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Occupational Area Human Resources: Career in recruiting

Personnel are the horrors of many applicants, because they know how to negotiate, know all the psycho-tricks and decide on their own future. But have you ever considered entering this profession? personal

Human resources - a job with a future?

The job of the staff member is often forgotten when it comes to their own professional career. The reason is usually that we know too little about it. The human resources industry has a lot to offer and is a job with a lot of perspective.

Human resources is also known as “HR”, which stands for Human Resources - the resource of the personnel. First and foremost, it is about recruiting new employees, planning their deployment, looking after the staff, but also winning new customers and looking after them.

What do people do?

There are, of course, many different areas in the human resources sector, such as human resources development, where employees' training is particularly important. As a person, however, one also takes care of the general planning of new jobs, writes them out, carries out the job interviews and checks the security of the jobs.

Also bills and balance sheets are part of it, because the personaler always has to know, whether a Company the staff can still afford.

What do I have to bring?

Nowadays there are many Jobs in Human Resources on-line. It is important to read through the job description carefully to get an impression of what is really required.

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Often, very different qualifications are required, so one can not say that it requires a certain training to get involved in the human resource management. This, in turn, is also a reason why career changers have good chances in this area.

Which subject should I study?

Of course, there are certain directions that make it easier to get started, such as studies in business administration, business law or social sciences such as sociology or pedagogy.

Of course there are also specialized courses in personnel management. Almost as important as the professional qualification, however, the Soft Skills. As a HR manager, you always work with people and have to adapt to the most varied of characters and develop a feeling for their fears and potentials.

How to get in?

The introduction into human resources is strongly dependent on previous knowledge. Those who have not yet worked in this area should first prove their suitability by means of an internship or a work-study place.

This also applies to graduate students, because, despite the right training, the professional experience is very important in the human resources sector. It is also understandable, because you have a lot of responsibility in human resources.

How to make a career?

Once you have their foot in the field of human resources, then it can go if you are lucky very quickly. Of course, it is not directly in the management, but you will often start as a generalist in a junior position.

From here you continue to the upper levels, which are often very well remunerated. Human resources is definitely an area where you can go through many stages and make a career.

Are there alternative career paths?

An alternative to the slow career ladder in a company is also the entry into an external consulting company, which specializes in the recruitment of personnel. Small companies, in particular, who can not afford their own HR department, have to rely on external consultants to find qualified personnel.

In such companies, the rise can be much faster, since many positions are available and the focus is clearly on human resources.

Are there risks?

Basically it depends on the interests and character of each individual, whether he can be happy in a job or not. The fact is that people who do not like to speak in front of others and rather do tasks than to create them themselves are probably not well looked after in the human resources sector.

Also, the job of the staffer is often associated with stress and should not be taken lightly. There is a lot of contact with people, but most of the work is done in the office.

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  1. Christian says:

    Thank you for presenting the HR activities. It is certainly a challenge for HR professionals to accompany so many different people in job interviews or as part of HR development. Other issues, such as the payroll, I imagine in the long run a bit monotonous.

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