From the leader to the brand: 3 steps to personal branding

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From Leadership to Brand: 3 Steps to Personal Branding Personal Branding01

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Maike Dietz 97Maike Dietz is a career coach and HR consultant and has been with Daimler for more than 7 years.


Use the image in the head

Each of us has certain images in his mind when he thinks of his colleagues and superiors - and vice versa we call such pictures. Only we care too much about the question of what others think about us.

We are used to presenting ourselves in certain situations, such as in an interview. At the same time, our image is constantly being re-formed in the minds of others. Every encounter, every success and every conversation flows into it. We should use that.

From man to brand?

The three ingredients of a brand are: utility, quality and image. The idea of ​​bringing man and the brand into context, many of them still need to get used to.

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This is not about self-promotion, which promises more than it can hold. Rather, it is important to find out which personality traits can be combined into a message, which then also reminds others and creates trust.

3 Steps to Personal Branding

A brand consists of three characteristics:

  1. It classically promises a benefit,
  2. a certain quality level and
  3. also transports an image.

A Coca-Cola quenches the thirst, tastes the same all over the world and fresh looks somehow casual.

Competence, know-how and personal strengths

Transferred to the professional world, the professional and personal competencies of a person correspond to the benefits of their brand - depending on the position in different weighting. The specific knowledge, the experience and the ability to use both appropriately in every situation define the personal level of quality.

For the image, it is necessary that the environment firmly links the benefits and the quality with the personality. Depending on the background, the image can be highly professional (eg the expert for the industry xy or for transfer pricing ...), more personal skills (eg the diplomat) or even both in combination (eg the top distributor).

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Ultimately, all of these factors merge into a personality brand. But how do you find out what makes you special and sets you apart from others?

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  1. Dorette Segschneider

    RT @jobcollege: From Leadership to Brand - 1 / 3: 3 Steps to Personal Branding: Companies on the G ... # B ...

  2. Harriet Lemcke

    In sports (especially boxing) personal branding is used as a matter of course. We take "Dr. Eisenfaust ”for boxer Wladimir Klitschkow or earlier“ Der Tiger ”for Dariusz Michalczewski. And prominent singers and actors are also working hard on their personal brand and are supported by PR consultants. No wonder, because they succeed in being unmistakable in the mass of other athletes, musicians, actors. Personal PR is also becoming more and more popular in business (especially in America). Advising and coaching executives with regard to brand building and maintenance has its own sonorous name: CEO reputation management. Formerly implemented very well at Deutsche Bahn when Hartmut Mehdorn had said that there. A good example that a bad image is better than none. At that time, Mr. Mehdorn was much more frequently present in the media than his successor, Grube, in his role as a head of railway.

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Mrs. Lemcke,
      thank you for your comment. With the bad image understand so many companies and companies so far unfortunately not.

      • Harriet Lemcke

        Hello Mrs. Janson,

        in my opinion, this is because the fear of a bad image is omnipresent. But now it is so that everyone has an image, because image is ultimately no more than the image in the minds of others. And everyone who does somehow appear has an image - certainly in varying intensity, because who is rather quiet to mute, is present in significantly fewer minds. What does not change the fact. Ultimately, the opportunity for companies is to consciously control the image instead of leaving it to chance. I experience it in my own professional practice again and again, that managing directors at this point nod and understand why it is useful at this point to bring experts to the boat and do something.

        • Simone Janson

          Since you are right, thank you for the useful reference.

  3. Competencepartner

    From Leadership to Brand - 1 / 3: 3 Steps to Personal Branding: Business on the G ... #Preparation #Education

  4. Competencepartner

    From Leadership to Brand - 1 / 3: 3 Steps to Personal Branding: Business on the G ... #Preparation #Education

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