How word of mouth works: Why most companies are not recommended

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You have to be recommended to be recommended. Because the recommender stands with his good name for something. And nobody wants to be embarrassed. But with many companies, you would not know what you could recommend there. no recommendations

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Anne M. Schüller's Profile anne-m-schueller_portrait-mit-hutAnne M. Schüller is a management thinker, keynote speaker, business coach and multiple award-winning bestselling author. She has repeatedly been named Top Voice by the business network LinkedIn.


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Recommendations separate the good from the bad

Recommendations are the most valuable gift a supplier can get from their customers. However, these are only pronounced when one is absolutely certain of its cause. Because with every recommendation, your own good reputation is always at stake.

Even something that is merely satisfactory is never recommended, because this stands for average and mediocre. Only that which is outstanding, unique, surprising or sensational is recommended. Such superlatives provide the all-important narrative material that triggers word of mouth and encourages people to be recommended.

Perfection and sympathy are needed

Recommendations are experienced perfection - and always associated with emotions. For only who is completely convinced of your cause and You will be very enthusiastic. So it is so, trustworthy and to be sympathetic.

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Head and The heart of your advocates must be conquered, only then will the referral business really get going. Even the best product uses nothing when it is ultimately lacking in affection. We like people who like us. And we only recommend the one that we can suffer well.

In a group, it's best to use it

In summary, a simple formula shows the way:

  • Know + find great + like to like = recommend

Group membership and herd instinct are also very important for people as “community animals”. Therefore, your own environment plays an important role in sharing recommendations. The formula can be expanded as follows:

  • To know is: I know it, and my network knows it.
  • Finding a class means: Me and my network find it great.
  • Gladly means: I and my network like it.

Moreover, it is not only important to understand the motives of recipients and recipients. It is also necessary to know how communities and groups work. Recommendations usually take place within a group.

Recommendations are also social putty

We humans are socially connected individuals. Isolation is one of our worst fears. Everyone who was a member of a group was often paid with life. Thus, psychological phenomena such as group weight, swarm intelligence, mass movements and conformal cohort behavior are explained by evolution.

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And this explains the meteoric rise of social networks, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Co. Well-done referral marketing will therefore not only provide shareable material, but also offer customers and interested parties the opportunity to exchange ideas with one another.

For interpersonal relationships dye and direct very strongly what we think is good or bad. Many things seem to us desirable only because others have it. Social contagion is said.

Recommendations include the risk of infection

We are wired to resonate with those around us. The more than 200 million Spiegelneurons in our brain are responsible for this. This leads to emotional harmony, to spontaneous imitation, to lock step and even to a copy of the style and habitus.

What many think, believe and do, can not be so wrong. That is why recommended ideas are also becoming so powerful. And where serpent products are sold, long serpents form.

So if you declare or highlight your racers as “our most popular product” and “bestseller”, which is what most of your customers choose, the cash register will ring. This effect is also called “social proof”.

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The opinion of third parties affects Likes and Dislikes

By the opinion of those who are important to us, even the best first impression can quickly falter: Because decisions are very vulnerable. What others say about a new achievement can really spoil the mood.

Suddenly, you just do not like the just-bought estate. On the other hand, an encouraging encouragement can cast our last doubt into the air. This is why it is also important to vote positively on the opinion of those who are in the vicinity of an interested party.

Also when recommending: similarities attract

On the web you often find hundreds that have already tested the product you want to buy. On whose advice do you attach particular importance? The first priority is the peers, the peers around us. With those at the same level of social hierarchy, our brain is the most concerned.

“The same and the same likes to join,” says the popular saying knowingly. We feel magically attracted by similarities, because similarity gives us security. Similarity confirms us in our own values. Similarity creates sympathy and also creates trust.

Similarities should therefore be emphasized in recommendation marketing. It is interesting that we believe our peers on the web even when they call themselves “Tiger93” or “Schatzi26” - and let anonymous avatars do the talking.

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Influencers are particularly valuable in referral marketing

At the same time, we also like to hear what influencers and opinion leaders, ie opinion leaders, are saying - and quickly agree. So their judgment influences the consumption behavior of entire groups.

Few of us are forerunners, most are imitators. It so happens that people orientate themselves to those who are “above” and who have the say - often even when their performance is out of proportion to the noise they make.

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    Dear Ms. Schüller, you are so right! They describe one of the prerequisites for the “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes” competition,, to have had an unbroken response and importance for over 20 years: Nobody can “apply” here, but a third party, a recommender, has to nominate the company , his name guarantees that this company is recommended. That is why Barbara Stamm, the President of the Bavarian State Parliament, said "Anyone who was nominated here has already received an award of the first quality through this selection alone."

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