Auna BNC-10 noise canceling headphones

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Train rides are perfect for working - actually. If only the annoying noise level were not. Can noise-canceling headphones help here? And how big is the difference to conventional headphones?

Working with Noise Canceling at the Push of a Button: Auna BNC-10 Noise Canceling Headphones Work with Noise Canceling at the Touch of a Button: Auna BNC-10 Noise Canceling Headphones

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Here writes for you: Simone Janson is a publisher, German Top20 blogger and HR communication consultant. Profile

Work while driving


I like to ride a lot of train. Especially on inner German routes I even prefer to train than to fly. The main reason is that I can work comparatively comfortably in the German railway. I am also writing this text on the road.

If only there were not the passengers - sometimes at least: Screaming children, loud business people calling or club trips with a corresponding alcohol level - everything had already been there.

Annoying background noise just filter away?


Therefore, I was pleased that the Chal-Tec-GmbH has provided me with a noise canceling headphones from their Mark Auna. These are wireless Bluetooth 4.1 headphones with active noise reduction: Loud undertake They should attenuate up to 85% annoying noise such as talking on the train but also engine noise from aircraft, buses or subways. I'm curious.

The headphones make a good impression: They are flattened for space-saving stowage when not in use and are supplied with hardcase for safe transport. With dimensions between 21,5 x 18 cm and 20 x 15,5 cm when folded, comparatively compact. By the way, the hardcase comes on 8,5 x 5 x 22,5 cm (WxHxD) and weighs - like the headphones too - 200 g, so with Hardcase and headphones you get 400 g.



Inside the Hardcase there is a small pocket for the cables and the adapter plug. An 1,5m long cable with 3,5mm jack output is also included. Since many devices do not already have one, an 6,3mm jack adapter and a double-lug adapter for aircraft are also included.

As a result, they work on virtually any modern audio device such as iPhone, iPad, smartphone, tablet, computer, DVD player, stereo or TV. An integrated microphone makes the headphones in conjunction with iPhone, Android or smartphone to the full-fledged handsfree.

No cable thanks to Bluetooth


The BNC-10 comes with the CSR8645 with apt-X, a Bluetooth 4.1 capable chipset of the latest Generation. With up to 10m range, the mobile silencers make contact with all Bluetooth-enabled audio devices and transmit their sound completely wirelessly.

Unfortunately the connection to my PC by Bluetooth does not work. The Bluetooth adapter provided to me especially by HAMA as test device finds under Linux as Windows the headphones, but then can not transfer music. So I guess the problem with the sound card of my PC.

How much noise is really filtered out?


Meanwhile: Mobile Muffler - how realistic is this claim anyway? The headphones are equipped with an active noise reduction system that allows users to switch on and off with a simple push of a button on the right auricle. Incidentally, playback devices and telephones can also be controlled via three small buttons.

Here are some technical data:


  • Frequency range: 30-20000 Hz
  • Speaker Type: 40 mm Mylar
  • Impedance: 32 Ω
  • Power: 100 mW
  • Total harmonic distortion: <1%
  • Frequency range Noise filter: 70-1200Hz

How noise canceling works


The ear cushions have a special task: they not only ensure good fit together with the adjustable bracket, but also reduce the noise in a two-way system that shields the ambient noise.

85 percent of the annoying noise will disappear. In reality, the efficiency actually depends on the volume: When I turn the volume full up, conversations, from fellow travelers, for example, or train noises largely disappeared. Very high notes, children's sounds, for example, continue to penetrate, albeit much more softened. At least the headphones offer a relief to work out of a stressful environment.

It depends on the sound


Great, however, is the sound: The music is full and pleasant, no too high tones, noise or beeps disturb the music pleasure. From this point of view the Auna headphones are really worth it.

The power is supplied by an internal 5V battery which can be charged not only at the socket, but also via USB port from laptop / computer or via 5V USB charger.



This is actually my biggest criticism of the system: That now another electronic device has to be loaded on the way - in my case, in addition to mobile phone and external keyboard. I'll see myself soon with a multiple socket in the train ;-)

What I find positive, however: I can connect the headphones next to the Bluetooth keyboard to my phone - this saves unnecessary cable mess - practically. Overall a handy feature that can help you to work well at the right moment.

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