Statement of the VDI on shortage of skilled workers and threat of withdrawal: systematic wage dumping or only isolated cases?

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One of my readers, even an engineer with a well-paid job, recently asked the Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI) for an opinion on the topic Skills shortage asked. In his opinion, the VDI increasingly represents only the interests of the employer and no longer the interests of the engineers. Therefore, he now wants to leave the club and move others to quit. Polemic escalation or justified accusation? And does the VDI take the threatening loss of membership seriously?

Statement of the VDI on shortage of skilled workers and threat of withdrawal: systematic wage dumping or only isolated cases? vdi

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


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Engineers feel badly represented

My reader (for privacy reasons I do not want to give his name), is angry, because VDI is increasingly the employers rather than the (mostly hired) engineers. Therefore, he calls for a change of course of the VDI and wants to quit after 14 member years from the VDI. As a justification he writes: In particular, the attitude of the VDI on the alleged shortage of skilled workers increasingly hits me and my engineering colleagues. Ever since the DIW study of November 2010, it has become increasingly clear that this is more likely to be a matter of large-scale employer opinion, ultimately with the aim of gaining a SUPPLY of skilled workers through immigration in order to be able to push engineering salaries across the board. Unemployed professionals, who may not be 1000% of the employer's wishes, then fall to the social funds and thus the society to the burden [...] As soon as the VDI here corrected his attitude, I will re-join, until then I will sensitize all engineers from my personal environment and you also suggest a VDI exit.

The VDI remains with the shortage of skilled workers

Marco Dadomo, spokesman for the VDI, responded promptly last week and commented on the allegations point by point. In a eMail from 04.01.2012 he writes:

  1. The VDI represents the interests of its members and in no way the interests of companies.
  2. The defendant is not an invention of the VDI or an employer's opinion. In the meantime, the DIW has repeatedly contradicted itself on this topic. The figures of the IW, Institute of the German Economy, which commissioned the VDI to draw up a monthly engineer's monitor, using the figures of the Federal Labor Agency as a basis, are scientifically sound and correspond to reality. 78.000 engineers are currently missing in Germany. The number of unemployed engineers has fallen to 18.370, and has thus reached a low level since records began.
  3. The VDI considers it its duty to draw attention to the current situation and prospects in the future. In the coming 10 years about 500.000 engineers will leave the German labor market for reasons of age. If one takes the current number of undergraduate students into the engineering sciences as the basis and takes into account the constant drop-out rate of just under 50% for years, then these gaps can only be closed with good luck. The existing and continuing additional demand for engineering professionals, especially in the areas of renewable energies, mobility or new technologies is not taken into account. Before that you should not close your eyes and it would be fatal if the VDI would not always draw attention to it. The concern journalism, that the fate of individuals, which is gladly applied by some media, does not correspond to reality. VDI director Dr. Willi Fuchs has now given Spiegel online an interview that disproves many statements on the supposedly nonexistent lack of skilled workers.
  4. For example, the automotive industry is currently looking for thousands of new skilled workers. Obviously this demand can not be satisfied by the German labor market and the Federal Government facilitates the immigration of highly qualified people from other European countries - this is especially true for engineers.

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Consider the subject in a differentiated way

What I personally found interesting about this answer is the statement that the DIW has repeatedly contradicted itself on the subject. I am not aware of that and also in a public discussion with Mr. Dr. Brenke on the subject I have noticed nothing of contradictions.

What has become very clear, however, is that this complex issue is often considered too undifferentiated - and that it is necessary to look more closely at each case. Maybe this explains the alleged contradictions of the DIW? I would like to know more about this in this regard.

Proposal: Members should vote on the credibility of the arguments

In any case, my readers have looked a little closer. He knows very well the difference between the current situation and a potential future shortage of skilled workers. And he has a very concrete, interesting proposal for the VDI: he should let his members vote on the credibility of the arguments: I do not deny that * in the future * times a professional deficit could arise, against which * then * may also have something to do.

But * here and today * we have no shortage of skilled workers - otherwise wages and salaries would have to rise.

But in Germany they have been doing * not * for years or only minimally (adjusted for inflation). The allegedly scientifically based figures you quoted do not help here either. You say you represent the interests of the members (mostly employed engineers) and at the same time commission the IW (financed by business associations and companies) to compile statistics on the shortage of skilled workers? What results do you expect there? The figures mentioned are increasingly being questioned in the reputable German press landscape (and not only by some troublemakers and exotics). Even the VDE considers the alarmism of the shortage of skilled workers to be (completely exaggerated).

