{Study} Trends in the labor market: IT professionals are in great demand

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The search for a new job today no longer takes place primarily through advertisements in newspapers. Today we search online. Whether in the social media or on online job boards - the jobseeker sits down at his computer to find the right job, so currently stands out a career field quite clearly by the large number of offers out. Why this is so, Jobrapido has investigated. it-jobs-labor market

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Rob Brouwer is CEO of Jobrapido.


About the Study

Jobrapido, 2006 was founded to offer job seekers on the Internet a platform on which all vacancies can be found in one place. In order for jobseekers to find their optimal job, job advertisements from the whole network are analyzed and collected.

The searcher thus receives an overview of relevant current offers. In order to bring employers and candidates together directly, Jobrapido lists around 20 millions of vacancies per month, to which a total of around 60 millions of registered users access. Already in 58 countries, the search engine offers jobs in thousands of Company .

In which occupational fields are there currently most jobs in Germany? And in which sector do job-seekers have the greatest chances? Are the professional trends in Germany different from those in other countries? These questions have gone to Jobrapido between November 2015 and January 2016. During this period, Jobrapido observed and analyzed the job offers on the Jobrapido platform in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

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The big job chances lie in the IT

In Germany, there are most positions in the IT sector. In view of the technological development and digitization of Europe, and especially the Federal Republic, this is not an absurd result. It underlines the growing importance of jobs in the digital environment. At present, computer experts can look forward to 410.000 vacancies in the area of ​​computer science and 192.000 positions in development and programming.

But job-seekers in other occupational fields can also confidently pursue their career plans. In production and production, the survey shows more than 320.000 job ads, and the hotel and tourism sector is one of the top categories with 184.000 entries. In the last ranks are the real estate (7.852 offices) and sanitation (2.468 offices).

Why so many ITLs?

Industry 4.0, Web 4.0, SmartHomes - No wonder IT experts are the most sought-after professional group. Today they and their knowledge are needed in more and more fields, because the most modern technologies constantly conquer new areas of everyday life. From shopping, communicating or informing on the Internet to the very big trends such as autonomous driving, networked furniture and intelligent machines - complicated and sensitive technology is everywhere.

So that the autonomous vehicle independently recognizes its environment or the refrigerator creates the shopping list itself, often far more extensive expertise is needed than was needed just a few years ago in everyday life. Complex systems require well-trained IT professionals. In the meantime, the focus is less on system monitoring and traditional IT areas, but increasingly on IT security as well as the programming and development of various apps - in all sorts of industries.

This means that the diversity of this occupational field has increased strongly. This is why not only the most popular computer software vendors are wrestling with the best IT specialists, but also companies from other industries such as publishing, manufacturing, production and entertainment. In Germany, there is now hardly a company without IT specialists. This trend is particularly evident in Germany.

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Other countries, other trends?

Not directly. As the collection of Jobrapido shows, there are currently more jobs in Italy (157.000 job offers). The Administration / Personnel Division is ranked second in the Italian ranking with 69.000. However, there are many positions in the IT sector (68.000 offices). The fewest offers on the Italian labor market exist in agriculture (370 offers). In the Netherlands, there are most entries in industry and crafts (134.000 offices).

The IT sector succeeds in placing 103.000 jobs in second place in most job offers. If you would like to become active in the trade / export sector in the Netherlands, you can look forward to 55.000 offers. In turn, engineers are less sought there (1.623 offices). Although it is the number one job category in Italy and the Netherlands, the IT sector is one of the sectors with the most job advertisements in other European countries. Good prospects also for computer experts who are moving to other European countries.

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