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Manipulation Through Visual Selling: The Power of Images

Pictures shape our reality every day - and this everywhere. We buy milk-bags with the image of a happy, healthy cow on the pasture, and the thought of just such a cow is our milk.


Pictures arouse feelings

Whether it is the simplest signs on road signs that tempt us to follow the road ahead in road traffic, or advertise the quality, joy and taste of new products:

Pictures speak to our emotions:
And without thinking about it any further
need to know where the milk in the bag really comes from
comes, it ends up in the shopping cart.
The picture made us feel good.
Human emotions are created through images
directly influenced.

Strong pictures decide for us

It is precisely such strong images that make the decisions
meet for us. In the commercial,
in traffic, in everyday life and in
Job. We are unconsciously influenced
because a picture says so much for us and
conveyed. It communicates with us without
having to speak goes straight to the mind
and remains there for a long time. pictures
are clear and leave messages like that
understand how they should be understood.

The heart stands for love and affection,
lightning, on the other hand, represents danger and discord.
With these and similar symbols
leave a lot of feelings or messages
formulate it more clearly than words could.
In every language and in almost every country
one can understand each other through pictures, too
if it's not the same language or
Is scripture that is shared.

And it is precisely this aspect that will give you an extraordinary one
Can provide an advantage. Because
even if we speak the same language
is the recording of the said words
a different one for each. We are shaped by
Experiences, values ​​and external sources.
But there is one thing we all share from a young age: that
Imagery that becomes a common understanding

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Pictures and their effect

Therefore, learn from the following
Exercises to find the right symbols
and let it work specifically for you. To say
What you are expressing to your counterpart
want him to understand you, agree to you
and become active yourself.

To find the right symbols and
To form pictures, we ask you first,
Images in your immediate vicinity
to perceive consciously once. You can
determine how they affect you on a daily basis.
Take a moment to do this
Time to see yourself the next time you go out
around. What pictures do you like
on what icons are in your

Discovery tour: observe the surroundings, find pictures,
see and learn to understand

When pictures really have such a powerful impact
your stake is correct, important and
certainly also often already used.
Many examples will surely come to your mind
a. But you might want to be more specific
know: where are pictures you hide
not yet noticed or only marginally noticed

Make yourself aware of the search
and take pictures of everything that now strikes you.
A lot comes after a short time
together. Create one from the images
Gallery to keep working better with it
to be able to:

Consciously perceive images

Now do more
Notes on the individual images:

  • What was it that caught you in the picture?
    what was noticeable?
  • What appealed to you emotionally and
  • What are the pictures?
  • In what context do they stand?
  • Is this Concept ABC School Joke Oud voices?
  • What is missing for you?

Of course, the answers to the questions are subjective from your personal perspective. That is also intentional, because at the moment it is only possible
about your own perception.

Only through this first step is it possible to become aware of the power of
To learn pictures. You will find out exactly how this works in the second part tomorrow.

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