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Sometimes you accidentally stumble upon topics that make me shudder spontaneously. By the way, one learns from a press release of the Association Quality employer branding, short Queb eV, as is currently common in universities, courses through Company sponsor. The word university marketing experiences a completely new meaning.


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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


University marketing in twilight

University marketing is traditionally an attempt to convince students of the qualities of their own university.

Now the word gets a whole new meaning: to convince sponsors to take over the costs for individual courses.

Good education is not just for the labor market

A practice that I see with mixed feelings. For example, because certain subjects close to the economy tend to benefit from funding but others fall behind. In addition, good education can not focus primarily on the requirements of the labor market:

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Too much is subject to these economic fluctuations. Especially with regard to the violent discussions on the subject of professional deficit, such links are to be enjoyed with caution.

Alternatives to government funds?

On the other hand, the state is increasingly withdrawing from its educational mission, so it is no wonder that higher education institutions are looking for new ways of funding, for example in the private sector.

In turn, this cooperation also benefits from this cooperation: they reach their employees in spe directly at the university. And the students could also benefit from company contacts through internships or job search. A win-win situation for all?

Company complain of lack of transparency ...

Somehow not. Because the paying companies complain now - allegedly lack of transparency, bad organization and too much bureaucracy. The Queb business association, which includes 44 companies such as Allianz, BASF and Deutsche Bahn, has even issued a press release.

In this, the association points misleadingly euphemistically to the pricing of the universities by companies (meaning the sponsoring!). So it is said: “In general, Queb supports the pricing of such events and considers them to be legitimate to a reasonable extent. However, it should be a prerequisite that the funds received are then used transparently for independent, dedicated initiatives of the universities or the respective departments. If this is not the case, Queb firmly rejects such pricing. ”

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... or too little influence?

In plain language, that means that the companies want to have more say in the thematic design of theCourses. And also the high bureaucratic effort, the fact that from the chair, over the career center up to the facility management all want to have a say, bumps the company badly.

How contradictory, on the one hand, to demand more transparency, but at the same time to complain about democratic decision-making processes! But where does the journey go, it becomes clear when you read what Susanne Hüsemann, Managing Director of Queb, has to say: “In addition, many of Queb's member companies complain about the inadequate organization of the events on site - the prices are difficult to understand. It is also striking that the events, when booked through student organizations, are often much cheaper than when they are organized directly at the universities. ”

“Students are cheaper!”

Say: The companies are the prices too high. And since it is cheaper for student organizations, it should also make the universities cheaper. Especially with the students, the organizational effort is indeed less. Can only I find that this is a bit like comparing apples to pears?

In the end, the universities are openly threatened to resort to student organizations! Education, the most important resource of our economic future, is not a salable commodity in an oriental bazaar that should be chess-priced!

Broad educational support instead of short-term needs coverage

If companies were serious with their statement that they would promote education, they would promote a broad educational offer and not just use constrained funding for projects that only serve short-term corporate purposes.

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Transparency is certainly useful - but then please also transparency about the goals of the companies and their influence on the content! Otherwise there is a danger that learning content will quickly become empty!

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  1. Sandro

    Find it sometimes problematic how companies can influence the education ...

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Sandro, thanks for your comment, I fully agree with you.

  2. Thomas S.

    More and more university events are sponsored

  3. meinpraktikum.de

    More and more university events are sponsored

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  6. Timo van Treeck

    - Sponsoring at the university. Actually, good, but independence is lost.

  7. Julia Maueri

    - Sponsoring at the university. Actually, good, but independence is lost.

  8. Julia

    I think her contribution is very good. To demand transparency but do not offer one yourself is unfortunately so typical.

    The problem of tedious bureaucracy at the university, unfortunately, I know only too well. Although my university already partly reduces some hurdles for projects with companies (in contrast to projects we ourselves fight for), these are still very high.

    The problem is, unfortunately, that today's economy and politics thinks only very short term and no longer in the long term. The money has to be earned today, tomorrow you could already register insolvency.

    • Simone Janson

      Thank you, I am pleased about a feedback just in this article. Because I would have a few questions:
      Do the students find these cooperations with companies rather good or rather bad? And does it somehow make itself felt in the quality of teaching and learning?
      This with the short-term thinking I see exactly the same: often, as you describe correctly, an anxiety behind it. And that will come out!

  9. Liane Wolffgang

    If companies sponsor university courses: Education - but with discount !: Sometimes stumble upon ...

  10. Holger Froese

    If companies sponsor university courses: Education - but with discount! #Business

  11. Simone Janson

    #Blogpost When companies sponsor educational events at universities: Education - but please discount!

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