Home Office and Remote Work: 15 Time Management Tips

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There are many good ideas, especially in the online business, but not everyone has the necessary self-discipline to get up to speed in the home office. 15 Tips on how to organize yourself best.

Home Office and Remote Work: 15 Tips for Time Management Home Office and Remote Work: 15 Tips for Time Management

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Working independently: blessing and curse


Although many start-up entrepreneurs are highly motivated and creative with ideas at the start, but then come in day-to-day business to its limits, because they have failed to take care in good time for the optimal work organization.

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Here are just self-employed responsible for themselves and not found the instructions of a boss. It is a blessing and a curse at the same time: You practically always have to organize yourself, discipline to work, but at the same time, nobody prevents you from working too much. And you have to make all the decisions on your own. This can be stressful in the long term.

Time management and temptations


For some it is too tempting to watch a series of the favorite series after breakfast or to stay longer at the stove during lunch break than necessary. This suffers from productivity and, ultimately, the profit that can be earned.

Others, on the other hand, treat themselves to no breaks and work until they drop and do not allow themselves any breaks. The consequences are not uncommon permanent stress up to the burnout syndrome.

Traps for productivity and health


"First have customers, then I take care of the timing" - who thinks so, already has a problem. Because the key to successful work is organization, time management and motivation - right from the start.

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Anyone who has not had the leisure time to deal with time management in the general start-up stress should start with it as soon as possible. Because while employees are also paid for wasted working hours, the self-employed waste of time directly affects their own wallet.

The health suffers from bad time management


But not only productivity, but also health suffers from bad time management. In fact, it is just chic among start-ups to be rung several times a day by mobile phone or to complain about the constant on-going load.

But does that make sense? The fact is: who does not begrudge himself regular time off, stays permanently unhealthy and thus productive. And thus the success of the company is again endangered. Only those who ensure a balance between work and private life can be motivated and happy in the long term.

15 tips: How to organize yourself optimally


But how do you organize yourself and your work correctly? How do you cope with the workload involved? And how do you keep motivating yourself? We show you how the perfect work organization looks like a self-employed person. Numerous extensive special tips for the self employed can be found in my book Self-organization and time management.

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  1. Target setting: Be aware: what is important to you? Financial gain, satisfaction, self-realization? And what do you have to do to achieve that goal? Remember, goals must challenge you, but be realistic at the same time.
  2. Stay flexible: Goals are important, and it's important to keep an eye on them. But sometimes goals change - for example, because you've already reached your goals because of changing circumstances. You should therefore check your goals over and over again and adjust them if necessary.
  3. Motivation: They are on their own, maybe working alone. Not always that is pleasant when problems arise. A strong motivator: Make it clear again why they are self-reliant. For example, because you have no Chef to have more or to divide your working time freely, to realize oneself or not to be unemployed anymore.
  4. How do you work? : Analyze each day over several weeks, which helps you spend your time around. Write down where, when and how long you work efficiently - and when, how often and how long you are interrupted - eg by customers, employees or everyday problems. And also record when and how often you distract yourself unnecessarily.
  5. Is it worth? : Also check if you work efficiently enough: Is the time required for a task adequate? Will the desired result come out in the end? Are you earning enough for the time required?
  6. When are you particularly productive? Your personal biorhythm is also important - and it is a little different for everyone. When do you work particularly well and when does not work? In general, you should schedule the morning for concentrated tasks and the afternoon for routine activities.
  7. Set priorities: Which of your tasks are important, which ones are urgent? And which are neither important nor urgent? You will find that some unimportant tasks can be just as good.
  8. Decide consistently: As a self-employed person, you have to make all the decisions yourself - even those that are unpleasant. Do not postpone important decisions, but align them with your goals and priorities.
  9. Schedule: Plan exactly when you want to accomplish which tasks and how much time you need for it. Write it down exactly: first the important and urgent, then everyone else.
  10. Endpoint Planning: Especially for longer-term projects: Define a final state, for example the completion of a project. Then think about what steps are necessary to achieve this.
  11. Taking breaks: It does not do much if you work until you drop. Therefore, plan for regeneration phases. Also plan the breaks according to your biorhythm, ie analyze in advance how
  12. Schedule unforeseen: Often things happen that you could not have foreseen - for example, a sick employee, a customer who complained or a broken computer. If you schedule only 60 percent of your time, you still have room for such spontaneous events.
  13. The optimal workplace: In your filing pile up the papers? Then your workplace is inefficiently set up. You should take less than three minutes to re-enter documents, such as invoices or contracts, into your organization system. Therefore, regularly work through the filing system.
  14. Were you good enough? Did the result come out at the end? Could you increase your efficiency? Do you have less stress? If not, you need to better adjust your time management to reality.
  15. Habits change slowly: Do not fret if time management does not work right away. Habits change only slowly when a certain routine sets in. Only with time do you learn to realistically assess the tasks that you can accomplish and plan your time optimally.

Conclusion: do not be afraid of the home office


Despite all the enthusiasm for the home office and new forms of work, shady sides must also be taken into account. Those who work too much in the home office may feel cut off from the outside world. He rarely has the opportunity to interact with other people and may miss great moments networking. Or he just gets lonely.

Not a few are afraid to get lonely in the home office, and indeed Remote Work brings a lot of advantages as well as many disadvantages. Some will even lose themselves in this form of work. Anyone who is faced with the decision to work online should therefore listen carefully. It is important to know your strengths and weaknesses and to be able to organize your own work processes well, especially when working online in front of the computer.

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  1. Patrick

    The home office is nonsense. Unfortunately, in many HR departments arrogance and arrogance have just established in large corporations, where I actually wonder if they are really looking for the best employees, as they state, or just interchangeable work slaves.

  2. Theresa

    I've spent a lot of time on working and productivity techniques and am now very excited about your blog, which offers a lot of suggestions.

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