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I would therefore suggest that:

In one of the next VDI messages, you give both sides the opportunity to comment briefly and briefly on the alleged * current * shortage of skilled workers, e.g. Mr. Hundt /Sense/ Henkel / Hüther versus Karl Brenke / Joachim Möller / Heinz-Josef Bontrup / Michael Schanz / Simone Janson. And then ask your members online on your website which position readers tend to agree with. If more than 70% of the readers consider the position of the IW / VDI to be correct, this will certainly confirm the VDI in its previous course and you would be assured of the retention of your paying members. I think that would also be an opportunity for the VDI to present itself at the cutting edge, especially since the Internet is increasingly demanding grassroots democratic developments (as many examples from the recent past have shown). Even if we do not completely agree on the matter, I appreciate that you took my letter seriously and that I received a quick answer. Thanks for that.

Only individual cases?

I'm curious how the discussion continues. At any rate, I find the suggestion to publicly discuss the arguments publicly outstanding. This is long overdue by the widespread resentment among engineers. Because even if the VDI, as here in the answer, like to speak of individual cases and concern journalism: the fact is that an ever-increasing proportion of its members is dissatisfied with the policy of the association. Therefore, this seems a bit arrogant and from above.

Those who want to be taken seriously have to take their members seriously

And regardless of what numbers are right now, the VDI would do well if it still wants to be taken seriously as an advocacy of engineers to take the discomfort of its members seriously and deal with it, rather than calm. Otherwise, individual exits could quickly lead to mass exits. I just remember the beautiful side, with the o2 customers give exactly against this single case policy successfully campaigned.

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  1. Adam Shilts

    Wow, this article is really challenging.

  2. Heiko

    If you have to write more than 200 unsuccessful applications with a good university degree, to hear that lack of work experience is a major obstacle, it is a disaster that companies prefer to have ready-made (cheaper) professionals from abroad, instead of bothering to train young graduates and give them a chance. And associations like the VDI also support this instead of advocating for their members.

    • Simone Janson

      First of all, one should not make the mistake of seeing the VDI as an association which is committed to its members. It is an employers' association. Recently, I talked to a computer scientist on the subject and said that it is a good thing that lobbying for employers is fully legitimate for the association to lobby for the interests of its lobby group. There remains only: exit.
      In fact, companies still need to learn to invest themselves in the training of their specialists. Frequently someone with very special abilities is searched for and if you have not learned this by chance at university - wrong indication. Then the view abroad seems the supposedly cheaper solution.
      Of especially medium-sized companies, I always like to hear about the great fear that one has before investing in the training of their employees for a lot of money, because these then change with the newly acquired competence to the next employer. This also shows how much the labor market will change for all parties involved.

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  4. Klaus Piesters

    And why do many skilled workers leave the FRG and, in return, is the immigration of all possible stress factors for taxes and additional wage costs forced into the FRG?

    If one reads the entries of the VDI in such a way, one can only be surprised. Oh, to counter this perverse Jounalismus give the an interview at Spiegel online?

    Now you know what you are.

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Mr. Piesters,
      that immigration of stress factors is forced, I think for a rumor. If you are an engineer and have something to say on the subject, I would like to pass it on to a colleague of the ARD for a corresponding reportage.

    • Young Ing

      Explosive! Me: Engineer, Master's Master 2014, VDI Exit 2014! Stink sour on this business association! Isolated case?

      Certainly not! Several of my fellow students went from university to unemployment! Young professionals only have it easier than older engineers as long as women and children do not exist. We young people have the choice between thousands of cancellations and the hope to get a job with good luck or temporary work, modern slave trade, (excuse me: service providers - not so negative afflicted - but an engineer can already from his way of working out of service afford ... anyway!) Ie bad salary, no company affiliation, one drives off half of Germany ... .other thousand negative reasons. But the variety of projects is so great and you get taken over by a company!

      The fact is: in the projects you end up when they are already running and flying before they are finished, so the tips are buffeted, who believes to be taken today, is mistaken! The corporations have already come to the conclusion that temporary work is a permanent solution.

      If someone doubts the non-existent engineer shortage, should try to get a job at a service provider, which has also become very difficult!

      Should someone think now, frustrated engineer with bad qualifications, be it: Einser conclusion, Auslandsaufenthalt, additional training, first experience as student auxiliary power! Jupp I bring with me, is not enough!

      To the ARD reportage gibs the now soon or gabs already? To express myself personally? No, then my odds are zero, even though I do not have much to lose!

      • Simone Janson

        Unfortunately, they are not an individual case and I have already covered the issue in the media. Yes, on 22. July, there will be an ARD report on the subject, in the evenings before the day. Unfortunately, this is the dilemma of the story: everyone complains, no one wants to express himself anonymously. However, it is now too late anyway.

