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Time Management in Social Networks - 10 Tips: Time Trap Use Internet efficiently

Xing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat - social networks have become an integral part of our everyday lives. They are great time wasters, but can also be incredibly useful for your job at the same time. 10 tips for using social media effectively.

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Can social media abstinence still be achieved?

Recently, a customer asked me if she could still afford to be represented in all social networks. The question always comes as a surprise to me because social networks can be used for the establishment of a professional network, for professional exchange and ultimately even for job search.

However, anyone who creates a profile in each network and hopes that the dream employer looks over, quickly seems aimless and disinterested. Who wants to use social networks properly, must communicate! So make contributions, make recommendations, ask questions. Networking means reaching out to other people.

The time-eaters are the others

This is the only way to get to know employers at all. And that costs time. For a professional use one should spend one hour a day for each network.

The biggest time wasters on the net are other people's news - freely according to Sartre's "Hell is the others." In fact, it takes the most time to read the target group, identify trends and topics and monitor friends / followers / contacts etc.

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Setting priorities is important

It quickly becomes clear that as an individual you cannot operate all networks. What helps: choose. Because each is different. Xing and LinkedIn, for example, are business networks and designed for professional appearance. Facebook and Twitter are more of a private nature, but are now also used by many for work.

But, if you're forced to press 140 characters on Twitter, to be easy to come by, you're just as unbelievable as someone who wants to be serious about Xing at any price. Or in other words, the network must fit into personality and target group. Do not be more than half-hearted!

10 Tips: How to Use Social Networks Efficiently in the Job?

Social networks are big time-eaters: 10 tips, how they nevertheless efficiently use them.

  1. What do you want? First, consider who you want to reach with which network and which strategy you can use.
  2. For whom is which network interesting? For creative and technical professions, Instagram and Snapchat offer more opportunities, while conservative industries tend to use Xing and more recently LinkedIn.
  3. What are potential employers doing? are Company that you would like to work in this network? Then you should also be there and try to establish a contact.
  4. Use social networks to gather information: You can collect a lot of information about potential employers in the social web, eg How open is the company, how do you deal with criticism, how do people think?
  5. Use social networks to draw attention to yourself: those who only consume are not perceived. Therefore, you need to be constantly active in order to draw your attention: Spread interesting information, link it to your own blog contributions, ask questions, interact with companies in dialogue.
  6. Authenzität ist Trumpf: In social networks, it is about showing others who you are, so be always authentic and personal.
  7. Caution Image loss: Even when it comes to authenticity: Always look at your statements from the point of view of potential employers - corporate gossip or anger over the former boss have lost nothing in the network.
  8. Find interesting people: Do not just look for your dream companies, but interesting people and find out who they are. So you might bump into potential employers you did not know existed.
  9. Make use of the profiles: Take advantage of the possibilities to create a brief, meaningful biography to record just the most important about yourself, so that professional contacts are always up to date.
  10. Also referencing the personal XING, LinkedIn profile or blog is useful for employers to know where to find more information.

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