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Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®Claudia Simon is managing director of VISTEM GmbH & Co. KG. She is a management consultant for strategy and organizational development in companies and, together with a team of experts, advises national and international companies on their growth development. Simon completed an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk and studied business administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Worms. After training as a legal clerk and working as an assistant to the management in larger law firms, where she was involved in the implementation of a management system, among other things, she headed the training and consulting department of a company specializing in legal software. In addition to her work as a management consultant, Caudia Simon coordinates the network of German-speaking experts , Users and interested parties to the Theory of Constraints. More information at www.vistem.eu

Change: change management in 6 steps

Initiating change is easier said than done: each implementation has only a limited time frame available to make changes to it Company to solidify. If the processes are not anchored before the next earthquake, sooner or later the initiative will be in trouble.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

Self-fulfilling prophecy

Without commitment, any change initiative is doomed to failure. The cause is often the so-called self-fulfilling prophecy: The fact that employees and executives believe that the initiative will fail ultimately leads to failure.

There is no dynamic of change in the company. To create this, a sense of urgency must first be created. The support of the management is not enough. The best change initiative will fail if not everyone participates!

Basic urgency

Urgency is the basis for sensible changes in the company. The urgency may vary for each person.

For all, however, whoever does not feel an urgency does not react to it either. This is also the main reason why projects in a company often have to be put on hold.

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Empty promises against realistic expectations

In order to bring about change initiatives, executives often promise unrealistic results. The fact is that the project does not even yield the promised results after months or years of hard work.

Through these empty promises, employees lose confidence. If such a thing grows, a culture of suspicion is systematically generated. Once lost, confidence is very difficult to restore. However, it is always worthwhile to work on it - by putting realistic expectations, communicating progress and clearly showing that the expected results are very likely to be achieved.

With the CORE approach in 6 steps to success

Any change initiative will only be successful if the people in the organization are willing to trust this solution permanently.

The so-called CORE (Cycle of Results) approach has been developed by ProChain Solutions, in order to build up and maintain this trust. When the CORE approach is combined with the best solution components, this leads to a successful and long-lasting implementation. This way, you can avoid basic causes of failure:

  1. emergencies: To avoid lack of urgency, it is important to find or develop common urgency through learning and analyzing.
  2. Lack of readiness: By defining and communicating realistic expectations through a common vision, a lack of willingness can be avoided.
  3. Engagement: The involvement of key persons during the planning process creates commitment to the initiative.
  4. Inadequate solutions: Implementation creates added value and solves problems such as poorly defined results, an inappropriate implementation plan, insufficient resources, or insufficient involvement of key personnel.
  5. Added value: By evaluating and measuring the added value, the inability to communicate it is stopped.
  6. Stamina: The CORE cycle must be continued continuously to ensure long-term changes.

Minimize changes to the essentials

Unfortunately there is no patent solution for changes in the business environment. It is an inevitable consequence of the business activity. However, there are a few important implications: On the one hand, the management should carefully handle additional changes in the midst of a change initiative in order to be able to control them.

Second, no new change initiatives should be started before the old ones have been assimilated. Finally, no key people should be transferred within the organization without considering the impact on the initiatives. Basically, it is better to have fewer changes and these are reasonable.

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