  5. Peter Meier

    Engineers can reckon. If, according to the financial department, there are 1,6 million working engineers, but 60000 new graduates per year, remain a studded engineer 26 professional years before he is released due to his age with about 52. Or only 60 percent of the trained engineers work as engineers, the others as taxis or chancellors, the latter being rather rare.
    If the employer (see Wikipedia) IW talks about the professional strength, then these figures are known as hard facts a) that they lie and b) that the VDI makes its own lies.

    This is what all the engineers have known for a long time.

    • Simone Janson

      Thanks for the calculation example. Until May, you have the opportunity to report on your experience in an interview with the ARD. If interested, please give.

      • independent

        Why should you be so imprudent and publicly agitated? Not only we self-employed but also the employees are dependent on the fact that we have work and who is publicly expressed out there! I do not have to draw attention to the sad case from the MCNET forum, which has been publicly engaged and a union founded the engineer and then fired. Nobody touches the hot iron for fear, he gets problems! The public opinion is that there must be a skilled labor force and that howls all the wolves. The politicians are the builders of industry and not infrequently the beneficiaries of temporary work, see Mr. Clement. It would be an interesting thing for journalists to look after the many small donations that the bosses of the big engineering firms give behind their clients in the big companies, see a case in the Nürnberger Nordostpark. No, no, in such a politically desired situation, it is said to be good, to greet the foreign employees and to be nice to the outside, and to see that everything is politically correct and to see to the side that you can get your lambs dry. I still need two decades, as long as it will still be enough with the orders.

        • Simone Janson

          Hello self-employed,
          but when no one says anything, there will never be any change in public perception.
          In the broadcast the interview partners can also be anonymised. We are looking for someone who can also say something about the merits of specialists who have been trained abroad. Think about it.

    • Robert

      If this is an allusion to Mrs. Merkel, she is not an engineer in physics.

      @Simone Janson
      I find it here a very distorted representation of the situation of the engineers in Germany.
      Sure, there are people with whom it has run badly or badly, as in ALL professional groups.

      I studied electrical engineering and have been out of the university for some time now and really all of my former fellow students started their professional life on good terms. Nobody gnaws on the hunger cloth The labor market situation is much better than in many other academic "branches".
      It is also better than chemists, biologists and even physicists.

      I also have a lot of older colleagues, it is by no means that every “engineer” from the age of 50 is “bullied out”. On the contrary, they are sought-after specialists.

      The minority of engineers works in temporary employment.

      Since they always speak of “the engineers”: You have to differentiate strongly between the disciplines. The labor market situation for horticultural engineers or textile engineers is certainly completely different (much worse) than for electrical engineers or chemical engineers. I hope this will be addressed in the ARD article, whatever it is about.

      You should therefore not attach too much importance to the contributions of some frustrated people, who only comment on the Internet and probably do not get the hangover in private life.


      • Simone Janson

        Hi Robert,
        You are the first person to represent this position.
        Maybe you would like to say something on the ARD program? I will gladly forward your contact!

        • independent

          But I'm curious who this is who started there on good terms. I am currently (once again) working for one of the largest electrical engineering companies in Germany and have been observing for almost 10 years who will be hired there as an embedded developer in electronics, software and microcontroller technology. There are a) less and less, b) always cheaper and c) more and more about temporary work and this nowadays via the in-house personnel service. Said AG rallies annually millions of profit increases and pays its established engineers salaries around the 100.000 up, for newcomers there are not even half. I started working as a mid-level 90er, with up to 75.000 DM for a graduate engineer. Extrapolated to today would be to the 60k. Many beginners do not even get 45k! That would not work if a large part of the engineers had an alternative. Beginners today are realtiv cheaper to have and there is more, as in my time anyway there is a shortage? The company has less and less need, makes new developments abroad, then sends the self-employed to manage it. At the same time, the company writes out job after job, but does not fill it! If you are an experienced person, you are already too old or you are offered a poor beginner salary, because the places from the outset are made up of people with 5 years BE.

          What if the ladies and gentlemen journalists send some actors to the departments who are applying for perfect CVs? Then you will see that engineers from 40 have virtually no chance, unless they are specialists who can be stolen from the competition. The actors could then report live, what it's like to apply to the service provider, how to treat them there, and how to get rid of the contracts. I could call a case here from my own experience, but it can not because I was in a security area, and detailed information about my activities should not be opened there. In addition, I could be sued for reputational damage, says my lawyer, so it means keep mouth, engineer.

          There remains then only the way of independence to get as synonymous over 40jähriger still a job, with increasing pressure! The fact is that most of the self-employed in my area are only about 70%, that is, thousands of working hours which could be increased if the companies actually needed more.

