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Well-paid jobs: 2 X 10 tips on career choice and attractiveness

Which jobs are safe and attractive? And what makes a job attractive - for example when changing jobs and choosing a job? 2 X 10 tips.

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Higher salary is a decisive change criterion

What occupations are attractive and are people getting a supposedly safe job? A while ago, the research institute forsa asked over a thousand Germans aged 25 to 45 about their reasons for changing jobs. Result: For two thirds, a higher salary is the decisive criterion.

In order for the job change to be worthwhile, however, it is important to switch to the right industry: Good to very well paid jobs in Germany continue to hold research and development engineers and engineers in product manufacturing. And sales are also paid above average in sales.

The bigger the company, the bigger the salary

But you should also pay attention to the size of the company: the larger the company, the higher the salary, while small Company often pay significantly less. However, if you want to change your job, you should not only look at the higher salary, but also consider the risks of a change:

Many companies that lured new employees with great salary promises just a few months ago are now putting them back on the road before the trial period ends due to operational reasons. And even DAX companies are not immune to bankruptcies and billions in losses, as Wirecard shows. Sometimes it can be safer to stay in your old, safe job and wait for better times.

Will the 10 highest paid industries still exist in the future?

The forecast salary by industry is not necessarily a decisive change criterion. Because of current political developments and sudden crises, entire industries can suddenly be disrupted from the market, while others like the famous Phoenix rise from the ashes. It is correspondingly difficult to make predictions about salaries in a profession. I still dare to give an overview from the experience of recent years:

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  • Bank: Despite all the scandals and crises, the banking sector will continue to earn well in the coming years.
  • Construction industry: The construction sector is also booming in the long term.
  • Chemistry: Chemical and pharmaceutical companies are still ahead.
  • IT: EDP ​​is a safe bet in times of digitization.
  • Electrical engineering: It also looks good in the e-tech sector.
  • Trade: Trade and sales are still in demand, even if a lot is transferred to online.
  • Consumer economy: The consumer economy also benefits from demand.
  • Logistics: Even in the transport industry, payments are fairly decent
  • Mechanical engineering: Knowledge of technology pays off.
  • Media: The media are known for your poor pay, but depending on the job, there are good opportunities here.
  • Public service: The civil service offers secure jobs, but they are not necessarily paid well.
  • Business consulting: Consulting also pays off in the long term.
  • Temporary work: Even temporary workers, for example in engineering, earn significantly more than, for example, honorary teachers.

Inventors are not sexy ...

This shows that technology professions are disproportionately represented among the most attractive professions. However, numerous surveys and reader comments show that IT professions are often at the bottom of the list of the most attractive professions - especially among women. How can that be?

The fact is: the girls don't really want to. You still prefer to study something with the media, but not technical - because the tinkerers are just as unsexy as that SPIEGEL found in a graduate survey: The shortage of female STEM students - is it purely an image problem? (Incidentally, MINT is the abbreviation for Math-Computer Science-Natural Sciences-Technology).

How do you make technology subjects more attractive?

If this is so, then it would be solved. Initiatives, which should convince women of the quality of technical subjects as there is indeed ready. Now you just have to change your tactics:

So far, people have always tried to lure the girls with money, career opportunities and maybe the fun factor. Completely wrong strategy: You have to tell the girls that their chances of getting a guy are much higher in technical subjects than in subjects such as German studies and art history and in professions that “have something to do with the media”.

Emphasize the Prince Charming factor

Because the male overhang in technical professions is just so large that there are an estimated 5-10 admirers for every woman. I know this from a good friend who is a mathematician. Whereas in other professions the admirers fail to appear due to the high level of competition. So how about just putting this argument in the foreground to attract women to technical professions? Instead of “You earn fat coal” so “You will definitely find your Prince Charming”?

Of course, one or the other may object that young women are emancipated today and you cannot come up with this argument - but does the reality really look like this? Various media reports suggest that the combination of “women and money” does not have a very positive image with regard to the choice of partner), and on the contrary, it is even a problem for the relationships if women earn a lot. And doesn't the "fairytale prince strategy" offer a solution to this problem - as emancipation through the back door, so to speak?

Emancipation through the back door?

Ok, I admit that was a little ironic now. But the serious question remains: how sensible are all the beautiful image campaigns for certain professions if the underlying social role and thought patterns are not taken into account and broken down?

Given the prevailing, very old-fashioned image of women, who can seriously expect young women to base their career choices on career and earnings options? Incidentally, this also applies to many other professions. It would therefore be much more important to seriously examine the mediated image of women in our society and to thoroughly dedust them.

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3 responses to "Well-paid jobs: 2 X 10 tips on career choice and attractiveness"

  1. Olaf Potter says:

    Vlt it would be more economical to promote the boys accordingly in order to counteract the skill deficit. For just as it looks now times the ladies just do not want. In addition, it is simply impossible to understand how far a desired proportion of 50% relative to the graduates should be a measure for a balanced promotion of both (!) Sexes.
    In my opinion one should base his studies or his career on his own interests and not on the desire of humanity to demonstrate the ability (s) of one's own sex. Everyone is doing well to choose for themselves and just because some do not like that women seem to set other priorities in the career choices than men does not automatically mean an unfair system that requires massive unilateral support measures.

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Mr. Potter,
      The other way round it turns out to be a shoe: I did extensive research on the topic of women in mint subjects and the result shows that women also do not take up such professions because they lack role models, for example, and are not given enough courage to do so in school and at home etc. Instead of arguing backwards according to the motto “Then we will leave the funding entirely” I would recommend an even more progressive approach. A lot has to be done socially to achieve full equality. Stopping halfway is not a solution!

  2. Simone Janson says:

    Inspired by @MeikeNordmeyer: #Emancipation through the back door? My Prince Charming Strategy for "women in # MINT subjects" #fb

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