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"I do not even have one eMail-Address. I have reached an age when my main interest is in not receiving news, "said Italian writer and philosopher Umberto Eco (vintage 1932). Now Eco is in the comfortable position, no eMails have to answer. All others remain automated. eMail-Entzugsprogramm: eMails automate robot

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eMails that are not written at all


Many e-mails can be noticed if you design your Internet appearance appropriately. If your site is designed correctly, your visitors can, for example, instead of asking for a specific link by e-mail, can simply call it directly on the website.

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For my speakers, a separate premium area is available for this purpose. Suggestions, comments or questions can be left on a corresponding weblog.

Follow Up Mailer


A FAQ page answers frequently asked questions. A follow-up responder also provides valuable services. In my case, the Follow Up Mailer, a program for 15 Euro, provides both interested parties and existing licensees with all the information they need.

I still read all the comments and questions, but I only react when it is necessary and I have time for it.

Company internal communication rules


Internal corporate culture or lack of communication rules also have a significant influence on the volume of mail. If you feel that you need to be able to protect yourself all the time, you often send redundant copies of an email to all your superiors.

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For internal mail traffic, senders in the subject line should specify a keyword such as date, response, info, or response. The addressee thus captures at a glance what is required of him and can decide whether and when he answers the message.

The number of classifying keywords should be as small as possible: More than five categories are generally not required. The system, however, requires discipline from the sender - this can be achieved by the fact that each recipient sends back the e-mails, which arrive without a keyword in the subject, unread.



We often think that we have to respond to every email. That's not true. Delete as far as possible all unimportant mails. Ask yourself, "What's the worst that can happen if I delete this message?" If the answer is not too serious, delete it and continue. You can not answer everything. Just pick the most important news.

Delete all immediately eMails that you only received in CC. Inform the relevant consignor that you should refrain from such emails to you in the future. This leaves only emails to be processed, answered, stored or printed out.

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Each eMail only touch once


Now, since only the essential eMails in your Inbox, we can address the question of how to empty it as soon as possible. After the messages have been sorted into the correct folders, ideally should apply: Any eMail is - just like with the documents in your inbox - only "touched" again.

Ask yourself in the remaining mails, whether or what action is required on your part. Do not read any mail without tackling an action that immediately follows. The mail will be answered, forwarded with comments, archived or deleted. That's how you devote yourself to everyone eMail only once, instead of checking your emails continuously.

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  1. Dani Schenker

    1. The longest time I thought "1932 there was still no email" .... Habs but then sometime still read exactly ;-)
    2. Was the autoresponder meant with the "automation of email" now or did I miss something?

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Mr. Schenker,
      with the automation are all points mentioned in the article.

      • Dani Schenker

        Ok I understand. For me, the word "routine" would be more appropriate. Especially what the "only open once" and "delete" the emails concerns. That does not happen automatically, but can be set as a routine ...

        • Simone Janson

          This can also be automated by filter.

  2. Competencepartner

    The E-Mail Withdrawal Program - Part 5: Automating E-Mails: "I do not even have an E-Mail A ... #Creation #Education

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