          • Simone Janson

            This discrepancy in the opinion interests me too!

      • Svenja

        So you think that the shortage of skilled workers affects only engineers? I'm a physicist, but I wrote my thesis to the engineers. I can also translate the arguments of the job-seeking engineers to 100% into my area.

        • Simone Janson

          Thanks for the hint. No, I do not mean that only engineers are concerned, I can even imagine that it looks even worse for physicists because of the higher theoretical bias.

    • independent

      Correct, engineers can not only calculate, they can also see and think and what I see is an ever-expanding situation of temporary work and outsourcing to the self-employed. The fact that these do not appear in the unemployment statistics is eyewash, because the temporary workers are underpaid and the self-employed are underemployed! If one were to fully utilize the independent engineers working in Germany, one could replace tens of thousands of “missing” ones! That this is not exploited is the best proof that there is no more work.

      The reason for the apparently increasing number of actuators is the time work! In the few areas that boom, people are being sought, which are not to be procured ad hoc and thus the companies have problems to occupy. So they write 5 temporary workers and they switch job ads without end. The tariffs to work there, but are unterrusch! Often enough 3000, gross and a voluntary allowance are offered. That no one finds there except for the unskilled and the unemployed leads now to an over-pointed search for foreigners. At the moment Spain is being looked for, what keeps the stuff and as the Spaniards sometimes realize that they are only used up and received much less than the Germans and especially the employed, this source is also exhausting. So the Chinese and Indians are brought into the country and our own engineers have to go down with the salaries when they change and they do not find a job because of the rising fluctuation once they are 50. Then they can work as technicians. They do not appear again in any statistic, because they are not unemployed. Talk to engineers from 50. There is almost nothing, if one was outside. I have colleagues for 40 - to offer the hour as an IT computer scientist and to do the simplest jobs, while the 30 year-olds get the good projects and get double the price simply because the competition among the old ones is too big.

      I have already written the VDI for a long time. If you listen to the political speeches at official events, the gentlemen there are only concerned about the management of the decline. They are aware of the members' quarters, but they can not escape their skin and most have settled there.

      Anyone who believes in the professional box office, set a profile on Monster or XING and wait for offers. There are only dubious recruiters and temporary workers.

  6. Helmut Kohl

    Anyone who still believes the lie about the lack of engineers in Germany misses the facts. Just ask engineers, employment agency employees and entrepreneurs in your region about the alleged lack. Not only graduates but also older (50+), experienced, qualified engineers are not hired. Price dumping and engineering service providers (temporary work) dominate the market. I've heard from engineers looking for 'Oh, I would have become a craftsman! or anyone who is an engineer must no longer have a family today in order to be able to change work locations at any time.
    I am now finally leaving my VDI (Association of German Engineers), which I have now paid for 23 years, after the change that has occurred in the last few years. Representatives of engineers in Germany - that was once. "I'm not stupid ..." says even today's advertising. Today's VDI (Association of German Industry) is sponsored by the same. You don’t need my posts anymore. With the club and its development, press, radio and television should intersiever deal not only with the ADAC!

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Mr. “Kohl”,
      Thanks for the comment. A colleague of mine is looking for an ARD reportage by the way engineers, which she would like to interview on this topic. If you are interested, please give me a brief hint. Thank you.

  7. Simone Janson

    Hello, thanks for the hint. We have always discussed the figures of the VDI - eg here:

  8. Wirting

    How does the VDI come up with such numbers? These numbers are manipulated in my opinion. How exactly will the missing jobs be determined? I am an industrial engineer and unemployed like many others. Meanwhile, I am applying for a job as an assistant, but I do not get one because of being overqualified. These numbers from the job market doubt me! The VDI appears to rely only on the information of the employer. In Germany we would not have enough engineers in Paradis, not enough doctors, not enough nurses, not enough skilled workers, not enough computer scientists, now even the artisans are in short supply (Huuhahaha). Reality is; Salaries and wages are sinking everywhere (which should not be the case with a shortage (supply / demand).) The lecturers at the university unveiled this propaganda in the students Purchase increases in the companies, it is less developed itself Simone Janson I do not know how the VDI these numbers determined, but somewhere in the forum have read that the VDI each vacant positions reported by the AG is multiplied by the factor 8 To be true then only 10000 free vacancies are available for Ing, which results from my personal estimation as a realistic number factually To all who read my contribution Doubts the information about so skilled workers! All lobby propaganda around by oversupply to bring the salaries of the engineers to an assistant worker level.


