7 tips for sellers and customers: Optimal to deal with rejection

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To deal with rejection is not easy. Many sellers find it difficult to even get an appointment with the customer. And it does not always come to a conclusion. Spontaneity in all honor, good preparation is better.


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Oliver Schumacher Oliver SchumacherOliver Schumacher is sales trainer and speaker.


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Why should the customer make an appointment?

Why should a customer make an appointment with a salesperson who spontaneously calls him to "stop by" again? And why should he place an order when there is no need?

At this point, rejection and frustration are preprogrammed by the seller. Good preparation, on the other hand, protects against disappointment. At the appointment and also at the conclusion.

Rejection at first contact - how to deal with it?

If the seller does not reach his goal when trying to make an appointment, this refusal at first contact can have different reasons: The customer

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  • could recognize no added value.
  • considers the offer to be superfluous.
  • is currently busy with other things.
  • is satisfied with its previous providers and sees no need to change its buying habits.

The crucial questions to avoid rejection

In order to avoid rejection, each seller has to deal with the following questions in advance:

  • What is it all about?
  • What use does the offer have?
  • What added value can the business partner expect from this?
  • How can this added value be communicated within a few seconds?

7 tips for good sellers

Sellers need to know and deal with it: Not everyone needs certain offers. It is quite normal that not every person called agrees to an appointment with enthusiasm. The following 7 tips prevent rejections or at least help to handle them correctly:

1. Make curious

It is good to start with an individual conversation hanger. For a positive conversation, the key question is:

How do I pack my message in such a way that my counterpart can understand without much effort what the promise to my offer brings? Ideally, the customer must say to himself: If I do not make an appointment / do not buy, I make a mistake.

2. Deliver honest answers

"Why should my conversation partner sit down with me?" Sellers must ask themselves this question before making an appointment. And he should find a relevant answer to that.

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Secret secrecy à la is not possible at all “I don't want to tell you that yet, but I would be happy to talk to you personally imagine. ” Honesty in sales requires that you be free to say what it is about. The customer has a right to it!

3. Provide security

Sellers do not have to be available at all times. You also do not have to ALWAYS have time for the customer. However, they must convey security to the customer.

Sellers should consider: “What can I increase, decrease, avoid, increase so that the customer has less stress and pressure, that he is better off, that he can achieve his goals safely?” In this way, he saves himself and his customer disappointments.

4. Ask questions

Questions of opinion are excellent helpers when making appointments. The seller finds out how his customer is on a particular topic. "What do you think of it when we sit down then or then?" or "How about when we talk about it by phone?"

If the customer actually says: "Nothing!", Which in reality hardly ever occurs, the seller will still notice that his offer has probably not taken off. So back to the beginning and answer the questions yourself: "What is the real added value for the customer?" and "Why am I - not - relevant?"

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5. Do not take rejection personally

True to the motto “Everybody's Darling is everybody's Depp”, a seller cannot please everyone. That is also not worth striving for. Sellers simply have to cope with the fact that no matter how they position themselves, what they offer and how carefully they prepare, there will always be people who say no.

No to the appointment. No to the offer. No to a cooperation. That's part of it. On the other hand, this makes the profession so challenging and varied.

6. Give the customer a chance

If the called customer rejects the next time, although the use-oriented formulation has been used, it is worth trying to re-formulate it again. If he still says "No", then say goodbye politely.

Think "bad luck, then not" and call the next one. Important: The "bad luck" does not refer to you as the seller yourself, but to the customer who does not receive your special service. You don't have to blame yourself for not even offering him this chance.

7. Activate self-protection

With this behavior you protect yourself and maintain your self-esteem. Otherwise there is a great risk that if there are too many “no”, the motivation will decrease and you will no longer be able to schedule. But if you get too many rejections, you should critically question your starting conversation. The group of people called should also be checked so that only those “customers in particular” who would really benefit from the offer are contacted.

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Maybe it will work on the next try. And the wishful customer of just maybe in three months is more open-minded, or you can then make more confident phone calls and so quickly build sympathy and arouse interest. And then ask for the appointment. And get it too.

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