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At the age of 31, Claudia Anderle became general manager of a 4-star hotel. She laid the foundation stone for her rapid career during a stay in Australia. Her recipes for a successful career in Germany: “Learning by Doing” and “Leading by Example”. It also offers smart jobs and travelers. Adina ladies

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"Five years ago I would not have believed that"

When Claudia Anderle left Australia in 2009, she initially decided to travel through Southeast Asia for another six months. "I may have had the opportunity to do that for the last time in my life," she said. I didn't plan to be general manager today, on the contrary: “If I had been told that five years ago, I wouldn't have believed it.”

On the way, she contacted the Adina chain in Germany: “I had the Company worked successfully in Australia for half a year - maybe you also had a job for me there in Germany? ”

In the right place at the right time

And, as so often, Anderle was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time: “The Adina Hotel in Frankurt was new to the market just three months ago. And I was hired as a duty manager. First only for three months - I didn't want to commit myself any longer. ”

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Then came the chance to start as an assistant manager at the newly opened Adina hotel in Hamburg. “Managing the opening team was a great new challenge. But again I just wanted to commit for three months. ”

“You can get into a lot of things”

When the Adina Hotel in Frankfurt did not have a general manager for a while, Anderle was asked if they wanted to bridge this vacancy as relief managers. For Anderle this offered the opportunity to sniff into the unfamiliar responsibility on a temporary basis:

“It wasn't always rosy, but there are lots of tasks that you can get your hands on. And I had a lot of support from the company's headquarters, ”reports Anderle. When she was finally offered the job as General Manager at the Adina Hotel at Checkpoint-Charlie in Berlin, Anderle was no longer afraid of responsibility - and said without hesitation "Yes":

"I knew what was coming!"

“During my time as a relief manager, I was able to estimate what was going to happen to me.” Today she sees it as a great pleasure to see things grow: “It is nice when you initiate changes and see what comes out of it. In my previous positions, I had no long-term success monitoring, ”she reports.

She usually works from Monday to Friday, on average 10 hours a day, depending on the season. At the weekend, she often does administrative tasks: "I can wear jeans here," she says. In addition, she is available for her employees around the clock: "But it happens at most once a month that I get rung out," said Anderle.

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No 9to5 job

Your job is not a regulated 9to5 job. "However, I cannot ask my employees to work overtime if I am not willing to do it myself," says the perfectionist, who always gives 150 percent.

She calls this management method Leading by Exampel - living what she expects from herself: "It is important to me that there is a positive team feeling and that everyone has fun mastering requirements together."

Leading by Example

For Leading by Exampel, however, Anderle also has to admit my own weaknesses to others: “It's fatal if you pretend you already know everything. If necessary, I can also ask for help. ” Anderle wants to convince with her work:

"Envy - you have to stand over it, act to the best of your knowledge and belief and offer no target," she says. And of course, you should treat your employees well, right down to the smallest trainee. "In this way, despite being more informal, I also gain respect as a young manager", Anderle is convinced.

Successful recruiting

As with many hotels, it is no longer easy for Adina to find suitable, well-trained professionals - even in Berlin. Especially in the service or in the kitchen it is sometimes difficult, Anderle states. Here, good career opportunities within the company, as the manager knows from her own experience.

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It also helped her to solve this problem: Right now for the service, she is currently looking for work and travel employees who stop in Berlin. "This is a win-win situation for both sides," said Anderle. And who knows, this may result in unexpected career opportunities for one or the other, as with the hotel manager herself.

Dear Australia or Germany?

Speaking of manners - would she have preferred to stay in Australia? “Back then, yes. But I also always tell myself that when a door closes somewhere, a new one opens. And I would probably have made a career in Australia too. " Wouldn't that have been a little different? “Sure, Australia's management relationships are looser, just because of the 'You'. In Germany I first had to get used to structures and etiquette. "

What she doesn't want to do without is her job at Adina, which is also an Australian company: “I was always lucky to have good employers, but my heart is attached to this house. In Australia I loved it when 10 nations sat around the table, which opens up for cultural differences. Such a hotel is cultural diversity on a micro level. ”

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