The Real Story of Zalando, Groupon and Rocket: The Samwer Brothers in Portrait {Review}

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The Samwer brothers with their rocket empire in Germany are regarded as the most successful Internet entrepreneurs. Joël Kaczmarek, who has to know as the editor of the founding scene, has now written her first biography.

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Oliver Ibelshäuser 85Oliver Ibelshäuser is a journalist and owner of the editorial office Text und Vision.


About the author of the book


Joel Kaczmarek knows what he writes about, for he has been watching the Samwers for years. He is also successful on the Internet:

Since May 2013 he has been editor of the founding scene, which he helped in four years as editor in chief, and from which Vertical Media Verlag hervorging, which he co-founded and which was taken over in June 2014 by Axel Springer Verlag.

The true story behind Zalando, Edarling and Groupon


Your Internet company like Zalando (shoes and clothes), Groupon (vouchers), jamba (ringtones) or Edarling (partner exchange) knows almost everyone. About the makers behind the e-commerce giants is little known. But how did they do it?

This question is answered by Joel Kaczmarek with his remarkable book "The Godfathers of the Internet" from the FBV publishing house. An unusually exciting biography of the three brothers Oliver, Alexander and Marc Samwer has written Kaczmarek, as well as a small outline of the rapid successes and bursting dreams in the New Markets and a lesson on genius Idea-Klau in the Internet industry.

An "1" in copying good ideas, an "6" in social competence


The author goes straight from the beginning and does not mince words. He honors the three "Internet high flyers" as "the most successful web entrepreneurs in Germany" the more than "100 Company in over 50 countries in around 15 years ". Some of them are still model students in their class.

On the other hand, he exposes the brothers to a devastating human testimony, which the Samwers expose as cash-strapped string-pullers for whom their employees are only "costing assets for entrepreneurial success". Above all, Leader Oliver is unlikely to be pleased with the "6" of "social competence" on his testimony, which identifies him as a reckless choleric who "throws objects and persuades seasoned managers to leave the meeting crying" and "social conventions practically completely missing ".

Cry with happiness - when you look at your account balance


Kaczmarek records chronologically the success story of Samwers. From the beginnings of Alando, when the three brothers were still "idealistic and able to motivate each and every one of us through their encouraging ways" to the current challenges faced by the joint venture Rocket Internet ("Empire on Pump").

Of course, the Husarenritt comes with "Zalando" in detail to the language. However, here too the now billionaire Samwer brothers have not shone with inventor spirit, but copied ideas ("copycats") or simply bought up. Kaczmarek brings numerous o-tones of companions and also the Samwers himself, which he has gathered in laborious research work and incorporated into the appropriate context.

Looking to the future


Whether the journey of the three bustling entrepreneurs continues to go up steeply or comes to an abrupt end, the author leaves open: "In a structure in which they dictate the rules, but also contribute a large part of the value added, they could not lose. Despite all the superlatives, a big question mark remains behind the Samwer's long-term success. "

Conclusion: A gripping report on the founding spirit of Internet startups, about brilliant ideas and abysmal greed. Anyone who wants to know how e-commerce works will devour the exciting book by Zalando and Co. Only three people will enjoy reading - the three Samwer brothers.

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