Web hosting with external domains: 9 Tips for setting up external domains

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One problem with moving sites from one vendor to another is the inaccessibility of the domain for well 48 hours. A remedy could be the use of external domains. An experience report.

Web hosting with external domains: 9 Tips for setting up external domains

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Here writes for you:

Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Change when the web host is bad

One or the other has noticed it in the past week and also last week already: Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®.de hangs a bit. Last weekend even fierce. As a result, I want to change my web host in the near future.

For some time now I have been annoyed by the poor performance of my webhosting package, which, despite its own server, sometimes results in server failures and inaccessibility, of which not only the website but also eMail and FTP access are concerned.

In addition, there is a really terrible customer service, in which the support team is full of ignorance and so only really achievable, if it suits him - so despite alleged 24 / 7 service hotline eg not on weekends. The only question is: where to go?

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Higher traffic equals server congestion?

At first I was inclined to blame the downtimes for higher demand. Because the ARD reportin which I was seen, not only has a lively discussion on Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® and on the net, but also drove the number of traffic significantly - a trend that continues today.

But the failures of the weekend were not just the rise of normal user numbers, there were other reasons:

  1. Increased calls; Apparently, a not-so-unremarkable online marketingCompany produced very high demand numbers on my side. I have no idea what's behind this.
  2. Server error: That alone was not the problem, there was also an error on the server, apparently a setting thing with the update to WordPress 3.9.1. could have had to do. Anyway, I was not alone affected.
  3. Manpower: Since my web host, a very agile, but also small 1-man-enterprise of such incidents, in short, a little annoyed, I would like to change the web host.

Downtime at domain move

However, what has prevented me from switching providers so far was above all the problem of the domain relocation:

For the period in which a domain is moved from one provider to another, so at least 48 hours, the website and - much worse - the eMailServer then unreachable.

What are the advantages of external domains?

The advantages are obvious: in the future, I will be able to switch servers and hosting providers in just a few minutes. The entire procedure of the domain removal is omitted - in most cases, only the name server of the new provider must be registered with the domain registrar.

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If you can believe this post on Netzwelt, which otherwise has some research errors, then this separation of domain and web hosting in the US is completely normal. In Europe, on the other hand, it is still a rarity, although this possibility is offered by a number of providers.

Jump - but where to go?

The question is: With which Webhoster have just larger pages and blogs had good experiences? I am not only concerned about technical equipment, but also about customer service.

How good is the accessibility of the hotline?

  1. How long does it take for the customer to be helped in such cases?
  2. What if the page is down at the weekend or at night, ie how long does it take to get help
  3. come from?
  4. What are your other experiences? Write it all in the comments!
  5. Thank you in advance for the help!

The provider: The agony of choice

Recently, however, I found the solution to this problem: the use of external domains. The domains are registered with a provider and then redirected to the webhosting provider, where they work as desired.

My choice is much to the Cologne supplier Host Europe - less because of the good price-performance ratio than rather because of its willingness to support my web hosting in the future as a sponsor.

The costs

Although Host Europe requires less 60 cents a month per domain than my previous web host, but according to Netzwelt there are even cheaper providers.

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Host Europe is also a bit more complex: it is done via the so-called AUTO-DNS system, where you must enter the secondary DNS profile.

How do external domains work?

Ultimately, however, this was also for me as a beginner. It was significantly more difficult to consult the relevant data with the current provider for the domain relocation as well as the domains correspond to cancel - especially since the supporthotline of the offerer made only contradictory to false information.

Now I have long and detailed explained why external domains make sense. The second part is now about the device, which is easier than expected.

Domain move: Half cost, double speed

My site has been quite unintentionally moved by my readers last weekend: The site is now hosted at a special provider for WordPress.

But not only that, to the furnishing he also helped me with many helpful tips competently. The site now runs twice as much on a shared hosting package twice as fast as on the managed server at 1blu. But a big thank you!

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So that if I can, but should be necessary, move the next time faster, my domains are now at Host Europe, which also support me as a sponsor.

