Working in the home office in the heat: How a smart air purifier helps {Review}

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Summer is here and with it heat, muggy, bad air, and that in times of Corona. How do you manage to work well in your home office, where there is usually no air conditioning? An air purifier with a cooling function can help.

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With the air purifier against health problems

Corona caught us all ice cold this year. The question of whether air pollution COVID-19 is exacerbated is also repeatedly discussed. Since then, the topic of clean air is no longer only important for asthmatics and pollen allergy sufferers, but also for everyone else who deals more intensively with health. It therefore makes sense to deal with the topic of air purifiers, especially if it comes in combination with a cooling function.

The first thing you notice about the Dyson Pure Cool Tower is the dimensions of 1054 x 117 x 206 mm. Especially the height of over one meter is extraordinary. The packaging was, however, much smaller and lighter than I expected: At less than 5 kg, the device is also light that you can easily carry it around your home. It can be controlled via a small remote control, which thanks to the magnet can be practically “placed” on top of the fan, or via the app, which has a larger range of controls.

Higher air flow with the tower fan

The enormous height is mainly due to the oval housing of the fan. Dyson also offers various smaller table-top units, and the Pure Cool is also available as a table-top version with a round, significantly lower fan.

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In addition to the stylish design, my argument for the tower variant was above all the significantly higher air throughput: With the air distribution technology called Air Multiplier ™ technology, over 290 liters of air per second are emitted in the form of a uniform, yet strong air flow - so the cleaned air circulates Air in the entire room. With a smaller device, the same amount of air can only be created with a correspondingly higher amount of energy, which was the decisive factor for me.

3 sensors that continuously monitor the room air

The technology in general: The Dyson Pure Cool has three sensors that continuously monitor the room air and automatically and in real time show the air quality in terms of PM2,5, PM10, VOC and NO on the display and in the app (more on this below) . The fine dust sensor is equipped with a laser measurement method, the gas sensor detects volatile organic compounds and oxidizing gases, and the humidity and temperature sensor permanently monitors the relative humidity and temperature within the room.

The air purifier helps against pollen, allergens, bacteria, mold spores, industrial emissions, ultrafine particles, formaldehyde, greenhouse gases, benzene and nitrogen dioxide. In the base of the Pure Cool there is a two-part filter that can be easily and quickly replaced: the glass HEPA filter should capture 99,95% of all pollutant particles up to a size of only 0,1 micron, the activated carbon filter gets according to information manufacturer's gases, odors and volatile organic compounds from the air. The filter efficiency rate was tested at 0,1 micron (EN1822). You can smell the result directly, the air is noticeably cleaner. The device also issues a notification when the filters need to be changed: According to the manufacturer, the filters have to be changed every 3 years if used four hours a day. If the air pollution is high, this value can of course deviate.

Fan in any direction

The rotation is also very practical: the Dyson Pure Cool can rotate up to 350 degrees around its own axis. The fan function can be switched off in winter if the cooling effect is not desired. You have the choice between a direct air draft that is blown out on the front or an indirect air stream that flows out through the back of the device at an angle of 45 degrees.

The latter mainly serves to purify the air and uses less energy. The fan function is very pleasant, especially in the lower levels, and also generates comparatively little wind in the higher levels. One drawback is that the room temperature is displayed, but no desired temperature can be set. However, the device is not an air conditioner either.

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Night mode and app

In night mode, the device monitors the air quality and cleans with its quietest settings and darkened display. Dyson Pure Cool ™ fans can be programmed to shutdown at set intervals of 1 to 9 hours. With a compatible voice control system, you can control your device with simple voice instructions. The device can also be operated via WLAN on the go.

The aforementioned app is available for iPhones and Android and requires a device that supports Bluetooth 4.0 and an Internet connection via 2,4 GHz or 5 GHz WLAN or via correspondingly fast mobile data. The app basically has the same functions as the remote control, but allows slightly more precise control. For example, it allows you to set the angle of rotation and also the starting point.

Check measured values, create schedules

In addition, the measured values ​​of the built-in sensors can be called up, there are also timelines that show how the air quality is overall, but can also be called up for the individual measured values. You can, for example, check the temperature profile of the past few days and also the time at which the fan switches on and off automatically.

The app also shows external measurements from the Internet, such as pollen pollution, air humidity, outside temperature and quality index. In this way, schedules can be created for air purification. Corresponding functions can also be set via Voice Control, such as Amazon Alexa.

Conclusion: Smart technology for health

Overall, I am very enthusiastic about the device: It not only looks good and cleans well, but also cools comfortably and space-saving without the annoying rotating blades on a Ventialator. The device is simple and practical to use and very easy to move to another room.

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The app is very helpful in measuring air quality, which helps in this way to live healthier in terms of breathing air and to pay more attention to pollutants. Your health should be worth the price.

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