Dell Venue Pro 11 in the mobility test: the laptop-tablet hermaphrodite {review}

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A tablet that can be dismantled with a few hands to a laptop: the Dell Venue Pro 11 - 5130 comes with a wide range of accessories, which should offer exactly that. The Zwitter functionality is already quite good compared to other devices - but unfortunately not perfect.

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Vulnerabilities in the mobility test

A tablet is indeed a mobile device, which is used mainly on the road and on journeys. As a result, it is useful to test the device exactly in this context - and this is precisely where some weak points are revealed.

First, therefore, a technical data overview for the better impression:

  • Intel® Atom ™ processor Z3770 (4 cores, 2,4 GHz, 2 MB)
  • Windows 8.1 Pro (32 Bit) - German
  • Touch display, 27,4 cm (10,8 ″), FHD (1.920 x 1.080)
  • 2 GB1 DDR3 SDRAM at -1 MHz
  • eMMC Flash Hard Disk, 64 GB
  • Intel HD graphics
  • 0.77 kg.

The first impression

My first impression of the Dell Venue Pro 11-5130 is shocking - because of the huge box in which it comes with accessories. The tablet (exact delivery and data) comes with two keyboards, a special stylus and a bag. Since it is first, to dig through the box ;-)

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Especially the keyboard selection is a challenge. There is a slim-case version, which is light, but thanks to the fabric stand is also quite fragile. The hardcase version has sturdy hinges that actually give the device the consistency of a laptop. Hook: The hinge can not be folded backwards, unlike the Dell Latitude E7240, which sometimes leads to too steep an angle when writing and is quite impractical.

The tablet-laptop combination

In contrast to the Samsung ATIV Tab 3, the tablet is supplied to be plugged in and there is no cumbersome Bluetooth connection. Plus, the keyboard actually has a mouse, which is convenient. Their buttons, however, are integrated in the touchpad.

Result: If one does not pay attention, one deletes half of the text during the writing - that's for me eMailWriting annoyingly happened several times. Predicate unwieldy.

random access memory

It is also difficult to hang up the device more often, ie, the mouse pointer freezes for a few seconds or longer - preferably when graphics-intensive applications such as videos or even maps are loaded.

This makes the operation a quite annoying matter. Here, the only 2GB RAM noticeable.

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Write with the stylus as on paper?

Even the input with the included active stylus disappointed. It's battery-powered, which adds extra overhead on the way and runs the risk of dysfunctionality - I imagine the juice running out in the Canadian wilderness or elsewhere when traveling.

But the stylus does not keep the promise of “writing like on paper”: my handwriting is hardly or only marginally recognized. After all, the stylus is dispensable because you can also use the mouse to navigate thanks to the included keyboard. Nevertheless, the disappointment remains because, for example, writing on the Samsung Galaxy Tab is easy with a simple pen.

Sticky point SD card slot and Windows 8

To find out how to open the slot for the SD card, I had to consult the manual. It says that you should open the cover with the end of an office clip. Also, I must now have to travel while traveling, for example, if I want to check my pictures. Annoying. However, the Mini SD card (16 GB) to be inserted is easily recognized - unlike the Dell Latitude E7240.

Also Windows 8 contributes to the impracticality of the device. At the slightest touch of the touch screen, the zoom suddenly becomes self-sufficient. Quickly changing the size may be handy on the tablet while reading, but it is very annoying when writing texts.


However, when I compare the 11 inch screen of the tablet with the 12 inch monitor of the Dell Latitude E7240, I am missing exactly this one inch, in order to work with the device really efficiently and for example blog.

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The 11 Zoll may be handy, in between times a eMail to be able to write, but they are unsuitable for permanent work on the go. Also the spiegelnd glazing does not necessarily make work more pleasant, especially in sunlight.

Plug and docking station

A problem with travel is also the thick plug: Not only that he has a certain weight, he also does not fit into all the sockets, as I have noticed on my last trip to Italy. In addition, the cable is simply too short, for example, to charge while charging.

Rather unnecessary, I find the included docking station: It offers a stand, in which one can plug the device times, but has otherwise no more connections than the tablet itself. Here I would have wanted for example a more comfortable SD card reader , Apart from that, it is unnecessarily difficult. Only the charging cable is longer.


The positive thing about the device is the connection between keyboard and tablet. Apart from that, the Dell tablet is a hybrid between tablet and laptop and as such is unnecessarily heavy and brings too many disadvantages with it. I would continue to buy a laptop to work decently on the road.

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