Trend-Profession Leisure Management in Focus: Studying for Leisure?

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Leisure Management, the German Leisure Management, is one of these new, trendy courses that have crossed my mind lately - and are hardly known in Germany so far. The name sounds exciting for people who want to make their hobby a profession. But where can you study something like this and what does a leisure manager actually do exactly? In Montréal I had the opportunity to meet you.

Trend Occupation Leisure Management in Focus: Studying for Leisure? Trend Occupation Leisure Management in Focus: Studying for Leisure?

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How to become a leisure manager?

Jérémie Gabourg is a leisure & media manager at Tourism Montréal and is responsible for the tourism marketing of his city. He organizes tours for travel organizers or travel agents and journalists and ensures that these multipliers have the best possible impression of the city. What did he study and how did he get to this job?

Jérémie originally came from Martinique but moved to Paris with his family as a child. With 18 he came to study at Montral - and he just stayed there. "I like the open mentality of the people," he says, explaining that Montréal is a cosmopolitan city as a classical immigration city: "There are not only English and French, but also Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Creole language groups. And there is this certain Savor Vivre, a certain serenity in the lifestyle "

At the same time, the economy is much stronger than in France, so the career opportunities are much better. "This mix has convinced me, so I've renewed my stay every year - now it's over 12 years," he laughs.

What to study?

His choice of study, he met by chance - that connects many other undergraduate students who, given the many possibilities also do not know what to study. Even Jérémie originally had only the meaning of what he knew: "I first wanted to study translation, but had at the Application specified as a second choice management with a focus on tourism. "

But when he applied, he made a mistake: "The McGill University, which I applied for, did not offer any translation." Since the McGill was one of the top international universities (current place 18 in the World University Ranking) wanted Jérémie to study here.

So he started a three-year Bachelor's degree course - and realized that he liked this subject very well.

The career advancement

After studying, Jérémie worked for three years at the French Tourist Office in Montréal, then for four years with a large airline and then switched to Tourism-Montréal.

But Jérémie thinks ahead: At the moment he is completing a post-graduate program with a focus on "Recreation" at the university. He wants, as he says, remain professionally flexible and open up more career opportunities.

Flexible career opportunities

Jérémie has learned a lot in his various jobs. The airline is a large company with thousands of employees "very exciting" as he says. In his current job, on the other hand, there is a rather family atmosphere, which he likes better.

Jérémie has also met quite different perspectives: "My job was to convince Canadians to go to France, today I convince Europeans to come here," he grins. "I now know both mentalities and views."

What does a leisure manager do in his spare time?

"What is simpler?" I want to know. "To convince Europeans to come to Montréal is easier," says Jérémie, after a moment. "The Europeans like Montréal, it's like a little Europe in North America," he says with a view to the European-like architecture of the city center.

"And what does a leisure manager do in his spare time?" I ask finally. In his reply, it becomes clear that Jérémie's job is to make marketing for the city:

For example, visit one of the numerous roof gardens, such as the one at the Hilton Hotel on 18. Floor of a skyscraper, cycling with the Bixi bike, a system where you can borrow a bike for half an hour. Or eat well in one of the many restaurants from different cultures, of which Boris Bistro is one of the best, as he tells me.

Where to study leisure management?

According to the university compass, leisure management can only be studied in Germany a few times, such as Leisure & Tourism Management at the Stralsund University of Applied Sciences. This shows how new this offer in Germany still is.

Those who would like to study this subject should also take a look abroad: in Dublin, the Zealand Institute in Denmark or at the Dutch University of Applied Sciences Stenden can study the subject.

The professionalization of the recreation area

That the language is almost everywhere English, even in Germany, should play no role in the international orientation of the course.

In other countries, the professionalization of this area is already much more advanced than in Germany.

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