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anne m schueller_portrait-hat with-Anne M. Schüller is a management thinker, keynote speaker, business coach and multi-award-winning bestselling author. She has repeatedly been named Top Voice by the business network LinkedIn. She is one of the most sought-after speakers in German-speaking countries. For more than 20 years she held management positions in sales and marketing in various international service companies and received several awards. In 2015 she was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the German Speakers Association (GSA) for her life's work. At congresses, meetings, events and corporate events, she gives top-class, captivating and practical keynote and keynote speeches on the topics of corporate organization and leadership in the next economy, Touchpoint management, customer loyalty and referral marketing. She also conducts power workshops on these topics. Your Touchpoint Institute trains certified Touchpoint Managers. Her clientele includes the elite of the German, Austrian and Swiss economy. is one of the most important management thinkers. Her bestseller "Touch.Point.Sieg." Is Trainer Book of the Year 2016. Her bestseller "The Touchpoint Company" was named Management Book of the Year 2014. Her bestseller “Touchpoints” is SME Book of the Year 2012. When it comes to the subject of customers, she is one of the most cited experts. More information at and All texts by Anne M. Schüller.

Touchpoint managers operate between hierarchies: bridge builders between above and below

The world of work has undeniably changed. It has become more collaborative and networked. The creation of a corresponding corporate culture is playing an increasingly important role. To this end, a new one was created job profile created: the internal touchpoint manager.
touchpoint management

Touchpoint Manager: link in the company

As a link between the organization, employees and the management, the internal touchpoint manager is responsible for business-related issues and the well-being of people.

He cares about the physical, mental and emotional fitness of the company, so that their performance remains at its peak.

Touchpoint managers are strategic and operational

This function has both strategic and operational components. This is why she is much more than just a little coworker.

In times of talent scarcity and social media talk, it can make a decisive contribution to the future of a company.

Between the Hirarchien: Bridge builders between top and bottom

In this respect, an internal Touchpoint Manager needs the absolute backing of the management, because his way is bumpy and he does not always make friends.

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Anyone who is on the road as an athlete of the interests of the employees, inevitably, also covers maladministration. An internal touchpoint manager is an advocate of the employees and bridge builders between up and down.

More than employee stroking: The possible task field

  • Office organization and office life
  • Employee events and social projects
  • Sports and health programs
  • Initiate employee surveys
  • Prevention of employee turnover
  • Involvement in employee selection
  • - and offboarding support
  • Exit interviews and pastoral care
  • Supervision of employer rating portals
  • Heart box, good soul, mediator
  • In-house ideas management
  • Moderation of internal touchpoint projects
  • Networking all beyond department boundaries

Requirements profile Touchpoint Manager: Generalist with mature personality

In this respect, the internal Touchpoint Manager is generalist. He has a mature personality, which is at the same time binding and sensitive, but also analytical and structuring.

The job holder should be able to work in an interdisciplinary manner and be in both management and HR- Know about topics.

Why a touchpoint manager? Between all disciplines

He needs psychological knowledge and Coaching-Competence. He is a moderator, networker, communicator and diplomat rolled into one. He has to be passionately convinced of the usefulness of his role in order to be convincing. This task can be systematized with the help of the Collaborator Touchpoint Management process.

Communities need systems of order and also develop hierarchies. The clarification of the hierarchy within a group is necessary and therefore enjoys a high priority. In business interaction, however, this is usually exaggerated. The excesses of power and the overarching hierarchy are above all a hindrance in our new business world - and sometimes even deadly.

Recognize Hirarchies: To probe the status

If two people meet, then they will - and this happens completely unconsciously - first explore their status. Among other things, the following questions are checked:

  • Is the other more powerful, more attractive, more influential, more intelligent, more prosperous, or poorer than I am?
  • Is he able to take away the woman / man?
  • What is his social reputation?
  • Is he threatening my territory or workplace?
  • How do I know if he is above or below me?

Correctly interpret subtle gestures of power

Usually, such a status comparison is subtle and hardly perceptible: the form of the welcome ritual, the intensity of the eye contact, the gesture's gesture, the proportion of speaking time.

Hohe Stimmlagen bezeugen Ergebenheit, der „Brustton der Überzeugung“ beansprucht Respect. Incidentally, basses earn more on average in their job than tenors. Beeping voices, our brains probably say, just want to play, strict faces and sonorous voices mean business.

Power Imbalance: The consequences of high status and low status

Hochstatus weist an, ohne zu fragen. Niederstatus hört zu, ohne etwas zu sagen. Und wenn „Niedere“ reden, sind deren Hinweise irrelevant. Obere benötigen Zeichen der Macht und gleichfalls Zeichen der Ergebenheit, um sich ihrer Statushoheit jederzeit sicher zu sein.

Signals of submission are a quiet voice, an evasive look, a sideways tilted head, making yourself small, a submissive smile, a tentative apology. Such gestures produce bite resistance.

About perceived and institutionalized hierarchies

Research has shown that if you win a fight, your testosteronespiegel continues to rise, while he immediately goes into the basement of the loser.

In order for groups to remain viable, there is this subservience automatism - even today. And above all in male packs, this applies: Only when the status question is resolved, rest comes. And only then can one take care of Sachthem.

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