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Time and eMailManagement - 3 Tips: Organizing communication better

Time management and productivity tools are not very helpful if we do not reduce our communication efforts as a whole. Above all, one thing helps: gently educate your communication partners!

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Real Time Management: Works only if you omit tasks

All the nice methods of trying to master the daily flood of tasks only half solve our time management problems. Because no matter how, things still have to be done. Really effective is just to have fewer tasks or to have these others done.

For example, in daily online and offline communication. Say: Just do less. Uff, you will say. how should that go when customers and bosses are jostling, the project wants to be planned - and and and. Here's a hint how it all went.

Self and Constantly: The one who answers too late punishes the customer

Research shows that those companies who respond to online contact in less than 1 hours are seven times more likely to sell than companies whose clients have to wait longer than an hour. And: Those who let the requestor wait longer than 24 hours even achieved only a sixtieth of the buyer's rate.

What does that tell us? That the early bird eats the worm. And that, who comes too late, is punished by the customer. Anyone who does not want to be left behind must always be ready and always online - on holiday anyway, of course on weekends and best of all at night! The modern technology makes it possible !!!

Overstrain by expectations in time management

When you think this over, it quickly becomes clear how absurd this suggestion is for small businesses and freelancers. Especially for lone fighters who do the customer service alone, it's almost impossible to do it around the clock.

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In fact, automation can help mitigate communication overhead. For example, chatbots can guide users through a well-made FAQ or automatic eMailReplies can search for first information. Such automated chat or telephone systems are already being used by many large companies.

Automated response systems vs. personal contact

But anyone who's ever despaired of being in the computer-telephone queue of major communications providers knows that when it comes to special requests, and many customer requests are very specific, only personal contact can help.

At the same time, such automated systems let customers' expectations speed up immeasurably when it comes to the speed of response. Our readers have already recognized that. For example, a commentator wrote in another post on this topic:

Customer service - 3 tips: brake expectations, gently educate customers

“If the resources are not there, customers can expect what they want. Freelancers can't always do that. Instead of such Article I would like articles that slow down a bit and lower expectations. ”

But with the expectations of other people, that's one thing: It does not slow down on its own. For this, we have to actively do something - and educate our communication partner step by step. Here are a few suggestions.

Tip 1: Hermetic eMails write

One of the biggest time-wasters is still eMails. And especially those who fly back and forth like a ping-pong ball, for example, because there are still some short questions to be resolved. Productivity author Sascha Lobo advises eMails hermetically - and that as little as possible questions remain open and the other has no interest in answering.

For example, by refraining from question marks that cause the recipient to answer. Or by giving information as precisely as possible to avoid annoying queries. But also by refraining from chattering, little jokes and even informal, which invite the recipient only for further talking.

Tip 2: outsource work orders to communication partners

Also a great way to save a lot of time. For example, I recently wanted to cancel a bank contract. Unfortunately, this is not possible, as with various online banks, by mouse click, but only in writing.

But I do not only have to set up a corresponding letter, but also bring it to the post office. However, I managed to make it clear to the bank employee that a prepaid envelope is part of the customer service that distinguishes the company from online banks. Result: Considerably less work, because I did not have to get yet another stamp.

Tip 3: Educate communication partners to the right communication channel

For example, Luis Suarez, who worked at IBM until 2014 as a knowledge and community manager, showed that it is possible to educate one's communication partners on the Internet to behave as one would like. Not in an office, but in the home office in the Canary Islands. Several years ago Suarez decided to leave without eMails to live. To dissuade his fellow men from continuing to do so eMails, he announced his plan large and from then on, no longer responds eMails. His interlocutors were thus forced to use other channels. In fact, Suarez has the number in more detail in this way eMails reduced by 95 percent.

Incidentally, I have done something similar myself: In my blog, I urge readers to ask your questions only in the comments or in the forum. This has two advantages: I do not have to answer each question individually eMail answer. There are other readers who may be looking for information on the same problem.

Conclusion: time management takes courage

The problem, however, is that it takes courage. Because the social conventions are like that. Because you do not want to be rude. Because you might also want to sell something and be afraid the customer could jump off. My tip: Just try the reactions of different communication partners.

If the result is positive, continue. But do not forget: Always stay friendly - you do not educate customers by being rude or showing off their airs! And if you are polite and nonchalant, you have a good chance of succeeding and even gaining respect.

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