Technical devices for everyday office life: 5 job helpers you shouldn't do without {Review}

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No office can do more today without a multitude of technical helpers. But which are absolutely necessary? We show them 5 devices that we believe belong in every office.

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Helpers in the office: between WLAN and physical well-being

Test reports often introduce the latest mobile phones and tablets, but in every office there are many other small and large devices that should not be missed.

These include, for example, useful little helpers in dealing with PC and mobile phone, helpers for the Internet, but also devices that are responsible for our physical well-being and thus for our productivity at work. We introduce 5 of these devices, which should not be missing in any office.

1. WLAN stick

A good Wi-Fi stick is indispensable: It does not always have to be faster, but it is much more important to make intelligent use of the available Internet speed.

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The FRITZ! WLAN Stick AC 430 MU-MIMO, for example, offers such an intelligent function: The WLAN Stick transmits over the 2,4 or 5 GHz frequency as required. Thanks to the new multi-user MIMO technology, routers can also exchange data with several devices at the same time. In this way, the capacity in the entire WLAN is better used, especially when several devices are used at the same time. The slower speed of a maximum of 433 Mbit / s compared to other WLAN sticks can be tolerated.

2. USB hub

What to do if you have more USB devices than there are USB ports? The chic Hama USB 3.1 hub / card reader including USB-C adapter USB hub solved a constant problem for me: Too many USB devices, especially in the form of external hard drives, with too few connections.

The small device has connections for up to 3 USB devices (e.g. USB memory stick, mouse, keyboard) with the fast USB 3.1 standard, but also for simultaneous reading and writing of SD / microSD memory cards and brings an additional USB-C adapter for devices with USB Type-C interface with.

3. Feelgood-Office oven

Who thinks an oven is not part of the work and office, is wrong. The kitchen is not only the center of networking among the employees, it is also essential in times of Feelgood- and health management for healthy eating.

Because in many office kitchens there is still a microwave for warming up ready-made soups and frozen meals, which, however, no longer meets health standards in any way: Nowadays, more and more employees are paying attention to healthy meals even at work. And that's exactly where a mini oven like the Klarstein Omnichef 30 2G is recommended instead of a microwave.

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This is just as compact as a microwave - 46 x 33 x 38 cm (WxHxD) - but offers much more sophisticated uses: from quick baked dishes on the wire rack to oven vegetables on the baking sheet and rotisserie for roasted chicken. The prerequisite for the food to be cooked quickly is provided by the 1500 W power, which reaches temperatures of up to 230 degrees. You shouldn't be satisfied with much less when choosing a mini oven.

The Klarstein Omnichef 30 2G is very easy to operate thanks to the function selection with 5 different settings and a temperature controller. Another advantage: the timer. It helps if you have to make a quick phone call during the preparation or if you get distracted in some other way. In the meantime, the food still reaches the ideal degree of cooking or browning.

Incidentally, because of its stylish appearance with the shapely handles and held in bright red, the Klarstein Omnichef appreciably upgrades every office kitchen. Further information about the stove can be found at the manufacturer.

4. Bluetooth adapter

A practical little helper, the Hama Bluetooth USB adapter, version 4.0 C2 + EDR, provides a normal PC with the necessary Bluetooth connectivity to enable a connection with a smartphone, headset or keyboard.

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Practical here: The mini USB adapter is simply plugged into one of the USB ports on the PC. In addition, two PCs can be directly connected to one another via two dongles.

5. Bluetooth Keyboard

At least as important for me is a keyboard that can be connected via Bluetooth pairing with a PC, Phablet or smartphone - and here I have numerous tests behind me. In fact, I also use my phablet to work and write on the go. Accordingly, it is important that the keyboard is light and usable at any time, but still can be typed well with it at every opportunity - and I mean even if no table is available.

Again, I've done various experiments with cheaper and folding models: Often, the pressure point was a little sluggish or they did not last the continuous use, because, for example, the individual keys fell off. Or the folding models were indeed very flexible and quickly folded, but unfortunately too small to be able to tap really efficient # and too fragile for the stable use.

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The Hama Bluetooth keyboard KEY4ALL X2100 is different now: The board is extremely stable, the keys smooth and similar wide as a normal PC keyboard - no wonder, the dimension is still 28,6 x 12,8 x 1,7 cm. In addition, the keyboard is operated with replaceable batteries, which I personally find more practical than a permanently installed battery. Finally, an off button ensures longevity. The only drawback for me is the weight of xx grams, here are even lighter models.

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There are a number of advantages to this: 14 media buttons, which enable, for example, the search function on the phablet or return to the start screen, facilitate the use of the chronically small screen. The pairing via Bluetooth 3.0 can be set up once and then works automatically when switching on the devices (not a matter of course, many keyboards you have to constantly new pair). Finally, the two tablet stands, which fold out directly at the keyboard, make working without a table extraordinarily practical.

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