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Kira KlenkeDr. Kira Klenke is coach and former Professorat the FH Hannover.

Dr. Kira Klenke is a mathematician and was over twenty years Professorin for statistics. She is known to have learned from her people (successfully and even with joy) that had previously thought that completely impossible. Thus, from her teaching at the university a second appointment as a coach developed. Since the spring of 2016, she has shifted her focus to this area.

Time management multitasking self management: commit yourself - 5 steps

In order to study and work in a motivated, satisfied and successful manner, it is becoming increasingly important to have self-management know-how and to use it strategically in today's multitasking environment.

Tools Tool Box Self-Management

Basic tool of the self-management

These soft skills you can, if they are not or only slightly discussed in your studies, independently acquire.

You are then sufficiently and well armed to pursue and further develop your own goals, career and life dreams even with constantly increasing workload.

The basic tool box of the self-management include:

  • The SMART formula of goal formulation
  • Basic knowledge of time management
  • The importance of the personal value hierarchy
  • Knowledge about the interaction of the right and left hemispheres
  • Creativity, such as brainstorming or creative writing
  • The strategic treatment of your own beliefs: Just because you firmly believe in something, it does not necessarily have to be true!

Commit yourself - 5 steps

When, where and for how long do you plan to do something to finally get your project going? Please be indulgent. Do not switch directly from zero to one hundred. Small but consistently and continually executed baby steps lead you not only more easily, but mostly also overall much faster to the goal.

Step 1: Make a fixed appointment

Make a commitment to fixed appointments for exactly 20 minutes each. Yes, you read that right: 20 minutes is enough to get you started. Your job is not even to do a particularly good job. This may surprise you, but that is one of the secrets of the success of the “Jump-Start Guide for Unpleasant Tasks”.
All you have to do now is to work consistently for 20 minutes at a time (it is best to set up a timer, which is also available as software for your desktop) right up to the last minute.

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Make a promise beforehand not to complain during this time according to the motto "What kind of shit, I just don't feel like it!". Promise yourself too, for these 20 minutes everyone Criticism and leave evaluation outside, according to the motto “I'm just too stupid for that!”.

Step 2: Stubbornly keep the appointment

They just stubbornly keep these appointments to themselves, preferably daily or 4-5 times a week for a start of at least two weeks. No matter what happens, make sure not to pause more than a maximum of 72 hours in between, before continuing again.

That sounds banal do you find ?! Good! Because you know this is to be done. And the effect is phenomenal, you'll soon notice.

Step 3: Make your intention public

It sits in our genes and comes from the time when we were still primeval people: belonging to the tribe and recognition in the community are essential for us humans. Public failure is more frightening to us than physical pain.

Step 4: tackle basic fears

That's one of the reasons why talking to large groups is so scary for most people. But just this primal instinct, the primal fear, you can now use purposefully to finally leave all inner inertia and uncertainty behind.

Look for a person of your choice. Tell her about your plan and ask her to support her. Tell her which action plan you have promised yourself for the coming weeks.

Step 5: Report regularly

Promise to report regularly on how to do it. Ask this person to follow you as soon as you stop reporting.

In scientific studies of which strategies are best suited to achieving a personal goal reliably, quickly and safely, this trick was the most demonstrable.

Conclusion: Now it's your turn!

So what do you have to do? Go on it, look and feel more closely, play with the factors of your circumstances. And then marvel at how it develops from time to time as if by itself. I wish you much success!

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