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Destination-Report Trondheim, Norway: Conferences between history and nature {Review}

Trondheim, which is situated between the river Nidelv and the Trondheimsfjord, is not only the coronation town of the Norwegian kings, but also the birthplace of Norway. It is also an important technology and trading center.


History of Trondheim

Compared to the scenic north of the country, the Trøndelag with its gentle, green hills and forests seems at first glance a boring one. But the first impression deceives, because despite or because of its gentle landscape, Trondheim has a lot to offer as a meeting location.

The city center of Trondheim is located on a peninsula bounded to the north by the Trondheimsfjord and to the east and south by the river Nidelven. The city itself was founded by the Viking king Olav Tryggvason under the name of Niðaróss and was 997 the capital of Norway for many years. 200, she became the seat of the Archbishop. In the same year the first school of the country was founded with the cathedral school.


Coronation town of the Norwegian kings

For Trondheim is also the site of the Nidarosdom, the most important church in the country. Construction started in 1070. However, the oldest remaining parts of the cathedral date from the twelfth century, since the church was devastated by fires. It was rebuilt every time, mainly in Gothic style.

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The central nave, the oldest part of the cathedral, reveals influences of the Romanesque architectural style. The west facade was redesigned after strong destruction in the style of the high gothic after English models. From 1818 to 1906, the Norwegian kings were crowned here, a total of seven. The crown jewels used in the coronation ceremony can now be admired in the Archbishop's Palace next to the cathedral. This is the oldest secular building in Scandinavia.



Trondheim, which today has about 174.000 residents, is also an important trading center - not least the picturesque warehouses along the river, from which the elders to the 18. Century tend.

In addition, and this is interesting for business travelers, the city is considered to be Norway's technology capital - mainly by the Technical and Scientific University (NTNU), which is the second largest university in Norway, and the research center SINTEF.


Activities and culinary art

A good way to explore Trondheim is the bike - Trondheim is considered a particularly bike-friendly city and you can rent bicycles (Bysykkel) at various stations and off again. In addition, the city offers a real Unicum: a bike lift that pulls cyclists up a hill. However, you have to hook his foot and that is much more complicated than pushing the bike.

What makes Trondheim extremely attractive also for teambuilding activities, for hiking and skiing: On the fjord, water sports activities of all kinds such as sailing or kayaking can be carried out. If you want to eat well and country-style, the Skistua in the Bymarka, which can also be rented as a group. The fish restarant Agot Lian is eager to eat in the city center.



Teambuilding in Stadtwald

The city also offers a vast forest area on an area of ​​80 km², the Bymarka with its highest elevations Storheia (565 m) and Gråkallen (551 m). There is a well-developed network of paths and paths, of which 60 km of paths with gravel, 80 km of normal paths and 250 km of prepared ski trails, 6 of illuminated cross-country trails with a length of 2 to 10 km and a ski slope.

The provider Naturetours.no, founded by a German and a Norwegian, offers different tours based on the Norwegian tradition “friluftsliv”, literally translated as fresh air life. Because for the Norwegians, the free time in nature is an important part of life and this simple but pleasant Concept ABC School Joke Oud is implemented here.



Historical meetings

For meetings, Trondheim offers a variety of original and historical venues. The Hotel Britannia, which belongs to the Thon group, is probably the most historic and luxurious of its kind. This is where the royal family lives when they visit the city.

Opened in 1897, the Hotel Britannia is centrally located in Trondheim and has 247 rooms in seven categories, including 11 suites and 20 rooms, which are decorated with pictures by well-known artists. Prices start from 500 Norwegian kroner.

As meeting and seminar rooms, various salons and banquets with a partial historical character are offered. There is on the one hand the large Britania Hall, which with a size of 290 square provides space for up to 400 persons.



Meeting and seminar rooms

In addition, the hotel has four meeting rooms with a size for each 20 to 50 people as well as four boardrooms for up to 20 persons. The rooms are equipped with the latest Audiovisual technology. These include video projectors, DVD, surround systems and lighting technology. Also well functioning WLAN is available.

For special events, the famous Palmehaven restaurant or the special room 1897 in the cellar of the building as well as various historical salons are also available. The prices are individually negotiable.



Culinary and spa

The hotel has three restaurants: breakfast, which has been rightly awarded one of the best in Norway, and lunch is served at Palmehaven, along with Jonathan Food and Wine Cellar and a brasserie for dinner.

