5 tips for organization & Zeitmanagement: books for more sovereignty {review}

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More and more of us feel overwhelmed in our job and private life. Instead of deciding what to do and when and how to do it ourselves, we feel constantly at the limit of trying to fulfill all our duties and responsibilities. 5 helpful books at a glance.

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Being more productive - a matter of choice

According to the authors, it has never been easier to move big things. At the same time, however, it has never been so difficult, because there is so much in our working day that attracts our attention.

This permanent back-and-forth tearing can quickly lead to an energy crisis of the individual. It is only 5 decisions that we have to make consciously to bring clarity and security back to our daily lives.

 5 make conscious decisions

Based on the Covey method, the authors show that it's just 5 decisions that lead to more productivity again:

  1.  do the important thing
  2. become extraordinary, not satisfied with mediocrity,
  3. the great things plan,
  4. the technology, instead of being controlled,
  5. keep the (inner) fire.

Decide more consciously and plan

The way to this leads to deliberate decisions. The authors point the way back to proven principles such as the Eisenhower matrix. Not letting oneself away from the path requires a pause and conscious decision-making. And this is exactly what encourages this book.

Current technologies are also discussed. The Covey methodology is thus transported into the modern world of work. Many diagrams, summaries and concrete information on the implementation make the book a useful guide. The 5 decisions ”is therefore a successful and worth reading manual for all workers who are looking for more or new productivity.

Time management for fathers

Time management is important. This is all the more true if you have children who have to be matched with the job. Today, however, this is no longer only true for professional mothers. Organizational skills are also increasingly in demand for fathers.

A book like “Papa-Zeit” by Peter Ballnik is all the more important. In it, the internationally recognized psychotherapist gives many helpful and easy-to-implement tips that make it easier for today's fathers to establish and maintain a good and deep relationship with their children despite a full-time job.

Career and still dad?

Parental leave or not - the fact is that the majority of fathers work 100% and can only really be “father” in the evenings and at weekends. All the more important to use this short time.

The "father expert" Peter Ballnik gives working fathers 52 tips in his book "Papa time" to accompany the children well and constructively. The spectrum ranges from camping to listening. And it ensures that children don't just know that they have a father. But that they also know that the father is there for them.

Use precious time intensively

Peter Ballnik, a psychotherapist specializing in the father, packs his tips into real stories from everyday life. It is always about actions and actions that can be carried out without much effort and without much money.

Practically, the tips are arranged according to seasons, because Ballnik sends fathers and their sons and daughters as often as possible to common ventures in front of the door. It is about spending time together, experiencing together and showing that you are there for the children.

Attention cannot be postponed

The examples are taken from real life. Beginning with the toddler, who thinks that the father is no longer interested in it, to the pubertierende son, to whom no one is right. Or the daughter who secretly kifft and smokes.

The difficulties will not always be as easy to get out of the way as Ballnik describes - but he always offers great help and good suggestions. His creed and his warning to all working fathers: "Attention can never be postponed."

Good to understand, quick to read

In the last quarter of the book “Papa Time” Ballnik introduces the “father pyramid” he developed himself. It provides a quick overview of the requirements that fathers have to face - and are allowed to meet. The foundation of the pyramid consists of showing affection, giving trust, spending time together, showing pride and giving security.

The second level is the so-called "signpost" such as being a role model, listening and talking to each other. The second top level is ultimately about deepening the conscience and not only preaching a loving partnership, but above all exemplifying it.

With the eyes of the child

And finally, with the top of the pyramid comes the difficult task of releasing the child into life, "giving him the fatherly blessing".

“Papa-Zeit” is an easy and quick to read book full of good tips for dealing with children. Not a big tome, but a book that gets down to business quickly. It is also tailored precisely to the requirements of working fathers. And a valuable invitation to look at the world from the children's perspective.

Making life as a work of art

Sometimes small changes can make big changes - at least that is what Helena Horn shows us with her book “How Mondrian can change your life. Downshifting - the new simplicity ”. The question naturally arises: what does art have to do with time management? We noticed a great deal.

Art is more than just a splash of color on the walls of museums. Art can renew everyday life and Sense donate for a lifetime. This also applies to people who have had little fun with exhibitions and thick illustrated books. Helena Horn dedicates her book “How Mondrian can change your life” to them.

