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Volition - train willpower: 5 tips to achieve your goals

How do you recognize people with outstanding willpower? With 5 skills as science found out. And you can train them. Volition02

5 for strength

  1. Proactivity. Willful people will not be able to solve problems or repress them. They pack immediately or work so well that it often does not come to the problem.
  2. Persistent focus. They focus on what needs to be done - no matter what motivation, disabilities or obstacles. They can not be distracted.
  3. Mood Management. Strong-willed people process the inevitable feelings of frustration in the event of setbacks actively and compassionately (trendy keyword: self-compassion), which is why they are in a good mood at the crucial moment.
  4. Assertiveness. Implementation experts identify resistance, setbacks and problems not as catastrophes and failures but as challenges. That's why they stay tuned.
  5. impulse control. Strong-willed people do not become victims of sudden impulses ("Oh, it has no value anyway!"), Distractions, temptations, internal struggles or tornness.

The will is always there

The good thing about this catalog is that each of these five wills can be trained. Consider, for example, the last, the impulse control.

If we want to do something, but do not do it, we do not suffer from a “weak will”, but - roughly speaking - from two wills: one wants it, the other does not.

When the impulse controls us

Jasmine should definitely talk with her boss, she wants it on the other hand. On the other hand, she does not want to risk a racist. This impulse deters them from the clarifying pronunciation - unconsciously.

The impulse controls them - instead of vice versa. So she is torn inside and pinched. So long until she becomes aware of the unconscious will killer. Then he loses his power. Jasmin says:

Two souls in one breast

“On the one hand I want a reduction in my workload - on the other hand I fear my boss's anger. So I just say no that he can't be angry with me! ”

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Goethe's “two souls dwell, alas, in my breast” cannot weaken your will if you let the two negotiate with each other. This is also called inner dialogue.

Always in a good mood

Nothing weakens the will faster than a bad mood. Just the feeling "I have to do that now!" is poison for the zest for action. Simple trick from mood management (see 3rd): replace “I have to!” through “I want!”

Nonsense? Yes, if you are reading this. That does not work either. You should say that. Pick an unloved task and just say stubbornly, for example:

The will as a muscle

"I want to talk to the difficult customer!" Do not think! Just say it out loud. And repeat. Ten, twelve, twenty times.

Watch the effect: the will is a muscle. The more you do sit-ups, the more well-defined your abs become. It doesn't matter what you think: the main thing is enough repetitions. Just say enough "I want!" - and you really want to.

Will you can train

The strength of a person's will is particularly evident in tasks for which no normal person is motivated: contradicting the boss, cleaning up the basement, sorting filing, tax returns ... You don't have such a strong will? Let's change that.

Many believe: Will power is or has not. This is bloody mischief. The will is like a muscle: If he is trained, he gains strength. How do you train will? Start small. If you go past the chocolate (or another seducer) five times at home, instead of having to go back every time, it is easier for you to tell your colleague no if he wants to unload a doofjob.

Training that does not take time

If you regularly (!) Tackle tasks that you have had a hard time while doing sports, this Will to Win will transfer to your job with enough frequency and intensity of training.

Don't have time to train? You don't need it. Because every second presents you with a new training opportunity. For example, jasmine doesn't drink enough water in the office. So she resolves: "Every time I save something on the PC, I take a sip!" This is Willpower Training, it does not cost time, it can be done anywhere: Exercise!

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