Typology of teamwork - 5 tips: Difficult colleagues and how to deal with them!

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The one schmimt the boss, the other steals ideas and the next turns for point 17 clock the alarm clock to the end of work. Almost in everyone Team there is at least one “weird” colleague or boss. But what to do about it? 5 types and 5 tips!

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5 types of difficult colleagues

There are 5 types of difficult colleagues who like to disrupt departmental peace and personal satisfaction at work. There are 5 types. I will show you here which measures are particularly effective here.

1. The lazy colleague

If you have to pay off that the colleague sees his / her job only as work and not as a task, then you should take action.

The solution: address this in private. Announce your criticism and formulate it from a first-person perspective: “I understand that you want to be at your football club on time. The consequence for me, however, is that I still have to do your work. I therefore feel overworked. How can we change that? ”

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2. The thief of ideas

He or she is always at the forefront of the mouth and spends your ideas in front of the boss as his / her.

The solution: Communicate your ideas clearly before Team and the boss, which makes it difficult for the thief to “steal your mouth”. You can also sketch out ideas in writing. Say if it was your idea. "Wait a minute, I already suggested that on Thursday?"

3. The self-portrayal

He and less often she does not speak and work. He often works as a manager or in sales. Suggest to switch roles in a “team project”.

The solution: The organization of the next Christmas party. While you inform your colleagues and give a speech, the self-porter should take over the organization. Quasi as a self-awareness exercise for both sides.

4. The Nagger

He, rarely she, has something to complain about. That annoys you and the team! Talk to your colleague about it, but please do it in private.

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Arrange a self-experience exercise, for example one in which the colleague does not complain for a day; for this you criticize for eight hours what the stuff holds. In the end, you drink a café together and share what you have felt and experienced in the other role.

5. The wrong boss

He, often she too, wasn't actually born to be a boss. But the top management has punished him or does not see the incompetence. First of all: You cannot change the situation, only yourself.

You often feel weaknesses in the boss when you feel superior in “high status” to the boss, who, on the other hand, takes a “low status” in your eyes because he appears insecure or weak in making decisions.

The solution: consciously make yourself smaller, behave more slowly, more carefully, reduce your self-confidence when dealing with this boss - you will see that this will give you better access to your supervisor.

Conclusion: The cooperation works depending on the type

In order for teamwork to succeed, there must always be several factors right. And of course it depends on the right composition in the team.

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With the right communication, even the most difficult colleague can become easy. Conversely, there are colleagues with whom the cooperation does not want to succeed even with the best will. Then you should take the consequences and separate yourself, for example by asking to be transferred to another team or, if that is not possible, quitting.

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