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Susanne Kleimst is an analyst and specialist journalist for the German-speaking area. She studied in Giessen and Berlin and now works as a freelance journalist in her adopted home, Stuttgart. Her main focus is on the areas of finance and insurance. All texts by Susanne Kleimst.

5 time management & anti-stress tips: no more burnout!

Burnout is no longer a mere fad. In fact, everyday burdens increase. Constant accessibility, family, job, hobbies and friends - everything wants to be reconciled. Often, everything seems to last for months or years, until suddenly the ground breaks under your feet.
anti-stress burnout

Who meets most often

Initially, the syndrome was spread among people in helping professions, which are also subject to a high psychosocial load. Burnout was then considered a classic managerial disease. Meanwhile, burnout syndrome is also found in many other occupational classes.

If the first physical signals are not responded in time, the following burnout is unavoidable. Good self-perception can therefore be very helpful in preventing burnout.

The first symptoms are:

  • The feeling of never having enough time
  • Volunteers, permanent overtime
  • Disregarding one's own needs
  • Restrict social contacts to the professional environment

Whoever does not pay attention to the first indications, and soon comes into the condition, which is characteristic of burnout.

As classic physical symptoms of burnout apply:

  • lack of energy
  • chronic fatigue
  • sleep disorders
  • listlessness
  • decision difficulties
  • lack of concentration
  • exhaustion

The first signs are often subtle

The first signs of the syndrome are very subtle. Often times the symptoms cannot clear be assigned. Only when these no longer go away, most people suspect burnout.

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It is striking that already over 50 percent of German workers sleep worse because of their job. Obviously, for many alone, the thought of the upcoming work week is a psychological burden. Alone 40 percent thus have every Sunday, due to the job, problems with falling asleep or sleep, which increases the risk of a future fatigue syndrome and other diseases.

5 Tips against Burnout

You should pay attention to a healthy relationship between working time and time for your own needs. In the long term, it is also for the employer and that Company better if the energy pool of his employees is replenished again and again. These 5 tips will help you avoid burnout.

1. Pay attention to the working environment

Since much of the time is spent in the job, an important starting point is to pay attention to the right work environment. Studies show that companies that are under a lot of work and time pressure often suffer from exhaustion symptoms.

An ever-increasing range of tasks, restructuring and constant market adjustments do not allow proper rest in the company. Recovery periods are missing and most employees are consistently running at 120 percent. Understandably, such companies pose the greatest risks for burnout disorders.

Other risk factors are poor relationships among employees or between them and the Manager. A disturbed relationship of trust and a lack of recognition of the performance further reinforce this. Employees must be recognized in their value and promoted without the last of their energy being sucked out of them.

2. Part time or flexitime work

One way to achieve this is, among other things, a family-friendly corporate policy, as you have already introduced companies such as REWE. This offers part-time jobs and flexitime, so that there is enough time for one's own needs in addition to the work. For many, the possibility of dividing working hours entirely or at least partially provides a healthy balance to the fixed timetable.

In addition, projects in the company, for health management and optimum work safety, are good indications that man is recognized as such in his or her value.

When choosing your own workplace, it should be apparent that:

  1. the company is located in the well-being of its employees,
  2. Appreciation on the part of the employees and the management,
  3. a good, trusting, collegial relationship exists.

3. The right time management makes it

Breaks are the small time units in which energy is refueled. If the breaks are used instead for other work and errands, the battery empties more and more. Therefore, people who tend to work nonstop are also more susceptible to burnout. The consistent observation of breaks is therefore a first step towards prevention.

  • A walk in the lunch break or even small stretching and relaxing exercises in between provide for a bit of variety. A bad conscience, because during the break not important things are done, should absolutely be deposited.
  • Reading business mails or making business phone calls should also be taboo in the breaks. This also applies after work. This also includes the number of overtime hours. More overtime usually means less time for itself and the maintenance of social contacts outside of the job. Both are important factors to refuel your own energy storage.
  • However, even in everyday life you will encounter pitfalls that lead to the fact that the free time is perceived as stress. Household, children, errands, medical appointments and Co. can also lead to exhaustion here, if not from time to time is scheduled for themselves.
  • Especially working parents have to pay special attention to a recreation allowance because of their double burden. There are always tasks that can be delegated. If necessary, help can also be given to the household, or a delivery service can be commissioned for purchases. The gained free time should be used consciously for restful things.

4. Spend time with the right people

Probably everyone has ever had the experience that the encounter with a person robs you of a more energy, while the contact with another person is doing well.

In the ideal case, one's own time should be spent with the latter as often as possible. With a little sensitivity, you can quickly find out which group the person belongs to. It is recommended to meet people who feel that you do not have to waste your time unnecessarily. Consider the following:

  • Is there joy on the meeting?
  • Is the person sympathetic?
  • Is there a sense of vitality during or after the meeting?

These are often happy and satisfied contemporaries, who also radiate this happiness and infect others with it.

Certain properties and whims often color to one's own, unfortunately not only the positive ones. Anyone who surrounds with dissatisfied people tends to be rather dissatisfied and develop a pessimistic attitude towards life. On the other hand, those who are more contented with satisfied, optimistically-minded persons are always very much in favor of their own feelings.

5. accept help

Should the circumstances lead to burnout or clear signs of burnout, do not hesitate to ask for expert advice. There are several specially designed clinics, outpatient centers and medical practices.

In most cases, in addition to the actual symptoms, there is an increased consumption of addictive substances such as alcohol, stimulants, painkillers or sleeping pills. As a result, attempts are made unconsciously to counteract burnout in the initial phase.

Of course, this problem must also be brought under control, but what ultimately helps is eliminating the cause. Too much workload, unresolved conflicts and constant time pressure cannot be permanently resolved by drugs or other addictive substances. The approach of own immediate measures therefore consists of a combination of, among other things

While for healthy persons an interruption of the workplace is enough to replenish energy and then feel again properly recovered, those concerned notice quickly that the break has not brought much recovery. Even in time or on vacation, they feel sluggish and dull.

It should not be delayed too long and in case of serious complaints or suspicion of burnout, professional help from third parties will be used. These support the process back to a regular, healthy daily routine.

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