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OPINION! Verena Pausder on the quota for women, role models & mutual support

Verena Pausder

Verena Pausder was named CEO of the Future in 2006 by the management consultancy McKinsey. She is the founder and CEO of Fox & Sheep and the HABA Digitalwerkstatt.
Already with 20 founded Verena Pausder, born Delius, her first Company - a sushi bar in her hometown Bielefeld, together with her sister. She studied business administration at the University of St.Gallen and then was a trainee at Munich Reinsurance Company. She then founded “Delius Capital”, which specialized in the design and prospecting of closed-end funds. At the age of 25, she switched to the online industry and was responsible for the entire German-speaking market as a regional manager at the dating platform be2. She then built up sales for the former Bertelsmann subsidiary scoyo, a learning portal for children on the Internet. Your company Fox & Sheep is the largest developer of children's apps in Germany and, with over 20 million downloads, is among the top ten in Europe. The HABA digital workshop was named a place in the land of ideas.

Ms Pausder, Women as internet bosses are still rare - why is that?

The Internet is still a male-dominated industry. What is missing are female role models, especially in leadership positions, so that women dare to overcome their mental barriers.

What mental barriers?

Many women still doubt whether they really have the ability and personality to succeed as an entrepreneur. And then they all too often prefer it.

So the women are to blame themselves?

I would not speak of guilt. But they just like to be held up. For example, because role models are missing.

How would you like to change that?

I want to encourage young women that a way to the top is possible if they believe in themselves and really want to go that way. my Objective it is that good women rise in the company in the same way as men.

A well-known career obstacle are children ...

If women are self-confident that they can do anything, they will never come to the point that they believe they have to choose between child and career.

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This sounds very idealistic. Do you have children yourself?

Yes, I have two sons.

How do you get yourself the balancing act?

The children are looked after by a nanny during the week while I am working. For me, the entrepreneurial challenge in my job is just as important as my role as a mother, so the question of “either or?” Does not arise.

The women's quota was recently discussed violently - for example, under the aspect of role model function. What is your position on this?

I am in favor of a transition rate that would raise many women in management positions. After that, the quota would then be abolished and companies could decide for themselves whether to keep women in management positions and catch up with new ones. When the women have shown that it was not a concession and certainly not a necessary evil for the company, but that it was a real added value to have mixed management and management teams, these “quota women” will hold up in the long term and more good women will catch up . Then it only has advantages for everyone.

And that would be?

The healthy mix at the top of companies leads to the ideal mix of male and female strengths and success. But in order for this mix to become reality soon, the women who have reached the top have to catch up with other women. In this respect, they can still learn a great deal from men who promote and support each other much more naturally and with far greater success.

Why is it still important that more women work in management positions?

For purely economic reasons. Even in male-dominated industries, the target group is often to a large extent female. However, the products or services are still often managed by men. Women often understand themselves better and can thus also make customer communication and the products more feminine. For example, it is precisely in the case of large-scale e-commerce companies that buyers are often women, and female managers can be better placed into them.

How did that look in your previous jobs? How does it work alone among men?

As a female Executive In male-dominated industries, I hardly see any disadvantages of being one of the few women among many men. On the contrary: the chance that you will be noticed, remembered, be an exception, is an immense advantage. So I can only advise every woman in male-dominated industries to celebrate their exceptional role and use them for branding their company.

So on typical-feminine characteristics?

When we think of stereotypes, we associate the following occupational attributes with women in leadership positions: emotional intelligence, high communication readiness, lower risk affinity in favor of long-term corporate goals. Of course that's just an excerpt. Especially in male-dominated IT companies these features are often too short. There they represent a real value.

Also in the management days?

Error To be able to admit, to show weaknesses, to be human, to live an open corporate culture and transparency and to have empathy can make the difference between success and failure, especially in male-dominated industries. Of course, analytics, focus, structures and processes are also absolutely important, but the freestyle is to combine both skills and keep them in a healthy balance.

How should a woman look to the outside?

It is particularly important that she stays true to herself. Woman just stay! You do not have to behave like a man, or female strengths sweep under the carpet in fear they would be interpreted as weaknesses to be taken seriously. Much more is important in male-dominated industries that one is proud of its feminine qualities, because they make one unique, different, successful.

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