Motivation error volition - willpower: the crux with the implementation strength

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The greatest enemy of our will is - ourselves. Because we always put ourselves on our feet again and again. Let's stop it!

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Error motivation

There is a common misconception: that only the will and goals move mountains. Do you have goals? Everyone has goals! And now? What does that bring you? Nothing if you don't have the necessary implementation skills.

Jasmin has one goal: “I should urgently talk to my boss about the distribution of work - but I just can't do it…” Malte also has one: “I could be promoted if I took this additional qualification. I've been doing this for months, but I can't get the curve! ”

Conversion strength is necessary

Well, then both have to motivate themselves better! Motivation? A mistake. Jasmine is so overwhelmed that she is extremely motivated to do something about it - but she doesn't. Malte absolutely wants the promotion - but he does not register for the course: motivation is necessary. But it is not enough. By far not.

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If you are motivated to achieve your goals, you need above all implementation strength to achieve them. This willpower that creates deeds is called volition (pronounced in German; like “ammunition”). It is nothing new. Schopenhauer was already interested in volition in 1819 (in “The World as Will and Imagination”). But in the years since, "motivation" has simply become the more popular fashion. To this day, it has taken revenge for everyone who is motivated to the tips of their hair, but still does not achieve their goals.

Volition - the opposite of motivation?

Nevertheless? That's why motivation is not enough. If I want to achieve a goal, it is not enough to want it very badly - above all, you have to take the necessary steps to achieve the goal undertake. For example, when the boss says to Jasmin: “Distribution of work? It stays the way it is. Not an issue at the moment! ”

So Jasmin's motivation is on the ground. But because her will is strong, she says with her teeth clenched: “For me, yes. Let's talk about this."

The what-the-light effect

The two researchers, Janet Polivy and C. Peter Herman, investigate why so many people are doing so many things and often abandon their plans. They discovered the What-the-Hell effect Rudi suffered.

He made a firm commitment: “I have to better record my customer conversations - I am constantly missing sales opportunities because of my clutter!” After making this resolution, he also evaluates the conversations better - exactly twice.

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Too early

After the third time, something urgent intervenes and he doesn't get there. Instead of simply going on with the fourth conversation, he involuntarily thinks: “Oh crap! Has no 'value!' and he gives up.

Why? Because this will-killer works subconsciously. As soon as Rudi becomes aware of it, he can say to himself: "Two out of three is better than zero out of three - and with the fourth I just keep going like before!"

The mind is willing, but the flesh is weak

Why do tennis players often hit their fists after a successful hit? Marotte? No. The fist strengthens the will. Iris Hung from the National University of Singapore had a group of subjects either banging their fists, holding a pencil firmly between two fingers or tensing the biceps.

The other group should hold their hands in a bucket of ice water without this muscle tension, drink vinegar or buy something healthy in the cafeteria instead of delicious sweets. For all three tasks, that group showed significantly more willpower that had previously strained their muscles.

The spirit of the mind inspires the mind

Ron Friedman and Andrew Elliot of the University of Rochester simplified the whole: subjects should solve difficult anagrams.

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Those who clasped their arms remained almost twice as long as those who put their hands on their thighs: When your body assumes a will-strong attitude, your actual willpower grows by feedback!

Will vs. idea

When will and imagination are in conflict - who wins? We often give it up unconsciously when we answer a good suggestion: "I just can't imagine that!"

Conversely, the more intensely and frequently you imagine something, the stronger your will to do it. “Treat this stupid customer kindly? Nah, I can't imagine with the best will in the world! ”Says Harry.

The will is adapted to the idea

"But to greet him kindly - can you imagine that?" Asks the coach. "Yes, of course, that is." - "And to ask him about his family?" - "Yes, that too." - "And…?" After two minutes of anticipating the ideal situation, Harry's vision has changed completely.

And with the idea, his will has also strengthened: now he wants! What do you want? Imagine. Concrete, detailed, realistic and yet positive.

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  1. Ansgar Böttcher

    Hello Mrs. Pot,

    Volition is an interesting topic that has still not really arrived in D yes. So I think it's a good thing that you move a little bit of the advertising drum for this issue.

    But so I can not understand your tips:
    + Walking past the chocolate? Hm, I train in the best case self-discipline, in the worst case, I run self-torture.
    + Save each time some drink? Because I am a habit, conditioning myself.
    ... but I don't really train my volition muscles with either.

    It is clear to me that rituals and solid workflows are good, because I enjoy my volition. But this is just an evasive action and not a real training.

    Best Regards
    Ansgar Böttcher

    PS: These "automatic page updates" are terrible and make commenting here a real test of patience.

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Mr. Böttcher,
      thank you for your comment, which I gladly forward to Frau Topf, but since she has not been working for us for a long time, I am afraid that she will not answer.
      I am also sorry that the update function hinders the commenting, but since the comments have moved more to the social media, the page update has more advantages than disadvantages.

      Simone Janson

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      • Simone Janson

        Hello Mr. Berger,
        Thanks for the hint.

  3. Cornelia Topf

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    Volition - Willpower 1/3: The crux with the implementation strength: Do you have goals? Everyone has Z… #profession #education

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