Berufsbild Frühpädagogik - Teil 1: Education or study?

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Those who want to look after the youngest - so far mostly women who take up this profession - are traditionally trained to become educators. But that is changing.

Berufsbild Frühpädagogik - Teil 1: Education or study?

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Change of occupation

The pedagogy of early childhood education is undergoing a change: it is increasingly recognized that preschool education and care play an essential role in the social integration of children.

They lay the foundations for the further education process. It is becoming increasingly clear that in early pedagogy, not only a little tinkering and painting is important.

Requirements for early education

As a result, the requirements for the professional qualification of the pedagogical staff have increased.

In the past few years, numerous Bachelor studies have been created, which focus on early childhood care.

New courses for educators

Often, these offers are aimed primarily at educators who have previously passed through a classical technical training course. This gives you the opportunity to continue your education at an academic level in the area of ​​early education.

In particular, this program has also developed courses of study that can be carried out in addition to an existing professional activity in a social workplace.

Political dimensions

But the discussion also has political dimensions: the better qualified forces can, of course, also demand a higher salary. This, in turn, is difficult in times of tight budgets.

And the academic post-bital disciplines also have problems with the course of studies, which, for example, also develops in diagnostics. This means that graduates should be able to recognize, for example, speech or motor abnormalities in children with test methods. Then, for example, the speech therapists fear their competencies.

Why is early education as a university subject useful?

Why, however, early-school education as a university subject makes sense, Hermann Schöler from the Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg already explained 2009 in the interview:

Early education is one of the most profitable investment opportunities in the future of our society, both from an educational, psychological and economic perspective.

Since the first years are crucial for the future educational and development opportunities, we are calling for drastically improved framework conditions - for example manageable kindergarten groups and more generous periods of availability.

This also includes a qualification and professionalization campaign for the pedagogical staff. Early childhood education must be recognized as an equal part of the entire education system. In the medium term, an academic education of all nurses must become normal.

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