Setting up external domains step by step

Setting up the external domain was actually quite simple - easier than expected anyway:

  1. First, cancel the domains at the old provider. This leads then with the Denic the appropriate procedure and one then automatically the Authcode transmitted.
  2. You have to enter this into the field provided when you register the domains with the new provider. After that the domain removal was done in a few minutes. However, according to a Host Europe employee, this should take longer for domains that do not run under top-level-domain.com.
  3. The re-registration of domains eliminates the steps 1 + 2.
  4. If the domains are with the new provider for the first time, they can be redirected to the web hosting package using an auto DNS system. This is far less complicated than it looks in the Host Europe FAQ: In my case I only needed the secondary IP address to redirect the website and my new provider's mail server for the MX record.
  5. These were entered as A Resource Record. An A resource record is used to assign an IPv4 address to a DNS name. There are also AAAA resource records, which work like the A Resource Records, but IP addresses for IPv6. These are however not supported by my Webhoster.
  6. In addition, I also created a wildcard entry after the sample * .exampleadresse.de. This allows to set up subdomains directly at my webhost.
  7. In addition, the mail server of the web host is entered as an MX record, so that the eMails be forwarded. Host Europe also offers a variety of facilities eMailAddresses for forwarding. A catch-all function for forwarding the eMailUnfortunately, Host Europe does not offer it anymore to avoid spam, but it looks different with other providers.
  8. Once the domains have been set up, they are also available on the target server quite quickly and can be used there as normal domains. One advantage of my change of provider was in this context, that the setting up of external domains with the new provider neither costs arise nor contract terms have to be respected. At 1blu the unfortunately looked different and also with many larger offerers costs an external domain ebensoviel like a normal domain.
  9. Also the decor of the eMail-Postfaches worked relatively smoothly.

Why external domains are practical

If the website has to move again, I do not have to manage a domain move, but only the DNS entries change.

A practical matter. Disconnecting domains and web hosting is something I can only recommend.

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  1. Hanah Gaetz

    I stumbled upon this page by chance and think it's really good.

  2. Benjamin Wagener

    I can recommend the company planet cyborg (https://planetcyborg.de/) as a web host. The company is run by friends of mine I know quite well and therefore I know that you can trust them absolutely. I myself have accordingly also my webspace with the gentlemen. They also have experience with services which have a somewhat greater usefulness as they also provide some technical services at the University of Bremen. As far as support is concerned, they are very eager to respond promptly and even go so far as to have Webspaces on which WordPress is installed, after a certain time automatically send a request to update the same, if this is not done accordingly , so that no unsafe WordPress installations can compromise the operation of the server. The extent of the webspace and the associated prices are individual negotiating matters. So just ask.

  3. Marc M.

    Hello Mrs. Janson,

    I definitely recommend a special hoster because I am a customer myself. The availability for my questions (as a paying customer of a premium package) has always been optimal so far and the support was able to answer my “lay questions” competently at any time. And no, I am not separated from them, although of course I would receive a bonus if I recommended it. But these advertising programs are usually everywhere.

    My recommendation goes very clearly to Berlin to STRATO AG. Good prices, German location, German support, SSL encryption possible, variable packages and a tidy online customer center. also with regard to the contracting, I am more than just enthusiastic, because I had to make some changes. Did everything always top.

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Marc, thanks for the hint. Straight from STRATO, however, I have heard most frequently criticism. I am now at Hosteurope - who guarantee at least to react in 6 hours.

      • Benjamin Wagener

        Can only share the criticism of STRATO. An acquaintance of mine is there and has the more frequent problem with its WP installation because of the strange configuration of the webspace.

  4. Catherine Zimmermann

    Is there any news from emilia?

  5. Simone Janson

    Thank you! Enjoy your vacation!

  6. Catherine Zimmermann

    I have all incl

  7. Christian of Scharpen

    Dear Mrs. Janson,

    The last 3 years I have been working for an IT service provider in Switzerland and can only support your knowledge: Never go to a one-man-show when it comes to the important availability of your IT services. This one-man show must never fail if you need it urgently, no matter if this is due to social, technical or medical reasons.

    I hesitate to recommend a specific hoster, because there are many capable providers in this area. But you have now asked specifically and therefore give you in this regard simply my own hoster: For my needs, I have found so far competent help, but the support needs are of course different for everyone.

    Best Regards
    from Basel
    Christian of Scharpen

    • Simone Janson

      Many thanks for the answer. Nice to hear that you are satisfied with Hosteurope: I have also found that it seems to guarantee quite reasonable reaction times.
      What does it look like with little extras?

  8. Competencepartner

    Server Problems & Question to my readers: Which web host can you recommend ?: The one or ... # Profession #Education

  9. Carsten

    Hello Simone,

    very good article, because that's how I do it in principle (with InternetX and Allinkl). Now I would really like to test HostEurope - read there but that external domains are chargeable. )

    However, you write under point 8, that this is done free of charge. Did I miss something?
    LG Carsten

    • Simone Janson

      Hi Carsten,
      which is correct, at Hosteurope the service usually costs about 5 Euro. The explanation is given above in the article: Hosteurope supports me as a sponsor. Therefore, it is free of charge for me.
      Does the hosting of a Domain bein InternetX because nothing? That would be good to know ...

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