    @ Dob: You have very aptly worded, respect:

    “The VDI now has a problem because it has sold a job market analysis, based largely on surveys in companies, for years as it is. Now he is in a situation where he has to stick to this procedure, present otherwise determined numbers as wrong and have to qualify critics. ”

    Join us on Twitter (also anonymous) or on our mailing list and above all: pass on ... Tweet ... link etc .. Thanks!

  10. dob

    Hello Mrs. Janson,

    Thank you for this article and for following the "STEM shortage" discussion.
    After I have not pursued the topic for a while because of weariness, my first impression is that the DIW study and the many read commentaries in online forums with some delay nevertheless work. Thanks to its continuity and the links, your blog is a part of this.

    The VDI now has a problem because it has sold a labor market analysis based primarily on company surveys for years as an actual state. Now he is in the situation to hold on to bending and breaking this procedure, to represent differently determined numbers as wrong and to have to qualify critics.

    I wish the campaign 'We are VDI' every success.

    • Simone Janson

      Thanks for your comment. The campaign “We are VDI” is also looking for fellow campaigners. I am happy if my work helps to make things a little better.

      • dob

        I have already registered, but I'm not a member of the VDI. Unfortunately, because I would like to leave with :-)

  11. Jemand

    If one demonstrates for the equal treatment, enlightenment and equal pay for equal work, that is only in the sense of the union :)
    of course, the same pay should be the same :)
    Was also only such an idea ....

    My colleagues also do not consider the VDI. I can do it.


    There is complete freedom of movement for workers within the EU - anyone can work where they want, and that's fine too.
    A demo at the Spanish action in late June would be interpreted as anti-European and xenophobic, I think - and that is far from me.

    A demo in front of the VDI headquarters in Dusseldorf I would find more interesting, since one could also call the press.

    I would be very happy if you help with such an event, maybe in the fall, to gather as many people as possible.
    Help us win more people for * we-are-vdi * - referrals on the net on our mailing list get us ahead: Twitter, Facebook, Xing, mails, blog posts, comments ....
    And if you have an idea that costs money, we can also provide you financial support.

    Anyone who would like to know more about our further activities, please send us a short mail. In addition * we-are-vdi * can also be followed on Twitter.

  13. Jemand

    Hi, thanks, we're reading-are-vdi not with?


    • Simone Janson

      Yes, but sure is sight!

  14. Jemand

    If it is true that companies make fake tenders, unemployed engineers could create several fake eMail accounts and often apply for a position :)

    then the pseudomangel would be pseudogeloest. :)

    • Simone Janson

      Hello someone,
      well, certainly funny, but in my opinion not expedient. I would find it better to concentrate on actions such as that of “We are VDI”.

      • Jemand

        ok, but when brainstorming is no idea taboo and I think the reference to the event in late June was not wrong. If there were unemployed engineers for the purpose of protesting for the equal treatment of foreign engineers (so that the detouches themselves would get chances), the Spanish engineers would also open their eyes. You might even be able to solidarize with the Germans.
        The high level of unemployment in Spain has certainly not arisen due to the inability of the Spanish economic elite.

        • Simone Janson

          Hi Someone, this is a good idea. Turn around with it best, which already have a large distributor for such actions and a little money around for possible costs.

  15. Jemand

    hehe, thanks for the flowers: D

    Oops, my post was iwie not complete, wanted to write that there is an event in Villingen-Schweiningen, take place at the many interviews, but that will be clear later, I hope :)


    * I've wondered here * => lol hosed expression.

  17. Jemand

    Oh, right! I wondered one here and was already despairing :)
    Thank you!
    I hope it interested.

    • Simone Janson

      Thank you, I look

  18. Jemand

    Why can not I post more? Wanted to refer to a recruitment event for Spaniards in Villingen-Schwenningen.

    • Simone Janson

      Hello someone,
      sorry, if there is more than one link in the comment, I have to release the comment first. This is to prevent that here all sorts of people advertise ;-) Otherwise, I would not get out of the sort out. I released the first comment and deleted the other two. Thanks for the hint!

  19. Jemand

    I got on the 15.5. an eMail: the curls of foreign forces continues. The 2011-founded cooperation between German and Spanish employment goes on, etc. and Villingen-Schwenningen probably comes again

    Most of Spain's job vacancies are in engineering.
    The links lead to offers and information about the presentations.

    <- Program, it starts with the flight of specialists, which are then housed in hotels. Greetings, presentation of the region, blu, bla and trullala. On the 2. Day, the 26.6. The gentlemen will then imagine themselves over the day in a huge introductory speech event.

    If someone - rightly - wants to demonstrate, he may consider: the Spaniards are being used, they are not coming to take the job away from someone, because they really believe in a shortage of skilled workers. You do not know the situation here.

