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In addition to traditional spending on lifestyle and food, tuition fees of various shapes and sizes are now being used at many universities in Germany. For example, for long-term students - or for all! study-fold direction

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Usually, long-term students are asked to pay after exceeding the standard period of study - usually by four to six semesters. Somewhat fairer is the study account model: Students are credited with a certain quota of freeCourses.

Anyone who overrides this account, which means moreCourses, has to pay regardless of the number of semesters. This system is beneficial to those who are able to finance their studies by working and can only study part-time. In addition there are various forms of administration fees and the graduation of the semester contributions depending on the student's duration, eg in Berlin.

In general, general study fees

In the meantime, however, general tuition fees are also being discussed everywhere from the first semester onwards, which was hindered until now by a ban by the Higher Education Framework Act. Most of the countries that want to introduce general tuition fees from the first year of study expect 500 Euro per semester. However, unlike the fees previously levied, the funds are to be made available to the departments directly.

It is to be hoped that the introduction of fees will take account of the situation of low-income families. Thus, loan models are discussed, according to which the fees are paid back only after the beginning of the work.

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Prohibition of University fees canceled - The judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court and its reasoning

On 26.01.2005, the Federal Constitutional Court has declared the prohibition of study fees in Germany, which was fixed by the Higher Education Act, to be unconstitutional. The unions-governed countries of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hamburg, Saarland, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt had filed a complaint against the Higher Education Act.

The federal states are now free to decide on the introduction of study fees. The 2002 federal ban imposed by the federal government violated the law of the Länder and was annulled by the court.

Rights of the Confederation

According to this ruling, the federal government cannot base its general prohibition on fees on the framework legislative competence for higher education that it is basically entitled to, since uniform regulations nationwide are neither necessary for “creating easy living conditions” nor for “preserving the economic entity”.

However, the Confederation is to be able to intervene if the inhabitants of the federal states, where a university degree program costs fees, are significantly disadvantaged or if a large proportion of the students migrate to other federal states. In principle, however, it was not a matter of whether study fees are politically reasonable, so the Karlsruhe judges do not want their judgment to be understood as a freeze letter for study fees.

Overview of introduced and planned study fees by federal states

Federal state:Introduced and planned tuition fees:Management fees:
To bathe-: Württemberg:Introduced: Long-term study fees (from four higher education semesters on a regular study period) of 511 € per semester. In planning: Study fees of 500 € from the first semester, payable during or (by a loan) after study.40 €
Bavaria:Introduced: Fees for the second study of 511 € per semester, compulsory ex-matriculation if you study too long. In planning: General tuition fees of 500 € per semester.50 €
Berlin:Scheduled: 500 € Long-term study fees.51 € per semester, between 16 and 36 € higher semester contributions if the study period is exceeded by three semesters or more.
Brandenburg:In discussion: Long-term study fees / study accounts, 500 € per semester, or tuition fees of the same amount for all.51 €
Bremen:In discussion: Long-term study fees, 500-565 € per semester, General study fees for non-country children50 €
Hamburg:Introduced: Long-term study fees of 500 € per semester. In discussion: General study fees of 500 € per semester.planned: 50 €
Hesse:Long-term study fees from 500 to 900 € per semester (graded after exceeding the regular study period from 4 higher education semesters), second study fees of 500 € per semester. Planned if the state constitution permits: General study fees of 500 € per semester.50 €
Mecklbg.-V.In planning: General study fees of 500 € per semester for non-country children-
Low-: Saxony:Long-term study fees of 500 € from 4 semester students over standard period of study. In planning: General tuition fee of 300 € - 700 € per semester.51 €, planned: 75 €
North Rhine-: Westphalia:Introduced: Study accounts, 565 € per semester if the student account is overdrawn (after 14 to 16 semesters, part-time study a little longer possible), second study fees of 565 € per semester. In discussion: General tuition fees of unknown amount.-
Rhineland-: Pfalz:Introduced: Study accounts, 565 € per semester when the student account is overdrawn (from 14 to 16 semester students, part-time study a little longer possible). In discussion: General tuition fees of 500 € for non-country children.-
Saarland:Introduced: Long-term study fees of 500 € per semester from 4 Higher-Education Semester over regular study period. In planning: General study fees of 500 € per semester.-
Saxony:Introduced: Two-course fees of 307 € per semester, compulsory matriculation with too long studies. In discussion: continuing education up to 5000 € per offer, university and study coundum up to 2200 € per semester for foreign students.In preparation: exam fees from 25 - 150 € per semester
Saxony-: Anhalt:In discussion: Long-term study fees / study accounts of 500 € per semester from 4 semester on regular study period or course of the study contest. In planning: General study fees of 500 € per semester.planned: 25-150 €
Schleswig: Holstein:In discussion: Studienkonten, 500 € per semester from 2 Higher Education semester on regular study, General study fees for non-country children.-
Thuringia:Introduced: Long-term study fees of 500 € per semester from 4 Higher-Education Semester over regular study period.-

Indirect study fees

In some countries the grants for the student services have been and are being cut, with the result that the semester contribution, which all students have to pay, has increased, the canteens, dormitories and other offers of the (Eg legal counseling, psychotherapeutic counseling). more expensive or painted.

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