Customers win for Sales Manager: 7 Sales Ideas

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Gaining customers is difficult: customer requirements are changing faster and faster, customer loyalty is decreasing, the variety of offers is unmanageable. But sellers can take advantage of these new requirements of the market for customer acquisition.

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1. Changed buying behavior of customers

Anyone who succeeds in the market today can be gone by tomorrow. If we ask ourselves how our own buying behavior has changed in recent years, we quickly realize:

We're looking more critical today before we buy. We compare more. It usually takes longer before we make a purchase decision.

2. Seller as a lifeline for customers

On the other hand, the time span for the seller to leave a good first impression with the customer, has dramatically shortened: 7 seconds ago, the offer today just 0,7 seconds left.

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So it only takes a blink of an eye - and the product or seller is either “inside” or “outside”. In the virtual shopping cart or in the decision maker’s office. What many see as a problem is an opportunity - because entrepreneurs, salespeople and consultants become a lifeline in the flood of information with their appearance.

3. No leading questions in sales

In sales talks in the 1990s, hypnotic language patterns such as the so-called leading question were a characteristic component. “Mr. customer, you are certainly also of the opinion that this offer is great, right?” Today we laugh about it. Times have just changed.

Old sales phrases have slipped. They are now also known to customers and do not pull anymore. Nobody wants to be manipulated. With such techniques, sellers break their reputation and prevent important deals. The mature customer is used to thinking for himself and formulating his opinion. The seller should not anticipate

4. Seller: Brush your offer against the grain

Whoever only looks at what competitors are doing and imitates or imitates voluntarily renounces unique selling points. Suppliers must dare to act individually with the nature of their offer.

So it pays off to brush your own offer against the grain and sometimes to do something unusual. Not doing something exactly as it is customary, but once completely different than other providers in the industry. To be noticed, you have to stand out from the crowd. It is worthwhile to pay attention.

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5. Meet the buyer as a human

Working out product benefits, arguing at the factual level - most salespeople are still working on these proven principles in the sales pitch. And that is correct too. But something new comes to it: namely feelings. Because the future belongs to the emotional selling! Those who succeed in addressing the mind and the heart of the customer alike gain the trust of the people. Therein lies a great competitive advantage.

Because the more a salesperson convinces as an authentic person, the more confidence he gets from the customer and the more likely he is to be enthusiastic about his offer. It is therefore important to be honest with the people behind the potential buyer. Even if the product is still so great: The customers judge the seller afterwards, which feeling they leave with them at the end of the sales process. The seller is always ahead when he manages to score as a person. Then the customer feels understood, treated individually and completely well.

6. Sales Funnels - Awareness with Presence

The so-called sales funnel, better known as Sales Funnel, is not a new invention. The term simply means that the above correspondingly many phone calls, contacts o.ä. to fill in, as far as possible a good part of it in appointments, orders or similar. to be able to transform. In times of online trading, Sales Funnels still have a raison d'être. At the same time, they have gained a whole new meaning:

Sales funnels are one of the possible strategies for selling products and services online, because they open up amazing opportunities for providers. At the beginning of the funnels, it is important to attract as much attention as possible. This can be implemented, for example, through online advertisements. Important is the target group oriented (targeted) traffic. Curious about the permanent presence of these advertisements, new prospects come to a landing page. The key is that it is designed so users can easily and quickly see what benefits they have when they accept the offer.

7. New awareness for sellers and Company

Businesses and salespeople need to develop a new awareness of what product and services do to the customer. This must be understood and communicated. What new results does the customer have when he buys the product? What changes in his life when he books the service? What does he miss if he does not buy?

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Customers today do not just want to buy a product or any service. First and foremost, they want a solution to their problem or their pain. Although basically that has always been so, and will most likely remain so in the future, this fact has a new status. This is exactly what a seller can turn into his advantage.

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