High School Graduates and Career Choice: 4 Typical Decision Traps

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You have completed the school and the exam is finally behind you. However, the next big challenge awaits you: you have to plan your way into the future. For your study and career planning, you should consciously take your time and make no decisions based on too fast and superficial information. decision

Here writes for you:

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1. Are you looking for a MINT degree as a career guarantee? Caution, if this does not suit your strengths.

Felix wanted to be on the safe side and decided to study mechanical engineering. He was won over by the myth of “engineering studies = job security”. Just like at school, he preferred to do sports in his free time. Football and kickboxing are his big passions. He is not particularly tech-savvy. He only completed the mandatory internships during his studies and his grades were rather average in the end. Felix is ​​now finished with his studies, but he doesn't have a job yet because the grades are not particularly good. He also did little next to his studies - no interest.

The fact is that engineers are one of the most coveted graduates on the labor market. Particularly popular are the degrees in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. The acquired competences can be used by graduates in almost every industry. However, Germany is an attractive employer, with an upward trend. With the large number of national and international applicants in these areas, entrepreneurs can choose the best. Extensive practical experience, super grades, top hard and soft skills are welcome. For all others, it will not be so easy to find a job right after graduation.

Tip: When choosing a course, you should not just rely on security. What is important is what you enjoy where your interests and competences are anchored. You can only bring top performance where you can have fun and identify with the area.

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2. You would like to study with a friend or a friend, because a study course is interesting. Caution: This is not enough for a professional decision.

Sabine's friend Ines is studying sociology. Her brief research on the background of sociology was exciting for her and the opportunity to study with her friend and attend the same seminars is very tempting. Therefore, Sabine decided to join her friend. Her biggest drawback in school was mathematics. The statistics modules in sociology study were a torment for Sabine and so she broke after statistics 2 in the second semester desperately from the study.

Tip: Stay with you! Before you decide to study, look carefully at the modules and contents of the degree programs. Talk to me Professoren and with people who are already completing their studies or have already completed their studies.

3. You want to study just because it is so common in your environment. But some are not a student type, despite Abi in their pockets.

All friends of Frank start studying after they graduate from school. Frank is a practitioner and likes to support his father in his auto repair shop. Screwing on cars is exactly his thing. After a high school diploma, he follows his father's recommendations, orients himself at his friends, and starts studying business administration. With the ulterior motive “You can do everything with business administration” and the option to take over the father's shop.

Frank soon realizes that he can split his fellow students into two groups. Some are incredibly ambitious, have precise ideas where and how they want to work. They use all study-free days for practical experience and work in parallel in the targeted area. The other part is not so aspiring, just like it, but somehow also foreseeably more unsuccessful.

Tip: Especially if you are practically interested, you do not have to study at all costs. When everyone is studying, practitioners will soon be missing. With an education in the back, you can easily finance a subsequent study itself.

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4. Even your parents were teachers or doctors. Caution: Do not study anything just because you know it!

Klara wants to be a teacher. Why? Because their parents are both teachers and because it is great to have so many holidays. Their favorite subjects at school were physics and sports. She is very good at the first years of her studies, but she soon realized that she was impatient with the children.

Actually, she is also much more interested in working scientifically and deepening in details. It is therefore difficult for her to get into the children and she is quickly annoyed by the unrest in the class. When the students are noisy, their own concentration decreases and Klara loses the thread.

Tip: Intensive with what drives you. This is how strengths and competencies develop. This is central to career success and happiness in the job.

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