Touchpoint Management and Customer Journey: Classic sales models no longer work!

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The rules of the game in communication and sales are dictated today by the customers. The marketing of the future is therefore based on touchpoints - and on the customer journey. But many providers are still busy with advertising channels. They are the external counterpart of internal department silos: they act side by side without being networked. And with the classic sales models you can not get much further.

Touchpoint Management and Customer Journey: Classic sales models no longer work! Customer

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Anne M. Schüller's Profile anne-m-schueller_portrait-mit-hutAnne M. Schüller is a management thinker, keynote speaker, business coach and multiple award-winning bestselling author. She has repeatedly been named Top Voice by Business Network LinkedIn.


Customers do not buy in channels

A channel is used to transfer data from a sender to a receiver. The providers are talking about it, the consumers listen well and then buy. But today it is the other way around. Today, it is primarily their own customers who decide whether new customers come and buy. Not advertising, but experience reports are most likely to attract prospects - and bring them to action. So you have to develop your customers to the recommender.

Because we live in a recommendation society. The communication power has wandered to the consumers. This was made possible by the mobile web, which places a digital information layer over the offline world and networks people with complete online knowledge everywhere and in real time. In this new reality, prospects will hardly follow the pre-recorded channels of the providers. Rather, they control the variety of touchpoints self-determined.

To admit it and to use old and new touchpoints so virtuosously, that interactions are always desirable for customers willing to buy and Making a committed recommendation is the new challenge in customer relationship management. The more touchpoints a provider uses, the more sales this provider makes with them. The prerequisite, however, is that the fit, the quality and “in the moments of truth” the experiences are right.

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What are actually touchpoints

Touchpoints arise everywhere, where a (potential) customer with a Company and their employees or their products, services and brands. They are always where customers meet: zigzag between real and virtual world, “social” and “mobile” networked. An obsession for customer concerns is a must. Because every provider is dependent on the goodwill of its customers like never before. Whoever cuts service or dismisses customer-effective employees in a cost-saving manner in order to be as attractive as possible to the shareholders will probably not reach the future.

While "bad profits" are made at the expense of customers, "good profits" are made with their help. Healthy success arises above all when "great companies enrich the lives of the people they come into contact with and build relationships that deserve real loyalty," said loyalty expert Fred Reichheld. And genuine loyalty also includes the recommendation. To do this, a lot of good things must happen between the provider and the customer. Not only the figures, but also the moral balance must be correct. Because unethical behavior will be more expensive than ethical in the future.

AIDA is from pre-yesterday

Silos and the associated canal thinkers are dangerous enough. But it is even more dangerous for those who want to communicate with communication models from the last century into the future. Above all, I call this the AIDA formula, which still haunts the marketing literature - and in some business schools faculties even exam relevant. It goes back to the sales strategist Elmo Lewis, who for the first time described 1898 (!) For the seller markets of that time.

AIDA is an acronym composed of the first letters of other words. It stands for the English terms Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Everything that happens after a purchase decision does not exist on this model. No wonder then that in the company the regular customer care and the referral marketing fade into the background.

Today, moreover, one knows that an inner desire is necessary to draw attention in a certain direction. Everyone knows this from the city stroll: Only when we feel hungry, suddenly all sorts of food bother us. Or do we think of a flirtation: Who is completely freshly in love is immune to the stimuli of third parties. If advertising is to be relied on, it needs a motive that wants to balance. Otherwise, it becomes ineffective because it is irrelevant from the brain's point of view.

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Brandstalking really does not want anyone

Anyone who swears allegiance to old-fashioned recruit AIDA and still believes that attention is in the first place, will first and foremost drum up - and, according to the watering-can principle, want to get everyone and everything wet to see who is happy about it. But against most advertising formats, we are now immune.

Insufficient data security, consumer fraud, and business scandals have destroyed our last rest of confidence. We no longer believe in the flowery prose in high-gloss brochures, the siren song of the sales slangers, and the advertising gossip of Radio Gong. We feel disturbed, we are begun and do not let us deceive.

If only the vendors could finally understand that: Loud, stupid, lying advertising that invades us unasked, that is lying in wait and persecutes us will inevitably flop - because nobody wants to see and hear them anymore. Of course we will continue to love advertising, but only those that show us that she loves us. Communication means beguiling people, not bothering them.

Buying Cycle and Sales Funnel are out

Touchpoint management always looks at the purchase cycle from the customer's point of view. And it focuses on the increasingly important phases of influencing before and after a purchase. The Customer Journey always begins and ends in Touchpoint Management with WOM, Word of Mouth, which is increasingly valuable word of mouth. Usual buying models like the Buying Cycle or the Sales Funnel do not do this.

Although the classic buying cycle starts from the customer's point of view, it only considers the four phases of attention, evaluation, purchase and use. The usual sales model of Sales Funnel is even worse. It remains completely in the provider's perspective - and only the phases of prospective customer acquisition, offer preparation and conclusion are relevant. So one sees then as a regular customer stunned how new customers get all the goodies.

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Of course new customers are important, but only if they are not won at the expense of their existing customers. If you want loyal customers, you have to reward customer loyalty. Only really well-advised customers will recommend a provider at the end. This in turn creates the best basis for new, good business. And this is Obendrein very cost-effective to get.

Touchpoint Management and Customer Journey: Classic sales models no longer work! Buying cycle-with-WOM

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