    The original text of the mail for people who know Spanish:

    Continua en 2012 la colaboración entre los Servicios Públicos de Empleo de España y de Alemania en iniciada 2011 y encaminada al reclutamiento de personal cualificado español para trabajar en Alemania. La mayoría de las ofertas que nos llegan siguen siendo dento del ámbito de las ingenierías, aunque también solicitan profesionales cualificados del metal y en menor medida profesores de español para educación secundaria y Turismo-Hostelería.

    Se va a modificar la gestión de los procesos de selección que se realizarán a lo largo de este año. Estamos haciendo un último envío de información desde este buzón de correo para difundir la convocatoria de

    Proceso de Selección para Alemania (Villingen-Schwenningen)

    Disponibilidad de toda la información al respecto aquí:

    (Noun, masculine) (adjective). (Noun, feminine) (adjective). (Noun, feminine) tenant (noun, feminine)

    Ofertas, convocatorias y proyectos de emplação de la web del Servicio Público de Emplo Estatal (SEPE):

    En cuanto al sector sanitario este año se ha iniciado una colaboración con el equipo de EURES Alemania que se ocupa de este sector para reclutar profesionales de la Medicina y que nos ha pedido enfermería la difusión de esta información:

    Les recordamos que en general sigue siendo imprescindible como mínimo un nivel intermedio de Alemán (B1) aunque en determinadas ofertas de empleo aceptan and B2 de Inglés: B1 / B2 del Marco Común Europeo de Referencia para las lenguas

    Reciban un cordial saludo,

    Equipo EURES España.

    (si ha contactado varias veces con nosotros es posible que reciba varias veces esta información)

  20. we-are-vdi

    @ Kurt_C_Hose @ VDI_News Unfortunately you have to disillusion something, see here:

  21. Jemand

    Hmm ?! I had just posted? Is checked or has not worked.

    Thank you for the recognition. My other homeland is Spain. It says there are jobs en masse in Germany. We are thrilled with the introductory talks in MAdrid and with the aircraft charter promotions, when engineers are flown to Germany for special talks in Germany, because it is not known that the companies have to pay for the travel expenses. The Spanish engineers, whom I appreciate and like, offer themselves here for salaries, which keep German companies still for net visits. But even then it is even less than what a German could demand ... My rental company is at least happy with the mediation of Spanish workers. It is striking that many engineers work in hiring companies in human resources.

    If the other contribution is checked, it does not have to be allowed here.

    • Simone Janson

      sorry. No, the comment just did not appear, sorry, there must have been something wrong. No, is not checked.
      This is precisely the problem with the Blue Card, which criticizes the DIW.

      • Jemand

        Oh, so can happen sometimes. No problem.

  22. someone


    very well written. I have two home countries, Germany is one of them where I grew up. I spent a couple of years in the other home country, where my jobs there in Germany were presented to my fellow countrymen. Not me. I now have one that does not correspond to my profile, while my other countrymen get jobs that I have applied for. The whole work of temporary work is going on to my mind and that one is blindly pushed into places to get anything at all. I am wrong for what I am doing and / or - overqualified and deathly, because I obendrein is also constantly criticized. Maybe I have to turn my back on both homeland.

    • Simone Janson

      Hello someone,
      Exciting topic, thanks for the comment.
      Just these days I have read about the unplanned run of Portuguese specialists at Schwäbisch Hall:
      Since it would interest me, of course, which second home country is and what the people there told about the situation in Germany.

    • Simone Janson

      Hi I,
      Thanks for the compliment to the blog, we are looking forward to it! :-)

  23. Joseph


    I am not an engineer, but we have also accepted the subject of professional defense in Germany, in our blog.
    I am of the opinion that in some areas there is already a professional deficit. In many areas, however, I do not find the large-minded expert defenses.

    It is also wrong to go after the job offers. I myself regularly look through the vacancies. It is unbelievable how many of them are written out over years and not occupied. Now one might think that the companies can not find any forces. From a good source, however, I know that many well-qualified specialists apply for jobs that show only minor deviations from the job profile. Therefore, I believe that many jobs will only be given for image purposes.

    friendly greetings

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Joseph, that is certainly also an aspect of the addition and the statistics distorted. Thanks for the post.
      Simone Janson

  24. Rick-NRW

    If, according to the VDI, 70.000 + engineers are looking for the right tool.
    Where are these companies?

    So far, I only hear the employers' associations moaning about a looming engineering and skills shortage. The threat I hear since about 25 years ago.

    I have a job with an engineering service that even calls temporary work.
    So I can completely apply myself further.

    Job offers: 90% Temporary work
    Among other things, a nice invitations to a discussion at a temporary work / personal mediator in my area (NRW).