The Britannia Hotel on 850 Qadratmetern is the only luxury spa in Trondheim with a truly recommended massage.



Meetings in the river

17 meters directly into the river stands the also quite luxurious, but rather modern designed Rica Nidelven hotel. It has 343 rooms, which are priced at 1045 Norwegian crowns.

The hotel also has 18 meeting and conference rooms, the largest of which has a maximum capacity of 650 people. The 10 of the meeting rooms can be made variable depending on the requirements, eight have fixed seats for between six and twelve people.

The rooms are equipped with the latest Audiovisual technology. These include video projectors, DVD, surround systems and lighting technology. Also well functioning WLAN is available.



Norway's best breakfast

The Rica Nidelven has a culinary specialty: 8 times in a row, it has won the prize for the best breakfast in Norway under 400 Hotels.

And that's quite right: the buffet offers not only all imaginable fresh ingredients, but also various food stations, for example, where omlettes and smoothies are freshly prepared.


Norway's largest conference hotel

One of Norway's largest conference hotels is the Clarion Hotel and Congress Trondheim. Near the port. The Modern Hotel features 400 modern rooms with prices starting from 990 Norwegian kroner and 18 meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 68 persons.



There is also an 1400 square-meter multi-purpose arena for up to 2000 people and an 1030 square-meter conference foyer with space for up to 50 exhibitors. There is also a Skybar with an 190 square meter roof terrace with Selfie Spot.

All rooms have beamer, screens, whiteboard, flipchart, pens and paper, and of course, free WLAN for all participants. The rooms can be adapted to their needs by carpets, mobile stages, walls, bars and other technology. Prices by arrangement.



In addition to more classic meeting venues, Trondheim also offers two exceptional meeting venues: including a open-air museum and a historic pilgrimage route.


Meeting in the open-air museum

A special location is the Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum, an open-air museum with more than 80 historical buildings that were brought here and rebuilt true to the original: In the “old town” from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, you will find a grocery store, among other things , a dental practice, a post office and a ski museum.

The rural part shows the variety of construction and life traditions in the different parts of Trøndelag in the 18. and 19. Century. They are grouped around the ruins of the medieval castle of King Sverre from the year 1183. There are also various indoor exhibitions.


Meeting in the wooden church

Sverresborg offers various, very special meeting locations for 14-90 people and also offers numerous activities for groups such as medieval games and sports competitions such as archery.

An interesting location is the Lo Church, a wooden church from the beginning of 17. Century, with seating for at least 70 persons. It is used only for church events and can be rented for 2500 Norwegian kroner per day.


Meeting on the historic farm

Also the Oppdal Hof offers a very beautiful historical setting for up to 30 persons and 3000 Norwegian kroner / day.

Also very picturesque are the Gram farm from the 18. Century with two rooms for each 20 person from 3000 Norwegian crowns / day as well as the Assembly Hall Skogheim with maximum space up to 90 persons and for rent between 4000 and 8500 Norwegian krones a day.



Finally, there are also three modern meeting rooms for 14 and 77 people in the main museum building. The tavern or the Cafe Bagle, which can also be rented for events, provides catering services. The open-air museum can also organize large crowds: every summer, a music festival is held with 8.000 people.

The public buildings and the Gram farm have Wi-Fi, in the large main house auditorium and Gram farm and the two meeting rooms are equipped with a projector, all other rooms have as standard conference equipment overhead projectors, whiteboard and flipchart. It is possible to borrow a speakerphone.


Hiking on pilgrimage routes

The 250-year-old Ersgård farm, which is conveniently only a few minutes away from the airport, offers a unique meeting concept: Here you can meet in the countryside and still have good transport connections, the get-together during the breaks takes place while hiking, for example on the historic one Pilgrimage route takes place between Oslo and Trondheim.

A special feature is relaxing meetings at the river in a rustic atmosphere. A special place for relaxed meetings, of which many companies have already made use.



Equipment and packages

The old stuggulåna, the main building of the farm is ideal for various events and quasi still preserved in the original. There are meeting rooms for 25 guests with all AV equipment and free Wi-Fi. There is also a new conference room for 40 guests in the 250 year old barn.

There are conference packages, which also include the rustic food of the farm. For small groups up to 12 persons, there are two-day meeting arrangements with accommodation. For larger groups there are three hotels with 5 beds directly at the 1450 KM airport.




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