Career path Early childhood education: What are the benefits of studying?

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Study or training - this question is for many who want to do something educational. What speaks for a study? Career path Early childhood education: What are the benefits of studying? study-professional

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Intertwining theory and practice


In doubt, it is the interweaving of practical elements, theoretical background knowledge and self-reflection, which is lacking in many of the specialist schools. This was the reason for Birgit Brombacher to begin his studies.

As a positive, she feels, for example, that you now know exactly what neural processes happen in a child when he / she learns. And it can recognize much better behavioral problems in the workplace and then solve the problem in cooperation with specialists from neighboring disciplines, as explained in two examples.

Recognize special talents


"If I suspect that a child is impaired in their motor or speech development, I can now carry out initial diagnostic tests myself and then ensure in good time that the child is being promoted - for example, by a physiotherapist or speech therapist. Conversely, I can also be highly gifted Better recognize and promote children. "

New media in use


Brombacher is particularly enthusiastic about the potential applications that work with new media such as digital photography and video offer - and for which students in Heidelberg are specially trained in video technology and film editing.

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On the one hand, they are able to record their own work on video and then analyze the possibilities of improvement with lecturers and fellow students. On the other hand, the modern technology can be used, above all, in counseling sessions with parents, as the student says from his professional practice:

"Only when we involve the parents in the educational work can we achieve something with the children, so it is convenient to be able to film behavioral problems in the child or the interaction between parent and child and thus illustrate to parents what could be done even better . "

Study without detours


Therefore Birgit Brombacher would, if she could choose today, without the detour educator training and psychology study, decide immediately for felbi. Disadvantages of the course do not occur to her, on the contrary, although she already brought a lot of experience, the contents have not overlapped:

"The degree program is so well designed that I never thought 'I already know, I already know'".

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