    “Due to the large number of applicants, we cannot reimburse you for the travel expenses for the interview.” (that would have been about 10 €)

    This deficiency must be terrible.

    • Simone Janson

      Hello, did you see the latest figures and the foundation of the Anti-VDI initiative?

  25. Jupp

    This dissolute lobbyist association does not even afford a professional to write the press texts. Mr. Marco Dadomo (VDI press spokesman) made the “that - that” mistake three times. Bungler!

    If the rest also works like that, then I'm not surprised.


  26. damaged

    I think I do not have to point that out, but still:

    Dramatic academics study: Merkel's education is sounding the alarm

    Apart from the fact that the academician / engineer lack of course is complete Kappes, I prophesied in the course of such an article and study, which is obviously placed by the corresponding lobby groups:
    that the employers' associations are crawling out of their mudholes, scrape off the morass, and make it clear that one should work on the flexibility and the (too high) salaries to remedy the lack of engineering. Because nothing attracts professionals more than lower salaries and unsafe employment, it is clear.

    A little funny aspect: in all these lobby items, complete contradictions are hidden, which are tricked with a trick (?).
    "Although the number of university graduates in a class has increased from 2000 to 18 percent since 25, Germany is falling behind internationally."

    In principle, the striking contradiction is always taken up (e.g. also with regard to the falling engineering salaries and the precarious mass employment situation of the engineers) and put into question with a succinct sentence - albeit without arguments. “Despite falling salaries, there is a shortage, companies don't get engineers”.

    Then even engineering service providers (= temporary work, and NOTHING else is that) pose as positive and ignore that all companies outsource their engineer as low wage, yes Daimler his engineering company even SOLD and finished is the lobby Verarsche. Sorry if I repeat myself partially.

    • Simone Janson

      Hello, Completed,
      Maybe I do not even have to point out the concerted action that has just been launched against the VDI:

      You can connect like-minded people there and direct your understandable anger into constructive paths.

      Simone Janson

  27. We-are-VDI

    Hello victim & Mrs. Janson

    unfortunately I have only now the opportunity to contribute to your excellent discussion. The letter cited above in the excerpts to the VDI comes from me, thank you for your recognition.
    I just created a new eMail address ( to bundle our interests. I think there can be something going on.

    I have references from a serious source, which says that the VDI with wrong figures to the alleged professional defenses operate.

    If you would like to be kept up-to-date on the next procedure, please send a short e-mail to *


  28. damaged

    Is there anything new about the “future of work”? I have found nothing here, but also in the mainstream, about appointments here on the page (after this date) there was nothing new.

    Incidentally, the VDI employers' association feels called to pay homage to the lack of engineers - and as always the answers are beyond credible or satisfying:

    Controversial issue specialists - “Half of the engineers will soon retire”

    • Simone Janson

      Hello victim,
      but I have the whole discussion mitgeschnitten, listen here:
      However, little was said about this, so the focus of the article is on another excitement.
      As for IBM, there have already been a few messages. However, I have on the occasion of my presentation with the labor lawyer Professor Dr. Peter Wedde, who has just completed his doctorate on the topic of teleworking at IBM (see eg and says that the idea is an old idea in a new guise that already before 20 years ago did not work. I also wanted to read it in - but: time ... sorry.
      I am, of course, glad about further information on the subject.

  29. Simone Janson

    Hello victim,
    thanks for this very useful hint. Fittingly, there will be a discussion on 8 February between Federal Minister of Labor Ursula van der Leyden and Katharina Borchert from SPON on the subject of the “future of work” - which of course fits perfectly. I will report on the discussion. Possibly. there is also a video or the thing is being streamed. For further information please click on dates above - and then on said date.

    Also, this is a very good example of a lecture that I am holding just this evening. So double thank you!

  30. damaged

    Here again a small, very very very sad addition to this:

    “[…] In future, the group will only be managed by a small core workforce. IBM, on the other hand, wants to recruit specialists and specialists on a specially founded internet platform. […]

    Similar to the social network Facebook, employees in the IBM model could receive reviews and testimonials from employers, which can then be viewed by other companies. Workers organized in a “cloud”, the IBM paper says, would receive international employment contracts to circumvent restrictive regulations in their home countries.

    In addition, they should be employed only for the duration of the respective projects. Such a system, where global workers compete for short-term jobs on Internet platforms, would bring huge savings to corporations such as IBM and significantly increase efficiency.

    [...] the number of permanent full-time jobs fell by 1999 percent between 2009 and 18,5. [...] At the same time, the number of atypical forms of employment - such as temporary agency work or solo self-employment - rose by almost 79 percent. ”

  31. damaged

    Too bad that this topic (at least here, I am not writing on is not reger discussed.

