How Women in Leadership Fail: Away with the Little Girl Scheme

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Women often make a mistake: not doing enough marketing on their own. Result: You are not recognizable by their environment. What women can women do to make themselves more visible in their new job? How women in leadership fail: Away with the petty-girl scheme

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"To know" comes from "know"


Caroline, an executive in marketing for an industrial company and a major breadwinner for her family, was coaching me to improve her seniority. She had noticed how, despite her high position, she was often underestimated and not taken seriously by people who did not know her well.

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She came to me in the last few weeks before the birth of her second child, as she could give herself the time for the coaching in the maternity protection well. In the same way, in the few weeks before birth, she conscientiously arranged the most important things for the department to work seamlessly. This was particularly important because, soon after her return from maternity leave, she was to assume the group-wide overall responsibility for marketing.

Like a little girl ...


A few weeks before maternity leave began, she received a phone call from the company doctor saying that "he has a lawyer-to-law conversation with her when she has time for it." Caroline smirked at the obviously low-motivation sense of duty and made an appointment.

The doctor entered her generous office and took the space offered by Caroline in the intercom of the room. Then he began to explain to her that for her own protection in maternity protection, she would be disconnected from the company intranet, which would mean that she would be completely free of eMails enjoy the first time as a mother. After maternity leave, she could then return to the company completely relaxed.

Decoupled from communication


Caroline was horrified! She wondered secretly how to do it, if she did not have access to the transfer eMails had. She knew that it would be much more relaxed for her to work one hour a day during maternity leave to keep the most important issues going!

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Whether men, if they were taking parental leave, would also be completely decoupled, she asked the doctor. No, he assured me, it was something quite different. He explained to her that she had the right to rest and that she would be able to lie down in his doctor's room, that she did not have to stamp it out.

The effect is


Caroline began to understand. Since they had already talked to each other at the first child, would he probably know that she was long ago out of tariff and no longer stamped? Besides, she thought, the atmosphere of her office must speak for itself! But all this did not seem to come to him - did he even know whom he had in front of him?

How did that happen? Well, I could well imagine how Caroline, outwardly a petite, young woman with curly hair, with her big eyes and her delicate voice, sat heavily pregnant in front of the doctor, who, obviously without first having looked exactly into the personnel file, saw in her only the "girl" for whom he wanted to be paternal-caring.

Make expertise visible


Even the large office had not aroused the suspicion that it could be her because she was entitled to it in an elevated position, and she had therefore also been entitled to deal with the subject in the preparation for maternity leave.

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Caroline, after all, managed to make her expertise visible in her narrower environment. Her next boss, who had been well acquainted with her over the years, had long been in the picture and knew what he had in her.

From the Chef promoted


He had therefore constantly challenged and encouraged her, so that she could already show an amazing career at a young age. Her girly appearance was only an obstacle where "man" did not know her. In fact, she always needed a lot of energy and patience until, for example, the client realized who she was, which is why she decided to coach.

Even within the company, despite her position in some departments, she was not well known. Above all, she had worked to "work up" and gain recognition for her performance alone. Only: It just has to show more clearly what it does, so that this performance is also perceived.

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