Experience report on temporary work - 8 tips: Modern slavery or alternative to unemployment?

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In North Rhine-Westphalia, about 1,8 percent of the employed work in temporary work. But it has a poor reputation as a modern slavery to dumping wages, which is forcing steady employment. However, temporary work may also be an acceptable alternative to fixed employment.

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisherGerman Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Looking for positive work?

I have Sigrid Lang here Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® interviewed about temporary employment, She has been assistant to the project management at Neukranz Personalservice GmbH since August. It organizes all internal business processes for the customer in the project office of a major construction site. F

For the trained office clerk it was clear from the start: Temporary work is better than unemployment: “I had the whole 'career' up to Hartz IV. The job here motivated me again and showed me that I am worth something. I would do it again anytime. ”

The advantages of time work

According to Lang, temporary work has the advantage that it definitely gets more money than unemployment and can have very different experiences: “I learn a lot of new things through various assignments and can further develop my professional know-how.

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In addition, I learn the Company know better and can test for myself whether I want to work for my hirer. ” Because basically there is an opportunity to be taken on: “For some assignments, I was offered permanent positions in advance and many companies would also like to take on temporary agency workers. Often, however, it doesn't work for internal reasons, such as stopping hiring.

It is not always exploited

On the other hand, she does not feel badly treated or exploited, but admits that there are of course also dubious temporary employment agencies: "So far, however, I have always been valued here." And also with the fact that she receives less salary for the same work than her permanent colleagues, she has no problem:

"I knew that beforehand and wouldn't have done it otherwise!" However, right from the start she had a pain limit on the salary in her head: "If I hadn't received a certain amount, I would have preferred to apply for unemployment benefits."

Study confirms experience

Sigrid Lang's experience is also confirmed by the study “Temporary work in North Rhine-Westphalia”, which was published by the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs. Rather, agency work is used for personnel recruitment and in times of orders.

And it can be an important means of transition to a permanent position: almost 58 percent of all employees of the temporary employment sector in NRW were previously unemployed, while 20 percent of them were long-term unemployed. And around 1 / 3 the temporary workers find a new employment in the first labor market from the time work.

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Manko low remuneration

The disadvantage, however, is the low remuneration: although wages in seri- ous temporary workers are generally regulated by collective agreements, the lowest wages are around 7,20 euros per hour. Therefore, temporary workers in comparable salary groups earn 36 to 45 per cent less than their established colleagues.

8 Tips on Time Work

You want or need to make time work? We'll tell you what to look for.

  1. Separate the chaff from the wheat: There are good and bad personnel mediators, also depending on branch. Be critical!
  2. Collective agreement: Does your temporary employment agency comply with the collective agreement? This is a sign of seriousness.
  3. Further education possibilities: Do you offer further training opportunities? This is also a sign of seriousness.
  4. Remuneration: What is the remuneration? Set your personal pain threshold. But stay realistic here.
  5. Pay attention to appreciation: Are you valued as an employee or treated like a cheap worker?
  6. Be flexible: Even if there are many longer-term projects: Imagine short-term changes and new situations. There is no other way.
  7. Take advantage of the increase in experience: Timing offers the opportunity to get to know companies from within. Take the chance.
  8. Be open: Temporary work can be an alternative to unemployment. Straight-lined CVs become less and less frequent. Look at the time work so positive.

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  1. madmettie


    Meier experience with the timed staff are under all the best. BIs for the Unzterschrift I was lied to the blue of heaven. Job without a certificate no problem. after the signature came the hammer. Only late shift. 14-22 Time Salary Salary you always have to earn a little less but the Doplete works. And I got shitty too, I just say time kono

    • Simone Janson

      Thank you for your valuable report.

  2. Sven K

    Temporary work is simply abolished. Only bad experiences with it, constantly from a to b or on call. At the interview, I was promised an increase in the salary, was also not respected. Purest fool, keep away from temporary work agencies.

    • Simone Janson

      Thank you for your contribution.

  3. Lisa M.

    After half a year of unemployment, I had also decided to work for the time. I had been offered an employment contract for nine months. This was then extended by half a year. After that I was again unemployed, but after a few days I missed the work again. At another temporary agency I got the opportunity to work for three months. It was a completely different job from the first temporary worker, but it was a lot of fun. I asked directly after a takeover and had a huge success. I got a permanent job and can not imagine a better job for myself.

    Overall, I have had positive experiences with both temporary work agencies. I was treated like any other worker. I was very well instructed in my new work areas and trained. Nothing was superficial, according to the motto "she is going away soon anyway, because you hardly need to make an effort".

    Meanwhile, I myself employ our temporary workers and hope that I make everyone feel welcome, not just tolerated, and that their workforce is important to the company.

    All in all, I can only comment positively about time work, but I also know that unfortunately there are many other experiences.