    I would like to report on my “individual case” on the occasion. As mentioned before, despite very good employment, I am absolutely unsatisfied with the profession and the future prospects of the engineer.

    I started an application some time ago to explore the market. I sent a total of almost 60 applications. It was not possible for me to place more than 12 applications for advertised positions. There were jobs, but their requirements were ridiculous. I fit the 12 digits almost perfectly. The rest were unsolicited applications - but only where they were explicitly required (and this is not often the case despite a blatant “lack of engineers”).
    Now, a long time later, I can announce that I've got in the engineer belt belt here in the southern Germany exactly 0 answers or invitations.
    I am not surprised, because IBM, Daimler MBtech (which by the way runs a PR image campaign disguised as job offers!), NSN and a few more “equalize” the “tense” engineering market.
    Before someone now again own guilt, individual case, ... thinks:

    I've applied LAST WEEK on a non-technical job that puts me in a completely different direction. The conditions - especially the salary - are initially worse, but better safe than soon unemployed.

    And lo and behold: I have an interview immediately!

    I was completely amazed, I have never experienced this as an engineer! You apply and will be INVITED!

    I explain to someone why the hangerdig seeking companies the engineer not at least invite or at least cancel (no, I'm certainly not in-the-loop, which have no buck on the effort of the cancellation).

    So, with a bit of luck, I soon leave the profession and start in an exciting, challenging and, above all, human area, which has very good prospects for the future, in contrast to the engineering profession.

    Funnily, I then count to the 1 / 4 engineers who work off-board and distort the statistics of the lack of engineers.

  32. damaged

    Thanks for this article and the efforts of the anonymous engineer (unfortunately was not me), he speaks to me from the soul and reveals the condition of both the VDI and the employers' associations.

    I would like to point out another “problem” again: no other professional branch is affected as much by outsourcing abroad as the development engineer. Employers cannot care whether the job is Bertrand in Germany or any Indian / Chinese service provider. A small example here is the sale of MBTech (ex-Daimler's own engineering service provider) to a French service company, motto: yes, only engineers who develop product parts (e.g. drive trains).

    In fact, in the future - in addition to the oversupply of engineers that already exists - we will see the massive reduction in engineering positions. The 500000 “vacant” positions quickly become 100000.

    • Simone Janson

      Hello victim,
      Thank you for the additions: Do you have studies that take the outsourcing abroad?
      In addition, you can also write to the VDI and support the action.

      • damaged

        No, unfortunately no studies. My knowledge is related to our own way of working (unfortunately) and to a knowledge about a certain big automotive supplier. Would be nice if this were quantified. I see the analogy to the skilled worker, because what can be outsourced (no matter how bad) the WIRD is outsourced according to company logic.

        What could probably be simply put would be the growth and the absolute numbers for engineering temporary agency work and engineer "service providers" (-> badly capped temporary agency workers), which assume frightening proportions - but you have already (partly) reported about this. This is IMHO an equally good indicator that it will soon look fuzzy for the engineers ...

        I'm also willing to take the engineers also actively to take sides, even against the VDI but I'm NOT a VDI member (but VDE). It was clear to me long before I recognized the disastrous state of the engineer that the VDI is an employers' association and represents massive employer interests.

        Incidentally, there are good arguments about the VDI in the Wikipedia discussions on the VDI - and that he now runs a pure employer lobby:

        “It is also a fact that the VDI's lobbying (Skills Shortage Campaign / EngineerING Card) is now criticized not only by the media, by other engineering associations and trade unions, but also by protests in the form of letters to the editor and contributions from personal VDI members the VDI news and forum posts. The dissatisfaction of some of the VDI members is also reflected in the poor survey results in the 2011 member survey, which, in contrast to previous years, was no longer published on the VDI homepage, and in 2010 even led to the establishment of an interest group against the lobbying of the VDI managed. ”

        Another little fun fact:
        I also let myself be drawn into the engineering studies by the false promises (yes, I also wanted to become an engineer and HAVE the skills and interests, but also I would never do it again and would otherwise have chosen a job with perspective). Now 14 years have passed! So I hear this UNSÄLICHTE Lamentiererei there is "soon" an engineering shortage for MORE than 14 years. How many 14 years will it be before the real lack of engineers? How ridiculous can you make yourself as an employers' association?

  33. character Display

    #Blogpost Opinion of the VDI on professional deficit & dumping threats: Systematic wage dumping or only ...

  34. Simone Janson

    #Blogpost Opinion of the VDI on professional deficit & dumping threats: Systematic wage dumping or only ...

  35. Liane Wolffgang

    Opinion of the VDI on professional deficit & dumping threats: systematic wage dumping or only individual cases? ...

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