead of full-time

The majority of jobs do not require any special requirements. Only 34% of job advertisements for seniors require a degree, 29% a completed vocational training or study. Even for teachers' posts, which are mostly freelance tutoring positions, only 10% of posts require an academic degree. Only for commercial jobs, such as office work, is 68% complete training required.

But what do pensioners still earn in their jobs? According to the Joblift, a total of a third of the advertisements are aimed at mini-jobbers based on the 450 Euro. Not all advertisements provide information on the employment relationship, however, 46% of the jobs offered are part-time jobs, while 30% are full-time jobs. That definitely results SenseIf you look again at the figures from the Federal Statistical Office: For a third of working seniors, employment is still the main source of income for their livelihood. Employers seem to increasingly value and promote the potential of the young at heart.

Well furnished in old age

But what about finances in old age? Pensions and old-age provision are long-term favorites in the media and political discourse.

Anyone who has worked all his life wants to be well looked after in old age. But the pension is no longer safe.

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The optimal financial strategy

It is clear to all now that they have to do something themselves, so as not to get into old-age poverty. But what is the best strategy?

To remedy that, some swear on real estate, the others on stocks and still others like to invest their money in gold. But no retirement plan is really perfect - that must be made clear to every investor.

The old-age pension must fit in with you

If you invest your money as a time deposit, while it is safe, you will only be able to achieve a very low yield at the current interest rate.

What is more important, you have to decide for yourself - it is only important that the pension plan suits you.

To everyone is only the risk, which he also tolerates

Because everyone should only take the risk that he tolerates - if you can not sleep at night, I guarantee you that you are guaranteed to sell your shares at the wrong time and thus make high losses.

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It's better to have a good mix of fixed income and well managed funds - so you have some collateral and yet return opportunities.

Where to look more closely

On the other hand, the home should only ever be a building block for old-age provision. Because the slogan “Living free of charge in old age” is a myth that can be put into perspective on closer inspection. Because the house is getting older too and repairs and costs are incurred, which were not expected.

By contrast, you should stay away from endowment policies - they are inflexible, bring only low returns and also, the tax benefits are no longer what they used to be.

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