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Interview: tips, weaknesses, preparation

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Experience the Application was successful, you are invited to the job interview? Congratulation. But now the real challenge begins: How do I prepare myself for a job interview? Some basic tips to keep in mind: Job interview

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Success in the interview: The basics are important

Of course, everyone is HR and everyone Company a little different, has different preferences, different priorities or pays attention to completely different points. And what makes one go through is the absolute no-go for the other.

Nevertheless, there are some basic points that every candidate should consider. Because studies show: Instead of rummaging through the mountains of adviser literacy and, if possible, distributing it, one should rather concentrate on the basics, which are really necessary to leave a top impression during the entire application process.

The Do's ...

A basic tip is, for example, to obtain sufficient information about the company - because nothing proves so much of disinterest as a poorly informed candidate.

Accordingly, preparation also includes preparing for the most common and tricky questions in the job interview. Many more tips can be found in my article Optimal preparation for the interview.

& Don'ts

You can do a lot of things in a job interview - and make many mistakes as well. My review of the worst mistakes in the job interview shows how many people think of themselves as being out in the open. For example, by talking poorly about the former boss, dressing onesily or drilling his nose.

If studies are too abstract and too impersonal, you should read the interview with company manager Jürgen Schwarz. The leads Test Applications through, ie he gives the candidates afterwards also an honest feedback - eg about their clothing style, racist remarks or noticeable gaps in the CV.

Critical notes for discussion

But there are also critical tones about the methods by which applicants are selected in the interview: the question whether personnel can not stand the truth, which has attracted a lot of interest in the industry.

Or the question of whether Assessment Center as a selection method make sense at all, since they are by no means undisputed. Especially since a study shows, which is mainly highly qualified applicants do not even want to do the job when it goes to the Assessment Center.

Further tips for discussion talks & assessment centers

To my heart I would like to give you a funny video that turns the tables once: All power Interview with the applicant, Match my interview on ZEIT ONLINE on the subject Confident to the new job.

In our corresponding section on the topic Job interviews & assessment center you will find many more tips & notes on the subject. In this sense: Good luck in the job interview!

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