How the right education supports the career: 2 Thesen & 12 Tipps

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Today is on Economic Week Online my column on eLearning in the professional further education appeared. Time to make some basic thoughts on continuing education.

further education

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For 76%, further training enhances the work

Whether professional career and the desire for more responsibility, re-entry after the family pause, the desire to find a job again out of unemployment or the step into self-employment: motives for further education are many. An investigation by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research shows that further training for career and career advancement has many advantages:

76 percent of participants can do their job better than before, for 60 percent, career opportunities have actually improved. Almost 37 percent now understand the relationships in the Company better. And after all, 15 percent actually went up through professional training. Learning pays off!

This 1: Staying tuned is important

Staying professionally is becoming more and more important. Staying tuned is the motto and regular training, which build on existing qualifications and impart new knowledge, are therefore important for the career.

After all, knowledge is quickly becoming obsolete: after about five years, skills learned in training or acquired by professional experience are no longer relevant. The working world is changing rapidly.

If you want to stay on the ball, you have to learn regularly. In addition to special expertise, business know-how is also required in many areas. Almost in every job you have to be able to use a computer and the right software. But so-called soft skills, such as team and conflict, are becoming increasingly important.

These 2: Matching is the basic problem

Ok, continuing education is important. But the point of the whole thing is: How do you find the right offer in the education jungle and finances it?

Even if there is interest in the workforce, the boss does not always offer his employees the appropriate training. On the contrary, many companies have even canceled all training courses because they want to save.

However, committed employees should not be deterred from doing so and invest themselves in their vocational training. However, it is not always easy to find the right education from the multitude of offers - and it requires organization and planning. Even more often, workers are not continuing because you are afraid of the high costs. There are numerous programs and government grants - you just have to know where to look.

10 Tips on how to find the right education:

The basic problem is: which training is the right one? After all, finding a suitable advanced training course is not easy: there are good and bad, expensive and cheap courses. We show you how to find and finance the right training for your goals.

  1. Define your goals What is your goal? Reincarnation or career in the company? Training or retraining? Limit the search, then you will find the right offer more quickly.
  2. The time factor How much time do you have for further training? Full-time or only in the evening or at the weekend? A distance course provides flexible time division, but is usually more expensive.
  3. Where can you find the appropriate training? Search in the approximately 150 databases on the Internet - eg in KURS, the largest but by no means complete database (http://www.kursnet.arbeitsagentur.de/) or the IHK (http://www.wis.ihk.de/).
  4. Meta search in all databases It is even faster if you search all databases at the same time. The Meta search engine InfoWeb further education helps to find an overview: http://www.iwwb.de/.
  5. Pay attention to the quality! Not all trainings keep what you promise: be sure to look for certifications and quality seals. The Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung shows in a checklist how you should proceed with the selection: http://www.bibb.de/de/checkliste.htm
  6. Training tests The Stiftung Warentest regularly tests further developments and thus reveals weaknesses. You can take the training tests under http://www.test.de/themen/bildung-soziales (unfortunately not included).
  7. Financing by the Federal Employment Agency The Federal Agency for Labor assumes the full costs of an education or training program by means of an educational voucher - but usually only for the unemployed to return to work. More information: http://www.arbeitsagentur.de
  8. Education check NRW Employees, returnees and self-employed workers (up to five years after founding) from NRW can receive a "training check": the state pays up to 50 percent of the costs. More info: https://www.mais.nrw/bildungsscheck
  9. Further training grant Under certain conditions, you can apply for a further education bonus every year if you do the same again. More on this: http://www.bildungspraemie.info/de/vorab-check-23.php
  10. Educational leave Employees can receive 3-5 day leave annually to continue their education. This is regulated by the Act on the Employee Education Act NW (AwbG).
  11. Master student loans Do you have a first professional qualification and want to make a qualification with a public examination (eg at the IHK)? Then you can apply for Master BAföG, which is basically possible for all professional fields. For more information see http://www.meister-bafoeg.info/
  12. Promotions at a glance Under http://www.foerderdatenbank.de/ you will find a complete and up-to-date overview of the federal, state and European funding programs.

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