    • Simone Janson

      Thanks for the review on this very controversial topic. As with any topic, there are two sides to it.

  4. Job search at a temporary employment fair | Berufebilder by Simone Janson

    […] On for employees it can be an alternative to unemployment, like the example of Sigrid Lang […]

  5. Simone Janson

    Hi Mike,
    Thank you for your contribution. That's why there is a comment function, where you can then tell us your point of view. This is also read exactly as the article.
    The article reflects the opinion of Mrs Lang, she has had different experiences.
    Simone Janson

  6. Mike D.

    Well, I find your pro-time article somewhat one-sided.
    I have been through such employment. I can only say: never again!
    Why are at least 90% of temporary workers so dissatisfied with this kind of employment relationship?

    And why does a whole bunch of “managers” earn the so-called personnel dispatchers, who earn a lot from every hour I work? Up to two thirds of the wages earned are withheld. Why is temporary work spreading like cancer?
    It's obviously a very lucrative business. Of course not for the temporary worker of course.
    A shame that the Red-Green government has done to the people through these laws.

    Why do all politicians sit in the supervisory board? First and foremost
    Wolfgang Clement at Adecco. This beautiful lobbying stinks to heaven !!
    This is also the reason why most people have lost faith in politics (including me). It is basically only a question of group and business interests. The ruble has to roll... Only not with the worker in portemonaie.

    Suggestions? gladly. How about, for example, the abolition of dismissal protection, or at least a relaxation. That's the reason why no one stops harder.
    If labor shortages prevail, the companies should negotiate directly with the people. And not by human traffickers.

    It's a shame what has become of the world of work, thanks to the globalization and boundless inhumane profiteering of many people.

  7. Simone Janson

    Thank you for your statement. Somewhat constructively, I personally would have found more useful.


    Ex alcoholics, confused in the head and representative of socialist thought finds new task in a responsible position. I can not do anything, I can barely handle it, and I am a cross-thinker. But this does not matter, because leadership means delegating. As a member of the board, I would like to wear a little pot with very good pay. I can drive Audi A6 Avant, -A8 and Benz S-Class. Billions in the sand by megalomania, incompetence and wrong decisions, I can also have studied without. But that does not matter because disability in Germany is rewarded with generous compensation in millions of euros!

    Unfortunately, I haven't found my new job yet. So I cheat myself with Hartz IV, 1-Euro jobs, educational measures, writing books, donations & creativity through the system until early retirement. Uh, wait a minute ... the system isn't that bad after all. I can take it easy and don't have to work so much. I'll be 100 years old then. And from the age of 58 the office leaves me alone anyway.

  9. dennis

    In my opinion, temporary work is not at all an alternative to permanent employment, certainly not for workers. It may be that the companies have to react flexibly to the order situation, but also the employee needs planning security, which is blended with the Arge is at any rate an open secret in OWL.

    I do not have a bad conscience when I get money from the office, because for many there are no jobs, since it will take time to think about a new social order, slavery, or physical property would like to return. Flexibility yes, slave wages no, this is my opinion on the time work

    • Simone Janson

      Hi Dennis,
      For the time work one can quite different opinion, as Sigrid Lange once again in the interview shows says:

      There are already ideas for solving the income problem:

  10. Bernd Langfeld

    The lowest collective wages are about 7,20 Euro per hour! I have had an allegedly reputable temporary employment agency in which I got 5,50 Euro the hour! And partly I worked 50 hours a week! Temporary work does not bring a family with ALG2 way this is the truth. Most of the time it will be increased! If you count exactly you will find that pure for the good conscience is that you work at ZAB! And that the professional fields expand in the ZAB industry may be! But to see clearly are two things!
    The wages always remain below a fixed setting, and the true percentages that go into a fixed position are not manageable.
    The third thing that comes with self-taught forces and people who have achieved a high professional status in their lives are exploited there and mostly left to the employers for monotonous activities! If you are interested in the work of the ZABs, please do not hesitate to contact us it's fun to do it, and take action to help him or her get into the workplace where the faces of these people are not sitting down again after a year, so you'd get a lot more people back at work And so you reduce the number of unemployed, not with the pressure you are going nowhere else there is no money! but I do not like it, but I think it's a good idea, but I do not know what it is someone who was already allowed to get to know about ten temporary workers!

  11. Simone Janson

    Hello Mr. Langfeld,
    thank you for your experience report, which I find very valuable at this point. Apparently, you have had different experiences than Mrs Lange.
    Having just witnessed this week, like a discussion that began quite similarly, and in which obviously personal experiences also played a big role), ended up with no really convincing arguments, I have become a little cautious now.

    In any case: If I should take up the subject of temporary work again for an article, I'll be happy to get back to you - as long as I can reach you at the specified email address.
    Simone Janson

  12. Simone Janson

    #Zeitarbeit: Modern # slavery or real alternative to unemployment? #fb

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