Top Trends in Job Search 2017: Translator, Nurse, Data Scientist & UX Designer

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Almost all job sites recorded a significant increase in job search in January. Indeed's German side is no exception, but job seekers in other countries were even more active. The particularly popular occupations of the past year paint a colorful picture of the German labor market - and show the trends for 2017.

Top Trends in Job Search 2017: Translator, Nurse, Data Scientist & UX Designer

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Popular for job seekers: translators, engineers, nursing

At the beginning of the year, we looked in the Indeed data, which jobs in job seekers gained particularly strongly in the last year. By far the fastest grew interest in jobs as a translator for English. No other profession in such a fast-growing country was seen in any other country that took Indeed into account for the analysis.

They were looking for engineers positions, nursing jobs, and the Data Scientist and UX designers. The increase in interest through Jobsuchende is a good news for employers in all of these professions. In all of these trendjobs, there is currently a clear gap between supply and demand. If jobseekers show more interest in the professions, this gap can lead to a perspective. However, it is also important: whoever is in demand on the labor market knows this as a rule and is often more interested in the search. The recruitment of specialists is just as important as talent management in order to retain qualified employees in the long term.

The trend jobs at a glance

  1. Translator English + 899,8%
  2. Engineering + 270,7%
  3. Nurse / nurse + 102,1%
  4. Data Scientist + 78,5%
  5. UX-Designer + 76,9%

Interesting is that the two top job searches come from Germany, but are in English language. This speaks for an increasingly international labor market. In addition, these figures should also reflect the increasing linguistic diversification of refugees in Germany. While many still have to learn German, they often speak English as a foreign language.

60 percent more job searches in January

At the turn of the year job vacancies are increasing considerably. In Germany, this rise was initially 2017 just under 60 percent. Compared to the European neighbors, the Germans are not looking so hard for a new job in January. 2017 recorded the highest increase in France and Ireland in January.

Top Trends in Job Search 2017: Translator, Nurse, Data Scientist & UX Designer

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