12 eras and styles with life-planning messages

12 works of different epochs and styles picks out the author to work out their implicit message for life planning and design.

Visual artists are, of course, here as Mondrian, Monet, Warhol, but also acting (Fellini, Chaplin), architecture (Bauhaus), cookery (Adria) and music (Stravinsky) serve as inspiration sources.

Just throw ballast

It is no coincidence that the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian gave the book its name. With his life's work, Mondrian stands for purism and clear structures. Horn translates the “new simplicity” to the everyday life of people in the consumer and affluent society.

Buying useless luxury goods does not make you free. But let go of old objects and habits. “Throwing off ballast,” says the author, creates a “great depth effect”: “With the process of tidying up, we shed our skin and partedly parted from our old identity.”

Set yourself free!

Clarity, calmness and deceleration are the central motifs of their reflections, which are plausibly derived from the different works of art. There would be:

  • Stravinsky's music as a source of inspiration for a new sense of tempo and slowness,
  • Charlie Chaplin as the guiding figure for a new relationship to one's own work
  • and Monet as a critic of Freizeitstress

Courage to re-adjust your own goals

These are fresh semantic links that whet your appetite. On art and on re-adjustments of one's goals and views.

Conclusion: "How Mondrian Can Change Your Life" is a clever, gentle book about the silent messages of art that you perceive when you listen carefully and look. Helena Horn did a great job.

Win the fight against delay

No doubt, our inner bastard sits deep: “Oh, I'll do that tomorrow” we think and so the mountain of unfinished work gets bigger and bigger - the procrastination wins. But what to do With this book, good help comes from Hans-Jürgen Kratz.

Postponing things, also known as procrastination or casually postponement, leads to stress and overload. The problem is usually very small at the beginning and then gets bigger and bigger. We all postpone something “from time to time”. But if it starts to “pile up” from time to time, it becomes a problem to be addressed. With his book on this topic, which is always up to date, author Hans-Jürgen Kratz gives his readers quality of life back.

Reasons for procrastination

In the first part of his compact guidebook, the author offers a self-test in order to question his own behavior and evaluate it accordingly.

Then he turns to the possible causes. Aufschieberitis affects not only on their own self-esteem, because of course also disadvantages in the reputation of colleagues or customers, if constantly appointments are overdrawn.

Step by step against postponing

The third chapter deals with strategies to change one's behavior. The individual sections are written short, understandable and offer a good compilation of (proven) practical tips.

The right setting of priorities, the exploitation of high-performance phases and, of course, rewards.

Procrastination from the point of view of the supervisor

A peculiarity of the practical booklet is undoubtedly that it occupies the rather rare perspective of a third person. The chapter provides basic information to get the situation under control together with the employee. The manager takes over the role of the coach here.

"I'm doing this now!" is a handy guide, the reading of which you can recommend to anyone suffering from deferment. And the book is thin enough not to have excuses why you couldn't read it. So: get started!

As a leader, better delegate

Delegating sounds easy, but it has its pitfalls in detail. Hartmut Laufer explains how you can delegate tasks to employees successfully and stress-free in the future in “Motivating delegation, control, criticism”

If the employee is overwhelmed with a task assigned to him, or if the goal has not been defined clearly enough, then delegation will be frustrated.

Practical basics

This is exactly what Hartmut Laufer wants to avoid with his book. The author is convinced that leadership is a craft that can be learned. Unfortunately there is no regular training for it. Instead of experimenting, readers can now pick up this book on the subject of delegation.

It deals with this particular aspect in a condensed form, but also takes the basics into account. Laufer manages to work out the essence of his theme without bringing out just a keyword collection.

Objective and control

A control of the work results is necessary for personal interest, but it must not act like distrust. The author shows how this can be achieved, as well as a meaningful critique that keeps the motivation of the employee up-to-date.

At the end of the book you will find a whole series of work aids, which are also available for download. The offer ranges from the preparation of goal-setting discussions and their implementation to advice on how to avoid back delegation. The book is a guide that is very well suited to the day-to-day management, taking on board the sometimes difficult topic of delegation and its aspects.

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