Titan's 2 Case in Practice Test: Well equipped on the go

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If you travel a lot, especially for work, you need a reasonable, sturdy suitcase and good footwear. The Titan Roller Case Royal 4 Wheel Trolley Large and the Xenon Delux from the same manufacturer in the test.

Titan's 2 Case in Practice Test: Well equipped on the road 2 Case from Titan in the practical test: Well equipped on the go

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Annoyances with rolling suitcases

Especially those who fly a lot can sing a song about how quickly their suitcases break down - because the checked-in luggage is thrown, falls from a lofty height and is stacked and compressed.

Also with me is the list of annoyances with Rollkoffern long: times the rolls after half a year broken, sometimes breaks the bar to the Hinterherziehen, sometimes travels off the handle.

Better with hand luggage?

No wonder the frequent flyer prefers to travel with little hand luggage. A proper market has long since developed around the matching luggage - the ideal piece of luggage is just big enough for the hand luggage compartment, but not too small to carry the necessary belongings with it.

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My suitcase, the Titan is therefore also available in a smaller version, but I have decided against it. Because unlike pure business travel you often have to take a few (sports) shoes and things with you on short press trips to be prepared for all activities.

The right size

In this respect, the intended use was the decisive factor for the size. The weight of the model is very high: the Titanium Roller Case 4 Wheel Trolley Large with 3,4 KG is very light and very easy to roll.

The current trend in suitcases is more and more into four roles - this has the advantage that you can push the suitcase even in tight spaces and through narrow door openings easily through.

2 or 4 reels?

The disadvantage of the four-roller system is, for example, when driving a bus: If you turn off the case on sloping surfaces or in strongly sloping means of transport, there is a risk that he rolls off.

This would clearly require a fixed mechanism of the roles, which, unfortunately, is not available. So if you can not lie down or clamp the case, you have to hold it unfortunately.

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Practical layout

I like the material very much. The case is made of polyester and is therefore much more flexible than a hard case. It is in the colors blue and red to have and is comparatively water-repellent, whereby I have not exposed to a larger downpour.

It has a practical split compartment with separate pockets for crease-resistant clothing, shoes or toiletries. On the front of the case are two zippered pockets for papers and other trifles.

Sturdy carrying handle

The handling of the carry handles is extremely stable, and the reels hold up a lot. A shortcoming for me is the somewhat fragile-looking handlebar, which also likes to pinch when folding quickly - for example when you have to take the suitcase at the station spontaneously in your hand - stuck. In addition, it is kept quite short, so the dragging is not so optimal.

Overall, however, the suitcase is quite stable, shows even after several trips barely wear marks and stands out particularly because of the low weight. Highly recommendable if I would prefer a stable, non-clamping handlebar.


By the way, I found the customer service of Titan excellent. On the first opening I almost failed due to the unfamiliar closing mechanism of the suitcase. Quick and competent, they helped me here on the phone. Unfortunately this is not self-evident in Germany.

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Those who frequently travel on shorter business trips need a small, sturdy suitcase for hand luggage. The Xenon Deluxe S is an almost perfect travel companion for such business trips.

S-Class for hand luggage

For a long time it was important for me to fit as much into my suitcase as possible. However, disturbed me with shorter lecture journeys with the airplane always had to check in. So we had a small suitcase for hand luggage. My choice fell on the Xenon Deluxe S from the luggage manufacturer TITAN, a small four-wheel trolley of 55 cm size.

The Xenon Delux is available in brown and silver and in three different sizes: 55 cm, 67 cm and 74 cm. I chose the variant in silver and in the smallest size 55 cm.

Lightweight material

The matt surface of the honeycomb is made of Makrolon® polycarbonate from Bayer and is quite resistant. The polycarbonate is said to be particularly robust and can withstand large temperature fluctuations.

I was convinced by the low weight of the suitcase: only 2,5 Kg weighs, which is especially noticeable when you have to drag it up and down stairs.

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It depends on the details

The water-repellent zipper, the lockable linkage with push function and the 360-rotatable double rollers with rubberized tread are as stable as the shell. These details show the differences to many cheaper models, where either linkage, rollers or zipper wear very quickly.

The roles of the Xenon Delux are even suitable for field paths, according to the manufacturer. A long-term I have not the case, of course, not subjected, the rollers run thanks to special storage but quite quiet. Somewhere the proud price of just 130 Euro must come yes.

The interior: taste

For me, however, the inside of the case is a matter of taste: the two pack walls are not only held by elastic cross-belt, but also contain many additional pockets, which help to sort garments and important documents.

This is just a little too small for me and therefore too impractical, I prefer to put my clothes and documents packed in my own pockets in the suitcase. For example, there is a leader that can be accessed from the top, and in case of need it can be opened completely in a few simple steps.

Here, notebooks up to 17 inches and tablets find their place in the separate, padded compartments, as well as space for important utensils, such as a charging cable. Thanks to the solution from the front and main compartment, clothes and documents are kept separate from each other.

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The laptop trolley for business

In fact, the trolley with a volume of 38 liters is offered as a laptop trolley. This may be practical for many business travelers and is certainly geared to customer requirements. Since I am however already for a long time only with mobile phone and correspondingly smaller charging cable on the road is, this division is simply superfluous for me, yes it will be wasted only unnecessary space.

In the case of a large number of electronic devices, which are now available on the market, the size specifications are only unnecessarily restricted. It would be ideal if the packing walls were removable, instead of being fixed in the case.

Security lock for travel to the USA

Also the operation of the sunken TSA security lock presented me at first a small puzzle. This was developed especially for TITAN and allows an uncomplicated trip to the USA. By means of a general key, the American transport authority is allowed to open the luggage in the event of suspicion without causing any damage.

On my inquiry at TITAN out but recommended the following video that shows once again the operation of the small suitcase.

My conclusion

Recommended, especially for shorter business trips. The manufacturer also gives 3 years warranty.

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    The Titanium case is a real tip for any business man!

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