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Text comes from the book: “Sprint: How to test new ideas and solve problems in just five days” (2016), More time: How to concentrate on the most important things ”(2018), published by Münchener Verlagsgruppe (MVG), reprinted with the kind permission of the publisher.

Here writes for you:

Jake Knapp designed the sprint process for Google Ventures. At Google, he managed sprint processes for Gmail to Google X. He is currently one of the most important developers in the world.

Work better and more efficiently despite constant stress: time management with focus and clarity

Do you ever look back at the day and ask yourself: "What did I actually do today?" Do you ever imagine projects and activities in your daydreams that you will do one day - but somehow "one day" never comes? Because read on!

More time has nothing to do with productivity

This text is about how to slow down the hectic modern life; it's about how to make time for things
that are really important. We believe it is possible to feel less stressed, less distracted, and enjoy the moment more. That might sound a little esoteric
and taken off, but we're serious.

More time has nothing to do with productivity. It's not about getting more done, completing the to-do list faster, or
Outsource your life. Rather, it is a system that will help you
wants to help free up more time of your day for the things that are important to you - whether it is about spending more time with your family
spend learning a language, building up a sideline, doing volunteer work, writing a novel or
Master the video game Mario Kart. Whatever you want to spend the time saved on, we believe that more time
Can help you with that. Moment by moment and day by day
you can keep control of your life respectively
win back.

Why are we so stressed?

But first let's talk about why our lives are
so stressful and chaotic today. And probably why not
Your fault is if you feel stressed and distracted all the time.
In the 21st century, two powerful forces compete for each
Minute of your time. We refer to the first as the "Busy Bandwagon";
this is the culture of hustle and bustle, overflowing mailboxes, overcrowded diaries and endless to-do lists.

The mentality behind the Busy Belt Truck is that you must be productive every minute of your life if you meet the demands of a modern workplace and in a modern one
Society want to function. As soon as you slack off, you fall
back and you can never make up for that.
And then there is the "Infinity Pool". Infinity pools are apps
and other sources whose content is constantly being updated. If you
you can update it with a swipe of the swipe, it's an infinity pool. If you can stream it, it's an infinity pool. This endless loop of XNUMX/XNUMX refreshable entertainment is our "reward" for exhaustion
unrelenting bustle triggers.

Stress as a normal state: is constant activity really necessary?

But is constant busyness really necessary? Is endless
Is distraction really a reward? Or have we all switched to autopilot?
Most of the time we spend on preprogrammed
Both forces - the busy bandwagon and the infinity pools - are like that
powerful because they have become our default setting. in the
Techno-Speech means standard setting the factory setting of a brand new device. If you don't actively change it, the device will work with the preinstalled one
Default setting.

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For example, if you have a new mobile phone
e-mail and web browser apps are on your screen
pre-installed. The default setting is that you have to rewrite each one
incoming message will be informed. The cell phone has one
preset screensaver and a default ringtone. All of these functions were made by Apple, Google or another
Manufacturer pre-installed; You can change the default settings, but it's a hassle and that's why we often leave it at that.
Almost all aspects of our lives are determined by standard behavior patterns that are similar to the standard settings on technical devices, and they make distraction and stress the norm.

Question your behavior

So if you feel overwhelmed and torn, it is not a personal failure, it is usually just a combination of unquestioned standard behavior patterns,
working against you. Nobody looks at an empty diary and says, “The best way to pass my time is by
To cram an appointment calendar with all sorts of meetings! ”Nobody says:“ The most important thing today is other people's whims and ideas! ”Of course not. That would be completely crazy.

Because of the unquestioned standard behavior patterns, that's exactly what we do.
At work, the default is 30 or for each meeting
60 minutes, even if the questions to be solved are actually
only require a short consultation. By default, other people determine how our diary is filled, and by default, we assume we're okay with that, everyone
Day one meeting chases the next. The rest of our work is by default done by email and messaging systems, and by default we are constantly checking our mailboxes and responding to all messages immediately.

From busy bandwagon to infinity pools: distraction as a full-time job

React immediately to everything, always be approachable. To use
Your time, be efficient, and get more done. They are
Standard rules of the busy bandwagon. If we jump off the Busy Bandwagon, we are lurking around the corner
the infinity pools are already open. While the Busy Bandwagon defaults us to an incessant barrage of things to do
flooded, the infinity pool stresses us out with endless distractions by default. Our cell phones, laptops and televisions are available
filled with games, social feeds and videos. Everything is just a touch of the fingertip away and irresistible to the point of addiction.

uniebook Update, browse YouTube, keep reading the latest news, play Candy Crush and watch series until
the doctor comes. This is the standard behavior lurking behind the voracious infinity pools that devour every crumb of time they can
Busy Bandwagon still left. When you consider that
the average person using at least four hours a day
the smartphone is busy and at least four more hours
watching TV, distraction is practically a full-time job.

Willpower and Productivity as a Solution? No!

And there you stand between the Busy Bandwagon and the Infinity Pools, both of which drag you in their respective directions and in that
Want to tear the middle apart. But what about you? What want
You actually of your days and your life? What if you just changed these default settings and changed your
would make their own rules?

Willpower is not a solution. We have tried to resist the siren song of these forces and we know it is impossible.
Plus, we've worked in the tech industry for many years and know these apps, games, and devices well enough to know that you'll end up succumbing to their seductiveness.

Productivity is not a solution either. We have tried to rationalize our work as well as possible, to waste time and ours
To-do lists to add more tasks. The problem is it
There are always more tasks waiting to be done. Ever
the faster you run in your hamster wheel, the faster it turns.

Focus & Concentration: Determine the default setting for your life

But there is a way to free your focus and attention from competing distractions and regain control of your time. More time provides a framework for deciding what to look for
You want to focus, muster the energy to do that too,
and to break the cycle of standard behavior patterns so that you can determine your own lifestyle and be in control again
are about your own time. Even if you are but not a perfect one
If you have control over it - and most of us do - you can definitely control your attention.

We want to help you create your own default settings
to determine. As you develop new habits and change your attitudes, you can stop responding to the overstimulation of the modern world and start actively spending time for that
To create people and activities that matter to you. here
it is not about saving time, but rather spending time on important things
To take things.
New ideas can give you space in your diary, in your head, and in your days. This place can bring peace and clarity to your everyday life and space
for new hobbies and projects that have been postponed "someday"
open. A little more space in your life could even be that
release creative energies that you have lost or not developed in the first place.

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